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Apart and from
Apart from the categorical imperative they derive from the metaphysics of the orgasm, the only affirmation they are capable of making is that art is their only refuge.
Apart from misplaced modifiers and headlinese, journalism contributes a wide variety of comic ambiguities in both editorial and advertising matter.
Apart from journalese and vaudeville gags, the anatomical is also found in jocular literature.
Apart from the honeybee, practically all bees and bumblebees hibernate in a state of torpor.
Apart from some areas of recurring trouble, like Bani Mellal, where inexperienced officials had been appointed, there is little evidence that local officials intervened in the electoral process.
Apart from the standard problem of controlling the vaginal muscles, other serious barriers may exist that need special gynecological treatment.
Apart from the aged care plan the President's most ambitious and costly proposals were for federal scholarships, and grants to build or enlarge medical and dental schools.
Apart from the personal equation, another reason advanced in favor of the meeting was that too often in the past the U.S. appeared to have been dragged reluctantly to the summit.
Apart, however, from the question of wasteful duplication, there is another aspect of the `` family business '' spirit in American Catholic higher education which deserves closer scrutiny.
Apart from spirit there could be no community, for it is spirit which draws men into community and gives to any community its unity, cohesiveness, and permanence.
Apart from some of the so-called " Labours of Hercules " ( see next section ) he very rarely travelled abroad during his later career.
Apart from the fundamental function of providing astronomers with a reference frame to report their observations in, astrometry is also fundamental for fields like celestial mechanics, stellar dynamics and galactic astronomy.
Apart from being the late maternal grandmother of Nero, she was the late paternal grandmother of Princess Julia Drusilla, the child of Caligula.
Apart from all of his external enemies, a host of rebels also sought to overthrow Alexios from the imperial throne, thereby posing another major threat to his reign.
Apart from the lost Handboc or Encheiridion, which seems to have been a commonplace book kept by the king, the earliest work to be translated was the Dialogues of Gregory the Great, a book greatly popular in the Middle Ages.
Apart from financial, administrative and artistical improvements, his other accomplishments in the Sicilian kingdom include the restoration of the aqueducts, the drainage of marshy areas, and the pavement of streets.
Apart from the lowlands and the Atlas mountain range, the continent may be divided into two regions of higher and lower plateaus, the dividing line ( somewhat concave to the north-west ) running from the middle of the Red Sea to about 6 deg.
Apart from the city of Canberra, the Australian Capital Territory also contains agricultural land ( sheep, dairy cattle, vineyards and small amounts of crops ) and a large area of national park ( Namadgi National Park ), much of it mountainous and forested.
Apart from the kings of Gerar, the Bible also records this name for:
Apart from these, all application-level protocols were expected to use dynamically-assigned socket numbers at both the client and server end.
Apart from these there are many semi-professional and amateur leagues around Australia, where they play a very important role in the community, and particularly so in rural areas.
Apart from the mosque, called Jāma ' Iltutmish ( pronounced Altamish locally ), nearly the whole of the ancient temple has fallen into ruins, but the relics are still unsurpassed as examples of Hindu architecture and sculpture.

Apart and visit
Apart from a visit to Jura in the new year he stayed in London for one of the coldest British winters on record and with such a national shortage of fuel that he burnt his furniture and his child's toys.
Apart from one brief visit, Holbein had lived apart from Elsbeth since 1532.
Apart from the monuments already mentioned, it is also worth a visit to the New Cathedral of Coimbra ( 17th century ) and the Machado de Castro Museum, the second most important one in Portugal, housed in the former Palace of the Bishops.
Apart from a single visit to Stockholm in 1751 – 52 to direct the funeral and coronation music on the accession of Adolph Frederik, Roman's last years were dedicated to translating European theoretical treatises into Swedish, and adaptation of sacred texts into Swedish language.
Apart from working at Prithvi theaters, Shankar used to frequently visit the office of a Gujrati director Chandravadan Bhatt who had promised Shankar that he would give him a break as a Music Director as and when he produced a film.
Apart from one brief visit in 1504 he appears never again to have lived in Switzerland.
Apart from scheduled campus weekends, students may go home or, with their parents ' permission, visit friends after their last obligation on Saturday.
Apart from occasional visits to Britain, and another brief visit to Newfoundland in 1862, Cormack spent his later years in British Columbia on the Pacific Coast.
Apart from extensively inviting the public to the Fair to visit and buy books, it also spares no effort in organising diversified cultural activities during the Book Fair period with a view to enhance the contents and quality of the Fair.

