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Anthropologist and stated
Anthropologist Colin Groves has stated that Morgan's theories are sophisticated enough that they should be taken seriously as a possible explanation for hominin divergence and Carsten Niemitz has found more recent, weaker versions of the hypothesis more acceptable, approaching some of his own theories on human evolution.
Anthropologist Gregory Forth, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Alberta, Canada has stated that " wildman " myths are prevalent in Southeast Asia and has investigated their linguistic and ritual roots, speculating that H. floresiensis may be evidence that the folktales of Ebu Gogo and similar creatures such as the Orang Pendek on Sumatra may be rooted in fact.
Anthropologist Jonathan Marks has stated that: " As any anthropologist knows, ethnic groups are categories of human invention, not given by nature.

Anthropologist and though
Anthropologist Bobbi Low, says we are " slightly polygamous "; Deborah Blum, though, believes we are " ambiguously monogamous ," and that we are slowly moving away from the polygamous habits of our evolutionary ancestors.

Anthropologist and may
Anthropologist Dennis Tedlock has speculated that this version of history may be a Quichean slander on earlier Mayan forms of worship.
The Americanist notation may be seen in the journals, American Anthropologist, International Journal of American Linguistics, and Language.

Anthropologist and have
Anthropologist Adam Kuper argued that "' Structuralism ' came to have something of the momentum of a millennial movement and some of its adherents felt that they formed a secret society of the seeing in a world of the blind.
:" Words are to the Anthropologist what rolled pebbles are to the Geologist — battered relics of past ages often containing within them indelible records capable of intelligent interpretation — and when we see what amount of change 2000 years has been able to produce in the languages of Greece & Italy or 1000 in those of Germany France & Spain we naturally begin to ask how long a period must have lapsed since the Chinese, the Hebrew, the Delaware & the Malesass had a point in common with the German & Italian & each other — Time!
Anthropologist Jeffrey Schwartz, noting that most of the accounts of child sacrifice came from Carthage's enemies and that they " might have been anti-Carthaginian propaganda ," let a study that concluded that Tophet was a graveyard where babies and fetuses were cremated and buried.
Anthropologist H. Russell Bernard and Peter Killworth and associates have done a variety of field studies in the United States that came up with an estimated mean number of ties, 290, that is roughly double Dunbar's estimate.

Anthropologist and some
Anthropologist Ashley Montagu wrote in 1988 that for some Mongoloids the " nose is flatter at the root ( the miscalled bridge ) and the slight fold of skin over the median part of the eye, the Epicanthic fold, is preserved.
Anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss lived for some time among the Bororo during his first stay in Brazil ( 1935 – 1939 ).
Anthropologist C. Scott Littleton has described the Yamato Takeru legend as “ Arthurian ” due to some structural similarities with the King Arthur legend.
Anthropologist Marvin T. Smith ( 1986: 131 – 32 ) theorized that some Erie fled to Virginia and then South Carolina, where they became known as the Westo.

Anthropologist and from
Anthropologist Arnold Henry Savage Landor described the Ainu as having deep-set eyes and an eye shape typical of Europeans, with a large and prominent browridge, large ears, hairy and prone to baldness, slightly flattened hook nose with large and broad nostrils, prominent cheek bones, large mouth and thick lips and a long region from nose to mouth and small chin region.
Anthropologist Laila Williamson notes that " Infanticide has been practiced on every continent and by people on every level of cultural complexity, from hunter gatherers to high civilizations, including our own ancestors.
Anthropologist Eric R. Wolf gave it a second life in 1972 in an article entitled “ Ownership and Political Ecology ,” in which he discusses how local rules of ownership and inheritance “ mediate between the pressures emanating from the larger society and the exigencies of the local ecosystem ” ( Wolf 1972, p. 202 ).
Anthropologist Myra Shackley disagreed with this conclusion on the grounds that the " hairs from the scalp look distinctly monkey-like and that it contains parasitic mites of a species different from that recovered from the serow.
Grandin became well known after being described by Oliver Sacks in the title narrative of his book An Anthropologist on Mars ( 1995 ); the title is derived from Grandin's description of how she feels around neurotypical people.
Anthropologist E. Adamson Hoebel ( 1966 ) said the Aztec patolli derives from the East Indian game of pachisi., but in R. Barry Lewis of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Illinois ( 1988 ) said the convergence between the two games has to due with the limitations of a board game, meaning the two games were independently derived.
* A Critic Looks at Jazz ( 1946 ; collected criticism from his column in the jazz periodical The Record Changer, " An Anthropologist Looks at Jazz "; the only jazz book ever published by Borneman )
He also served as editor of the American Anthropological Association's flagship journal, American Anthropologist, in 1911 and from 1921-1923.
* Body Ritual among the Nacirema ( PDF ) from American Anthropologist, June 1956
Anthropologist Edward H. Hagen states in his Evolutionary Psychology FAQ from 2002 that he believes there is no clear evidence for the hypothesis that rape is adaptive.
wikisource: Body Ritual among the Nacirema, from American Anthropologist, vol 58.
* Body Ritual among the Nacirema from American Anthropologist, June 1956
* Anthropologist, Hindu-expert and linguist, Dr Cyril Hromnick, postulates that Dravidian traders, originally from the Gomti river in India, mined and inter-married with the Kung during the first millennium AD and that their descendants were responsible for building the terraces and stone circle dwellings that meander along Mpumalanga's escarpment as " astrological clocks ," as well as for creating the Quena-or Hottentot-race.
Anthropologist Pat Shipman presents Hooton's work as representing a transition in anthropology away from its 19th-century stereotypes about race and its fixation over cranial measurements.
According to Harold Gould, writing in the American Anthropologist in 1969, his experiences with people largely unexposed to Western, commercial / industrial culture led Henry " beyond the primitive band into the broader and more universal questions of how human behavior ( indeed, the human condition ) is transmitted from generation to generation and with what consequences.
ISBN 978-0-226-53217-2 review: from American Anthropologist
Anthropologist Pat Shipman writes, " the words that flowed from his pen ... the images and insights he revealed, the genius of the man as a writer, outweigh his social disability.
Anthropologist Roy Rappaport introduced the field of ecological anthropology in a deliberate attempt to move away from cultural ecology.
Anthropologist James E. Landing, author of Black Judaism, distinguishes the Black Hebrew movement, which he refers to as Black Judaism, from normative Judaism practiced by people who are Black ( black Judaism ):

