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Page "lore" ¶ 1084
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Any and street
Any posse riding down the street to demand Blue Throat's surrender would be wiped out with one deadly burst of fire.
Any needy family living in San Francisco can obtain toys by writing to Christmas Toys, 676 Howard street, San Francisco 5, and listing the parent's name and address and the age and sex of each child in the family between the ages of 1 and 12.
Any list of these would have to include the Night of the Living Houses ( said to be the first comic strip to enter the collection of the Louvre ) wherein Nemo and a friend are chased down a city street by a gang of tenement houses on legs ; the Walking Bed, in which Nemo and Flip ride over the rooftops on the increasingly long limbs of Nemo's bed ( see illustration ); and the Befuddle Hall sequence, wherein Nemo and his friends attempt to find their way out of a funhouse environment of a Beaux-Arts interior turned topsy-turvy.
Any vehicle parked for more than 48 hours on any city street will be taken by city order, and is subject to a minimum $ 145 redemption cost ($ 125 towing plus $ 20 ticket ).
The episode contains several references to the film Caddyshack, such as the scene where Larry tries to fit in with Mr. Burns's associates and the ending street party which also parodies the way that several films, including Caddyshack, end with a party and feature the song " Any Way You Want It " by Journey.
Any man in the street become a Yu.
* Any reading of 100 % LEL, or greater, under a street in a wall-to-wall paved area that has significant gas migration and does not qualify as a Grade 1 leak.
* Any reading under a street in areas without wall-to-wall paving where it is unlikely the gas could migrate to the out-side wall of a building.

Any and meeting
Any individuals may address Council during the " Audience for Visitors " portion of the Council meeting.
Any ‘ confused person ’ may continue to run on cycles meeting bad spirits or even Satan ( Ekwensu ) itself.
Any who would have opposed this were not included in the meeting.
Any attorney meeting the bar requirements in one of these fields may represent himself as a specialist.
Any applicant meeting the standards of the association must be accepted as a member.
Any person meeting this counter-raid was required to ride along and offer such help as he could, on pain of being considered complicit with the raiders.
Any human meeting the Rangdo had immediately to placate him with a bow or curtsey while uttering the phrase " Gronda !, Gronda !".
Any village is made up of nuclear families and a separate house, called " the men's house ", which serves as a dormitory for single adolescents and as a meeting place for adults.
Any meaning that meets the above criteria, and is recognized by another as meeting the criteria, is considered " vindicated " or communicatively competent.
Any organisation providing high quality care has to show that it is meeting the needs of the population it serves.
The journalist Abdullahi Dool commented that " Any serious Somali who reads the outcome of this last meeting at the Ethiopian resort or the previous ones, would just laugh at the names and clan organizations these peole are said to ' represent '.
Any issue which required the consent of the whole meeting — building repairs for example — would involve sending an emissary to the other meeting.
Any meeting between Priyanka and Massimo was vigorously denied by Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh,
Any organisation meeting all these requirements can become a railway operator and access the national network.
Any person attending an open and public meeting of a State body shall have the right to record the proceedings on a tape recorder.
Any sailors not meeting the requirements to pass will be dropped from the program, 15 % fail out before graduation.

Any and sacred
Any discussion of Gabonese music must include the sacred music of the Bwiti whether attributed to the Mitsogo or the Fang or other peoples.

Any and secular
" Any reading material of a secular nature such as Western novelists, or even religious material that didn't agree ideologically with the Islamic Republic such as work by Ali Shariati was banned.

Any and which
Any attempt to reconcile this statement of the central issue in the campaign of 1956 with the nature of the man who could not conceive it as the central issue will at least resolve our confusions about the chaotic and misleading results of the earnestness of both doctors and President in a situation which should never have arisen.
Any free elections that were to be held in Poland would have to produce a government in which Moscow had complete confidence, and all pressure from the West for free voting by anti-Soviet elements in Poland would be met by restrictions on voting by these elements.
Any adjustments which are made, Mr. Grenier said earlier this month, will appear on the balance of the tax bill since most of the town's taxpayers take the option of paying quarterly with the balance due next year.
Section 72 says " Any person who takes part in a fight in a public place, or takes part in a fight of such a nature as to alarm the public in any other place to which the public have access, commits a misdemeanour.
Any difference between the hedged positions represents any remaining risk ( such as basis risk ) plus profit ; the belief is that there remains some difference which, even after hedging most risk, represents pure profit.
Any pellets which are too small to be finished granules of couscous and fall through the sieve will be again rolled and sprinkled with dry semolina and rolled into pellets.
# Any experience which is inconsistent with the organization of the structure of the self may be perceived as a threat, and the more of these perceptions there are, the more rigidly the self structure is organized to maintain itself.
Any violations of Ahura Mazda's order arise from druj, which is everything uncreated.
Any configuration of charges or currents has a ' dipole moment ', which describes the dipole whose field is the best approximation, at large distances, to that of the given configuration.
Any convex polyhedron can be distorted into a canonical form, in which a midsphere ( or intersphere ) exists tangent to every edge, such that the average position of these points is the center of the sphere, and this form is unique up to congruences.
Any function itself defines an equivalence relation on according to which if and only if.
Any byte in the entire file can be owned by at most one section, and there can be orphan bytes which are not owned by any section.
Any theory in which these principles apply produces the inequalities.
Any field may be used as the scalars for a vector space, which is the standard general context for linear algebra.
* push in the back – Any tackle which forces the player forward, into the ground, or both, from behind.
Any movement ( from straight and level flight for example ) results in signals to the computer, which automatically moves control actuators to stabilize the aircraft.
Any greater precision depends more on choice of standard than on more careful measurement: the length of the equator in the World Geodetic System WGS-84 is 40, 075, 016. 6856 m which makes the geographical mile 1855. 3248 m, while the International Astronomical Union standard IAU-2000 takes the equator to be 40, 075, 035. 5351 m making the geographical mile 1855. 3257 m, almost a millimetre longer.
Any player entering or leaving the play must cross the substitution line which is part of the side line and extends 4. 5 meters from the middle line to the team's side.
Under Bogart's Santana Productions, which released through Columbia Pictures, Bogart starred in Knock on Any Door ( 1949 ), Tokyo Joe ( 1949 ), In a Lonely Place ( 1950 ), Sirocco ( 1951 ) and Beat the Devil ( 1954 ).
Any ecstatic states or other unusual phenomena which may occur in the course of Hesychast practice are considered secondary and unimportant, even quite dangerous.
Any thunderstorm which produces hail that reaches the ground is known as a hailstorm.
Any foreigners who came to Paraguay during his rule ( which would have been very difficult ) were not allowed to leave for the rest of their life.
# Any true image of Jesus must be able to represent both his divine nature ( which is impossible because it cannot be seen nor encompassed ) as well his human nature.
Any appeals for which notice is filed after that date will be handled by the Residual Mechanism.

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