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Another and view
Another source of NBC pride was its rare film clip of Bix Beiderbecke, but this view of the great trumpeter flew by so fast that a prolonged wink would have blotted out the entire glimpse.
Another experiment funded by the National Institutes of Health and conducted in 2007 at the Duke University in Durham, North Carolina suggests a different view, " that altruistic behavior may originate from how people view the world rather than how they act in it ".
Another view accepts Altaic as a valid family but includes in it only Turkic, Mongolic, and Tungusic.
Another view defines anxiety as " a future-oriented mood state in which one is ready or prepared to attempt to cope with upcoming negative events ," suggesting that it is a distinction between future and present dangers which divides anxiety and fear.
Stairway in Absalom's Pillar ; Another view inside Absalom's Pillar
Another view, as important to the philosophy of art as " beauty ," is that of the " sublime ," elaborated upon in the twentieth century by the postmodern philosopher Jean-François Lyotard.
Another view attempts to identify him instead with Artaxerxes I ( ruled 465 – 424 BCE ), whose Babylonian concubine, Kosmartydene, was the mother of his son Darius II ( ruled 424 – 405 BCE ).
The Origin of the term " Blitzkrieg ": Another view.
Another view maintains that cognitive deficits in chronic benzodiazepine users occur only for a short period after the dose, or that the anxiety disorders is the cause of these deficits.
Another complementary view is that this idea may have been used by ministers and counselors to deter aristocratic whims that would otherwise be to the detriment of the state's people.
Another way of computing this derivative is to view the composite function as the composite of and h. Applying the chain rule to this situation gives:
Another minority believed that Eddy intended various requirements for her consent ( in their view, " estoppels ") to effect the church's dissolution on her death, since they could no longer be followed literally.
Another example of the more critical view taken toward source material has been anti-merchant statements made by intellectuals in the mid-Qing dynasty.
Another view of convention comes from Ruth Millikan's Language: A Biological Model ( 2005 ), once more against Lewis.
Another interpretation of Hume's view of the self has been argued for by James Giles.
Another view holds that Apollo was a fairly recent addition to the Greek pantheon coming originally from Lydia.
Another view of the theatre at Delphi
* Another view of the President for a Day claim
Another point of view, which turns out to be very useful to analyze the algorithm, is that Gaussian elimination computes a matrix decomposition.
Another view is that as the Gurmukhs, in accordance with the Sikh belief, used to meditate on the letters ਵ,,, ਰ which jointly form ਵ ਾ ਹ ਿ ਗ ੁ ਰ ੂ or God in Sikhism, these letters were called Gurmukhī, or " of the Gurmukhs ".
Another view is that Zwingli did not pay much attention to Luther's theology and in fact he considered it as part of the humanist reform movement.
Another view is that clay pebbles are best not re-used even when they are cleaned, due to root growth that may enter the medium.
Another view holds that a Sadguru, acting on a god's behalf, can mitigate or work out some of the karma of the disciple.

Another and Buddhist
Another ethnic group, the Buddhist Yugur of Gansu, by contrast, have consistently been called by themselves and others the " Yellow Uyghur " ( Säriq Uyghur ).
Another characteristic feature of Tangut Buddhism was similar to the Buddhist beliefs in the Khitan kingdom of Liao: a number of texts previously believed to be of native Tangut origin, turned out to be translations of Khitan source texts.
Another target was the Buddhist leader Thích Trí Quang, who had been given asylum in the embassy after being targeted in the pagoda raids.
Another text recovered from the same area, a Buddhist work in Old Turkic, included a colophon stating that the text had been translated from Sanskrit via a toxrï language, which Friedrich W. K. Müller guessed was one of the newly discovered languages.
Another architectural innovation originated in Bagan is the Buddhist temple with a pentagonal floor plan.
Another Buddhist deity, named Shukongoshin, one of the wrath-filled protector deities of Buddhist temples in Japan, is also an interesting case of transmission of the image of the famous Greek god Herakles to the Far East along the Silk Road.
Another contributing factor in the flowering of Buddhist thought in the West was the popularity of Zen amongst the counter-culture poets and activists of the 1960s, due to the writings of Alan Watts, D. T.
Another significant location is Raikyū-ji, a Buddhist temple with a historic garden.
Another Buddhist organization founded in the West, Juniper Foundation, wrote an article A Buddhist Vote for Same Sex Marriage demonstrating how Buddhist thinking embraces same-sex marriage:
Another important building is the marble viharn, which contains the entire Buddhist canon engraved in 1418 marble stelas.
According to the Sakutei-ki, Another favorable arrangement is for the water to flow from north, which represents water in Buddhist cosmology, to the south, which represents fire, which are also opposites, or ying-yang, and therefore will bring good luck.
Another Buddhist deity, named Shukongoshin, one of the wrath-filled protector deities of Buddhist temples in Japan, is also an interesting case of transmission of the image of the famous Greek god Herakles to the Far-East along the Silk Road.
Another Fourth Buddhist Council was held in the Sarvastivada tradition, said to have been convened by the Kushan emperor Kanishka, in 78 AD at Jalandhar or in Kashmir.
Another Buddhist Council, this time presided by Theravada monks took place in Mandalay, Burma, in 1871 in the reign of King Mindon.
Another story advocating filial piety is that of Moggallana, a Buddhist monk who goes to great lengths to rescue his mother from condemnation for her unjust life.
Another objective of the council was to reconcile the different schools of Buddhism, and to purify the Buddhist movement, particularly from opportunistic factions which had been attracted by the royal patronage.
Another Yuezhi monk and one of Lokaksema's students named Zhi Yao ( Chinese: 支曜 ), translated Mahayana Buddhist texts from Central Asia around 185 CE, such as the " Sutra on the Completion of Brightness " ( Chinese: 成具光明經 Chengiu guangming jing ).
Another spiritual site is the Buddhist monastery Kyanjin Gompa.
Another Buddhist text, the Manjushrimula Kalpa, mentioned Manadeva as the King of Nepal Mandala.

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