Apart and by
Apart from the baths that are operated by hotels, Uludağ University has a physical therapy center which also makes use of thermal water.
In her own defence, Bardot wrote in a letter to a French gay magazine: " Apart from my husband — who maybe will cross over one day as well — I am entirely surrounded by homos.
Apart from the ordination, which is always done by other bishops, there are different methods as to the actual selection of a candidate for ordination as bishop.
Apart from acting in a total of seventeen films produced by Harold Hecht, Lancaster also appeared in eight films produced by Hal B. Wallis.
* Movable Type ( until version 4. 0 ) – A proprietary weblog publishing system developed by California-based Six Apart
Apart from the far north, most regions are characterized by a cycle of alternating rainy and dry seasons.
Apart from its manufacturing base, Cadillac is frequently considered by those who know it to be a tourist town.
Apart from breastfed infants, the human consumption of dairy products is sourced primarily from the milk of cows, yet goats, sheep, yaks, camels, and other mammals are other sources of dairy products consumed by humans.
Apart from the commonly cited example of water turning to steam with increased temperature, Gould and Eldredge noted another analogy in information theory, " with its jargon of equilibrium, steady state, and homeostasis maintained by negative feedback ," and " extremely rapid transitions that occur with positive feedback.
The 1973 Canadian animated short, The Family That Dwelt Apart, is based on his short story of the same name and is narrated by White.
Apart from testing and analyzing food products during the whole production process to ensure safety and compliance with regulatory standards, trading standards officers ( in the UK ) protect the public from any illegal use or potentially dangerous mis-use of food additives by performing random testing of food products.
Apart from brake wear in the Porsche and the decision not to change pads so close to the race end, the winning combination was relaxed driving by both GT40 drivers and heroic efforts at the right time by ( at that time Le Mans ' rookie ) Ickx, who won Le Mans five times more in later years.
Apart from these factors, hard work and long hours at full capacity among the population in the 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s and extra labor supplied by thousands of Gastarbeiter (" guest workers ") provided a vital base for the economic upturn.
Apart from the end credits ( where he is listed as Steven Martin ), Raymond Burr's character is never referred to by his full name, only as " Mr. Martin " or simply " Martin ", for the entirety of the US version.
Apart from violent overthrow, a head of state's position can be lost in several ways, including death, another by expiration of the constitutional term of office, abdication, or resignation.
Apart from workshop lathes used by craftsmen, the first large machine tool was the cylinder boring machine used for boring the large-diameter cylinders on early steam engines.
Apart from disputes over the success of the argument or the plausibility of the specific type of semantic externalism required for it to work, there is question as to what is gained by defeating the skeptical worry with this strategy.
Apart from buses, the latter are served by either service or taxis.
* Apart from his treatises on the arts, Alberti also wrote: Philodoxus (" Lover of Glory ", 1424 ), De commodis litterarum atque incommodis (" On the Advantages and Disadvantages of Literary Studies ", 1429 ), Intercoenales (" Table Talk ", c. 1429 ), Della famiglia (" On the Family ", begun 1432 ) Vita S. Potiti (" Life of St. Potitus ", 1433 ), De iure ( On Law, 1437 ), Theogenius (" The Origin of the Gods ", c. 1440 ), Profugorium ab aerumna (" Refuge from Mental Anguish ",), Momus ( 1450 ) and De Iciarchia (" On the Prince ", 1468 ). These and other works were translated and printed in Venice by the humanist Cosimo Bartoli in 1586.
Apart from his parents ' native languages Russian and Yiddish and his adopted language Polish, his linguistics attempts were also aided by his mastering of German, a good passive understanding of Latin, Hebrew and French, and a basic knowledge of Greek, English and Italian.
Apart from the mythical derivation of Lazio given by the ancients as the place where Jupiter " lay hid " from his father seeking to kill him, a major modern etymology is that Lazio comes from the Latin word " latus ", meaning " wide ", expressing the idea of " flat land " meaning the Roman Campagna.

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