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Another and video
For example, Tristan Pope combined creative character and camera positioning with video editing to suggest sexual actions in his controversial film Not Just Another Love Story.
Another Spy vs. Spy video game was made in 2005 for the Playstation 2, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows.
Another example of a POV shot is in the movie Doom, which contains a fairly long POV shot which resembles a head-up display in a first-person shooter video game, with the viewer watching through a character who is venturing through hallways shooting and killing aliens.
Another recent example is the Nintendo 3DS video software which comes with the option for Stop Motion videos.
Another actress, Giselle Loren, voiced Buffy for an animated series based on the show, which never aired, and the various Buffy video games.
Another Space Quest began development by Escape Factory for the Microsoft Xbox video game console in 2002, entitled simply Space Quest.
Another criticism of the software library was that most titles consisted of " shovelware ", in which a developer takes an existing title and adds minor new content ( usually a CD audio soundtrack, or video sequences ) while not expanding the original game itself.
Another music game, Guitar Hero, was released in North America in 2005 and had a huge cultural impact on both the music and video games industries.
Another song on the album " For What It's Worth " features Nicks ' niece in the video, and was inspired by a past bus tour with Tom Petty.
* Another similar gun to Half-Life 2's gravity gun called the " Capture gun " appears as the primary tool in the Wii video game Elebits, where it is used to manipulate objects and capture the titular creatures.
Another episode, " The Mysterious Ticking Noise ", shows Snape, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Dumbledore being killed by a pipe bomb placed by Voldemort inside a turducken ; the episode being the seventeenth most viewed video of all time as of 2008 and the winner for " Best Comedy " of the year 2007 at YouTube.
Another linear control track, at the tape's lower edge, holds pulses that mark the beginning of every frame of video ; these are used to fine-tune the tape speed during playback and to get the rotating heads exactly on their helical tracks rather than having them end up somewhere between two adjacent tracks ( a feature called tracking ).
Another leap came in the late 1990s with the launch of DV-based video formats for consumer and professional use.
Another challenge for VoIP implementations is the proper handling of outgoing calls from other telephony devices such as digital video recorders, satellite television receivers, alarm systems, conventional modems and other similar devices that depend on access to a PSTN telephone line for some or all of their functionality.
Another method, developed by Wright, divides games into the following categories: educational or informative, sports, sensorimotor ( e. g. action games, video games, fighting and shoot-em-up games, and driving and racing simulators ), other vehicular simulators ( not covered by driving and racing ), strategy games ( e. g. adventure games, war games, strategic simulations, role-playing games, and puzzles ), and " other ".
Another example of alien infiltration is in the 2005 video game Destroy All Humans!
Another early form of music video were one-song films called " promotional clips " made in the 1940s for the Panoram visual jukebox.
Another Darren Doane directed video was shot for " Sacrifice Unto Sebek ".
Another application is in live TV programs, where streams of audio and video need to be seamlessly merged and transitioned from one to the other to avoid silent airtime or excessive overlap.
Another well-known author of video game music is Nobuo Uematsu.
* Another video of a Low Mass
Another consideration is interactive digital entertainment, such as a video game.
Another reviewer stated that Planescape: Torment had " just about the best sound " they had heard in a video game.
* Another video of the procedure
The remaining members recorded and shot a video for the song " Once Upon Another Dream " for Disney's 2003 re-release of Sleeping Beauty.

Another and did
Another said that her arm did not go up at first `` because I wouldn't let it ; ;
Another major flaw of the controllers was that the design did not translate into a linear acceleration from the center through the arc of the stick travel.
Another of his tunes, " Matchbox Blues ", was recorded more than 30 years later by The Beatles, albeit in a rockabilly version credited to Carl Perkins, who himself did not credit Jefferson on his 1955 recording.
Another pennant winner did not come until their championship season of 2005, when the White Sox won their first World Series championship in 88 years, breaking their epochal drought only a year after the Boston Red Sox had broken their slightly shorter but more celebrated " curse.
The Eagles gave nods to disco with " One of These Nights " ( 1975 ) and " Disco Strangler " ( 1979 ), Paul McCartney & Wings did " Goodnight Tonight " ( 1979 ), Queen did " Another One Bites the Dust " ( 1980 ), The Rolling Stones did " Miss You " ( 1978 ), Chicago did " Street Player " ( 1979 ), The Beach Boys did " Here Comes the Night " ( 1979 ), The Kinks did "( Wish I Could Fly Like ) Superman " ( 1979 ), and the J. Geils Band did " Come Back " ( 1980 ).
Another study shows that people who experience SWS during the first half of their sleep cycle compared to subjects who did not, showed better recall of information.
Another " singing arc " was described by William Duddell in 1900 ; Duddell used carbon electrodes but did not use a magnetic blowout.
Another consideration was that the Flag Resolution of 1777, which defined official United States flags, did not specify the arrangement of stars.
Another theory by Alauddin Samarrai suggests an Arabic origin, from fuyū ( the plural of fay, which literally means " the returned ", and was used especially for ' land that has been conquered from enemies that did not fight ').
Another view is that Zwingli did not pay much attention to Luther's theology and in fact he considered it as part of the humanist reform movement.
Another serious miscalculation was that the program did not include any kind of scripting language, so it was not promoted by any of the database consultants that small businesses typically hired to create and maintain their DB applications.
Another painter who greatly influenced Monet and his friends, Johan Jongkind, declined to participate, as did Manet.
Another misunderstanding is that, by her immaculate conception, Mary did not need a saviour.
Another one of his jobs was to sign hundreds of Party documents daily, a job he did for the next 20 years.
Another story claims that he never took a bath because he did not want to be surprised unarmed.
Another solution is to blend in non-machinima elements, as nGame did by inserting painted characters with more expressive faces into its 1999 film Berlin Assassins.
Another example might be Fisher v Bell, where it was held that a shopkeeper who placed an illegal item in a shop window with a price tag did not make an offer to sell it, because of the specific meaning of " offer for sale " in contract law.
Another edict confirmed the first, and ordered the confiscation without distinction of all goods that did not pay the new tax.
Another Protestant Reformer, John Wesley, stated " This ' handwriting of ordinances ' our Lord did blot out, take away, and nail to His cross.

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