Anthropologist and there
" Anthropologist David D. Gilmore argues that while misogyny is a " near-universal phenomenon " there is no female equivalent to misogyny.
Anthropologist John D. Hawks expresses the view that rather than explaining human traits simply and parsimoniously, it actually requires two explanations for each trait-first that proximity to water drove human evolution enough to significantly change the human phenotype and second that there was significant evolutionary pressure beyond mere phylogenetic inertia to maintain these traits ( which would not be adaptive on dry land ) and points out that exaptation is not an adequate reply.
Anthropologist Wendy James writes that among the Uduk people of northeast Africa there is a strong custom that any gift that crosses subclan boundaries must be consumed rather than invested.
The capital of the ancient Aymara civilization is unknown, as there were at least seven different kingdoms ( according to research by Cornell University Anthropologist John Murra ).
Anthropologist Dawn Prince-Hughes spent many years working at Woodland Park Zoo and observing the Western Lowland Gorillas there, which she wrote about in her book Songs of the Gorilla Nation: My Journey Through Autism.
Anthropologist Gísli Pálsson, writing of the expedition, asserts that, while the anger of Bartlett and the crew is understandable, there is no evidence that Stefansson deliberately abandoned the men.

Anthropologist and is
Anthropologist Robert Carl Suggs included a chapter titled " The Kon-Tiki Myth " in his book on Polynesia, concluding that " The Kon-Tiki theory is about as plausible as the tales of Atlantis, Mu, and ' Children of the Sun.
Anthropologist Christopher John Fuller conveys that although most sculpted images ( murtis ) are anthropomorphic, the aniconic Shiva Linga is an important exception.
Anthropologist Donald Brown's list of " human cultural universals " ( i. e., features shared by all current human societies ) includes men being the " dominant element " in public political affairs ( Brown 1991, p. 137 ), which he asserts is the contemporary opinion of mainstream anthropology.
Anthropologist and field folklorist Sabina Magliocco, on the other hand, is willing to consider a connection between the Italian Erodiade ( Herodias ), the Cult of Herodias, the night assembly, and Aradia.
Anthropologist Alice Kehoe is highly critical of Eliade's work on Shamanism, namely because he was not an anthropologist but a historian.
The title article of An Anthropologist on Mars, which won a Polk Award for magazine reporting, is about Temple Grandin, a professor with high-functioning autism.
Mooney's obituary is available on JSTOR in American Anthropologist 24, # 2 ( New Series ), pp. 209 – 214.
The variant of Bikol Central dialect spoken in Canaman, Camarines Sur is said to be the purest form of Coastal Bikol according to Jesuit Anthropologist Frank Lynch, S. J .).
Anthropologist Helen Fisher, in her book " Why We Love ," uses brain scans to show that love is the product of a chemical reaction in the brain.
Anthropologist Lionel Tiger described the program as typical of a widespread acceptance of insulting heterosexual men: " Heteromales are the last group it is acceptable to bash as a class.
Clark Wissler is a renowned American Anthropologist and Archaeologist who was born on September 18, 1870 in Wayne County, Indiana.
Anthropologist David Graeber offers a reason as to why majority democratic government is so scarce in the historical record.
Anthropologist Dr Stephen Juan is the Ashley Montagu Fellow for the Public Understanding of Human Sciences at the University of Sydney.

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