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Another and widely
Another important use of aircraft came with the development of the helicopter, which first became heavily used during the Vietnam War, and still continues to be widely used today to transport and augment ground forces.
Another widely debated issue is the relationship between copyrights and other forms of " intellectual property ", and material property.
Another example is the place of The Wizard of Oz ( 1939 ) in American and British gay culture, although a widely viewed and historically important film in greater American culture.
Another feature of Erewhon is the absence of machines ; this is due to the widely shared perception by the Erewhonians that they are potentially dangerous.
Another feature, not widely supported for machines of the era, in operating systems or in computer hardware, was multitasking, which was also built into the language itself.
Another expansion of Festung Posen was planned, with an outer ring of more widely spaced forts around the perimeter of the city.
Another widely recognized movement characteristic is the Scout uniform, by intent hiding all differences of social standing in a country and making for equality, with neckerchief and campaign hat or comparable headwear.
Another key player on the Eagles offense was halfback Wilbert Montgomery, who was widely considered one of the top running backs in the NFL and had rushed for over 1, 200 rushing yards in the last 2 seasons.
Another contributor on the Titans offense was fullback Lorenzo Neal, who frequently served as George's lead blocker and was widely considered one of the best blocking backs in the league.
Another Swedish author who had great influence on the perception of the Vikings was Esaias Tegnér, member of the Geatish Society, who wrote a modern version of Friðþjófs saga ins frœkna, which became widely popular in the Nordic countries, the United Kingdom and Germany.
Another widely used translation is Austin Flannery OP ( ed.
Another whistle that is widely used for games such as touch football, rugby league and rugby union is called the " Thunderer 58. 5 ", and it is made by the Acme Whistles company.
In an 1856 book, adventurer Charles Lanman wrote of the springs: Another possible origin for the name Wakulla, not as widely accepted, is that it means " mist " or " misting ", perhaps in reference to the Wakulla Volcano, a 19th century phenomenon in which a column of smoke could be seen emerging from the swamp for miles.
Another source of innovation, only now becoming widely recognized, is end-user innovation.
*" I'm going down now sir " – Another diver catchphrase, which became widely used in descending lifts during the era of ITMA popularity.
Another synthetic counterpart of pepper spray, pelargonic acid morpholide, was developed and is widely used in Russia.
* Bakis: Another widely read prophet, his oracles are treasured by Cleon, stolen by Nicias, perused by Demosthenes between gulps of wine ( line 123 ) and later they are read to Demos by Cleon in opposition to the sausage-seller's reading of the oracles of his brother Glanis ( 104 ).
Another of the most profitable and widely used creations of the Tleilaxu, chairdogs are alive and partially sentient creatures used for seating.
In 1996, however, they released the widely praised One Chord to Another on their own Murderecords label.
Another change that was widely introduced in the early 1970s was the use of black masks on the inside of the phosphor patterns.
Another British band, Iron Maiden, brought epic and melodic sensibility to metal, creating anthem-like, easy to singalong music, an approach widely embraced by modern power metal musicians.
Another widely used form of flat engine consists of a straight engine with two, three, four or more cylinders canted 90 degrees into the horizontal plane, however this is not generally considered significantly different from other straight engines.
Another definition ( used more widely in meteorology and oceanography than the above ) is
Another composer Armando Manzanero widely considered the premier Mexican romantic composer of the postwar era and one of the most successful composers of Latin America has composed more than four hundred songs, fifty of which have given him international fame.

Another and distributed
Another concept due to Dijkstra in the field of distributed computing is that of self-stabilization – an alternative way to ensure the reliability of the system.
Another adaptation, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, was produced by Joseph Shaftel Productions ( distributed by Fox-Rank productions ) in 1972, and is felt by many to be the most faithful adaptation to the original novel, with the exception of the omitted scene with the Cheshire Cat ( Roy Kinnear ) replaced by Tweedledum and Tweedledee ( in a scene which remains faithful to their respective scene from Alice Through the Looking Glass ).
Another important trend has been the history of the book and of reading, which has drawn attention to the material aspects of how books were designed, produced, distributed and read.
Another innovation was the plan's development of a ' mini-school system ,' in which classrooms for the island's public intermediate school were distributed among all the residential buildings in a campus-like fashion ( as opposed to being centralized in one large building ).
Another advantage to CBTs is that they can be easily distributed to a wide audience at a relatively low cost once the initial development is completed.
In 1975 Norman recorded In Another Land, the third album in his trilogy, which was released in 1976 through his own Solid Rock label and distributed through Word Records, making it " the first of his albums to be released on a Christian label ".
Another way of saying this is that if all forms of dark energy are ignored, then the curvature of the universe can be determined by measuring the average density of matter within it, assuming that all matter is evenly distributed ( rather than the distortions caused by ' dense ' objects such as galaxies ).
Another related process is zone remelting, in which two solutes are distributed through a pure metal.
Another important inn, Serjeants ' Inn, was dissolved in 1877 and its assets were, controversially, distributed amongst the existing members.
Another example is Gnash, software able to play content distributed in the Adobe Flash format.
Another example of the use of distributed elements is in the modelling of the base region of a bipolar junction transistor at high frequencies.
Another frequent example of VNRs masquerading as news footage is videotapes of particular medical " breakthroughs ," that are really produced and distributed by pharmaceutical companies for the purpose of selling new medicines.
Another is that not every IPv4 host implements distributed name resolution ( e. g., multicast DNS ), so discovering the autoconfigured link-local address of another host on the network can be difficult.
Another label distributed by MGM was American International Records, the record label division of American International Pictures-whose film library is now owned by MGM.
Another important affiliation of ICS Toronto is with the Association of Reformed Institutions of Higher Education in North America, where discussions and debates are ongoing on the merits of establishing a set of geographically distributed discipline-specialized graduate faculties across the continent, that together could constitute in a new way the earlier model of a Protestant Christian graduate-research university upon which vision ICS was originally founded.
Not only does he perform in both groups, but he also discovers, manages, and produces for other acts, most notably Another Bad Creation, MC Brains, Boyz II Men, and 702, all of whom were signed to his Motown distributed label Biv 10 Records.
Another studio which has distributed many Amblin productions is Warner Bros. Entertainment.
The Parisian company which produced and distributed Another World, Delphine Software, has since gone into administrative receivership and Another World remains their most recognized game.
Another approach is water privatization ; despite its economic and cultural effects, service quality and overall quality of the water can be more easily controlled and distributed.
Another metaphor for distributed cognition would be a plane and the crew on it.
Another well-known artist on the label was John Cougar Mellencamp, distributed by PolyGram in the US, and WEA in most other countries.
Another limited edition of the CD, Saltimbanco Live in Amsterdam, was created and distributed exclusively to staff members of Saltimbanco.
Another problem is that the widely distributed clock signal takes a lot of power, and must run whether the circuit is receiving inputs or not.

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