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Anti-slavery and Northerners
Anti-slavery Northerners denounced the war as a Southern conspiracy to expand slavery ; Calhoun saw a conspiracy of Yankees to destroy the South.

Anti-slavery and because
Anti-slavery settlers in " Bleeding Kansas " in the 1850s were called Free-Soilers, because they fought ( successfully ) to include Kansas in the Union as a free state.

Anti-slavery and was
My great great grandfather Lindley Coates helped form the Clarkson Anti-slavery Society and was briefly President of the American Anti-Slavery Society before William Lloyd Garrison.
Lydia joined the Lynn Female Anti-slavery Society when she was sixteen ; in the controversies which divided the abolitionist movement during the 1840s Lydia would support the feminist and moral suasion positions of Nathaniel P. Rogers.

Anti-slavery and .
Anti-slavery treaties were signed with over 50 African rulers.
Anti-slavery activists in Bracken County played a major role in the movement known as the Underground Railroad.
Anti-slavery and anti-secession sentiment ran high in East Tennessee in the years leading up to the U. S. Civil War.
When Phillips joined the Massachusetts Anti-slavery Society, he horrified his family, who tried to have him thrown into an insane sanitarium.
Based in Boston, Massachusetts, members of the New England Anti-slavery Society supported immediate abolition and viewed slavery as immoral and non-Christian.
* Anti-slavery: The Reporter and Aborigines Friend, by Alan Whittaker, Anti-Slavery International.
* Anti-slavery Reporter, by Anti-Slavery International.
Anti-slavery treaties were signed with over 50 African rulers.
Jesse Sage, associate director of the American Anti-slavery Group, and Jacobs persuaded Bok to move to Boston to work with the AASG.
Anti-slavery men cited it as evidence that the South had lost interest in national debate and now relied on " the bludgeon, the revolver, and the bowie-knife " to display their feelings and silence their opponents.
Anti-slavery campaigners, inspired by Non-conformist preachers such as John Wesley, started some of the earliest campaigns against the practice.
* The Anti-slavery poems of John Pierpont By John Pierpont.
In 1839 William Allen became a founding Committee Member of the British and Foreign Anti-slavery Society for the Abolition of Slavery and the Slave-trade Throughout the World, which is today known as Anti-Slavery International.
Anti-slavery and pro-slavery settlers hurried into Kansas in order to influence the outcome of the first election.
" This is known as debt bondage, which also fits official definitions of slavery ," says Anti-slavery International, a lobbying group based in Great Britain.
Written by Himself, Boston: The Anti-slavery office, 1847.

Northerners and 1860
On October 10, 1860, at Cooper Institute Hall in New York Yancey advised Northerners interested in preserving the Union to " Enlarge your jails and penitentiaries, re-enforce and strengthen your police force, and keep the irrepressible conflict fellows from stealing our negroes …" Yancey cited southern fears that with abolitionists in power, " Emissaries will percolate between master slave as water between the crevices of rocks underground.

Northerners and behind
Northerners, including Westerners, rallied behind Lincoln's call on April 15, 1861 for all the states to send troops to recapture the forts from the secessionists, to put down the rebellion and to preserve the Union intact.
Following the surrender, Northerners rallied behind Lincoln's call for all states to send troops to recapture the forts and preserve the Union.

Northerners and moderate
Yancey tried to make his demand for a slave code moderate enough to get Southern support and yet extreme enough to enrage Northerners and split the party.

Northerners and because
Moreover, the northern part was more densely settled than the southern part, so this created problems when it came time to vote because the higher population numbers gave " Northerners " greater influence on issues.
Some Northerners suspected that Buell was a Southern sympathizer because he was one of the few Federal officers who was a slaveholder ( he inherited the slaves from his wife's family ).
Pro-slavery apologists argued that the Northerners had no place in the debate over the morality of slavery, because they could not own slaves and would therefore not suffer the societal impacts that manumission would mean to the South.

Northerners and was
To Northerners, in contrast, the motivation was primarily to preserve the Union, not to abolish slavery.
Each of the other candidates had hindrances to his nomination: Bayard had spoken in favor of secession in 1861, making him unacceptable to Northerners ; Butler, conversely, was reviled throughout the South for his actions during the Civil War ; Thurman was generally well liked, but was growing old and infirm, and his views on the silver question were uncertain.
Many of the disaffected barons came from the north of England ; that faction was often labelled by contemporaries and historians as " the Northerners ".
Many Northerners had only recently become religious ( thanks to the Second Great Awakening ) and religion was a powerful force in their lives.
In the Northerners most illustrious period ever, the club went undefeated from 1914 to 1919, collecting premierships in 1914, 1915 and 1918 – the league was in recess in 1916 and 1917 due to World War I.
The result was the Kansas – Nebraska Act, which alienated Northerners and Southerners alike.
It was an expression of the " Free Soil " policy of Northerners who wanted individual farmers to own and operate their own farms, as opposed to slaveowners who would use gangs of slaves.
As such, Bleeding Kansas was a proxy war between Northerners and Southerners over the issue of slavery.
The 1920 Vision for the community was that wealthy retired Northerners would purchase one of the lots in Temple Terrace, build a Mediterranean Revival villa on the lot and also purchase a parcel in the extensive adjoining citrus grove to either manage as a hobby or provide extra income.
Perhaps the first of the Northerners to settle permanently in Fairfax County to farm was Lewis Bailey, an upstate New Yorker and the son of Hachaliah Bailey.
There was a recognition that Northerners wanted to run their own affairs and must be given the opportunity to do so.
" Naturally, this view was unpopular among the vast majority of pro-Union Northerners.
The move was controversial, and many Northerners thought Greeley a traitor and canceled subscriptions to the Weekly Tribune by the thousands.
He had an elder but incompetent brother Prince Imhae ( Imhaegun, 임해군, 臨海君 ) and a younger but legitimate brother Prince Yeong-chang ( Yeong-chang Daegun, 영창대군, 永昌大君 ), who was supported by the Lesser Northerners faction.
After the incident, Gwang-hae tried to bring officials from various political and regional background to his court, but his plan was interrupted by Greater Northerners including Lee Icheom and Chung Inong.
At last in 1613 Greater Northerners put their hand on Prince Yeong-chang ; his grandfather Kim Jenam was found guilty of treason and executed, while Yeong-chang was sent into exile, where he was executed.
At the same time Greater Northerners suppressed the Lesser Northerners ; In 1618, Yeong-chang's mother, Queen In-mok, was stripped off her title and imprisoned.
Many Northerners had only recently become religious ( thanks to the Second Great Awakening ) and religion was a powerful force in their lives.

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