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Apart and from
Apart from the categorical imperative they derive from the metaphysics of the orgasm, the only affirmation they are capable of making is that art is their only refuge.
Apart from misplaced modifiers and headlinese, journalism contributes a wide variety of comic ambiguities in both editorial and advertising matter.
Apart from journalese and vaudeville gags, the anatomical is also found in jocular literature.
Apart from the honeybee, practically all bees and bumblebees hibernate in a state of torpor.
Apart from some areas of recurring trouble, like Bani Mellal, where inexperienced officials had been appointed, there is little evidence that local officials intervened in the electoral process.
Apart from the standard problem of controlling the vaginal muscles, other serious barriers may exist that need special gynecological treatment.
Apart from the aged care plan the President's most ambitious and costly proposals were for federal scholarships, and grants to build or enlarge medical and dental schools.
Apart from the personal equation, another reason advanced in favor of the meeting was that too often in the past the U.S. appeared to have been dragged reluctantly to the summit.
Apart, however, from the question of wasteful duplication, there is another aspect of the `` family business '' spirit in American Catholic higher education which deserves closer scrutiny.
Apart from spirit there could be no community, for it is spirit which draws men into community and gives to any community its unity, cohesiveness, and permanence.
Apart from some of the so-called " Labours of Hercules " ( see next section ) he very rarely travelled abroad during his later career.
Apart from the fundamental function of providing astronomers with a reference frame to report their observations in, astrometry is also fundamental for fields like celestial mechanics, stellar dynamics and galactic astronomy.
Apart from being the late maternal grandmother of Nero, she was the late paternal grandmother of Princess Julia Drusilla, the child of Caligula.
Apart from all of his external enemies, a host of rebels also sought to overthrow Alexios from the imperial throne, thereby posing another major threat to his reign.
Apart from the lost Handboc or Encheiridion, which seems to have been a commonplace book kept by the king, the earliest work to be translated was the Dialogues of Gregory the Great, a book greatly popular in the Middle Ages.
Apart from financial, administrative and artistical improvements, his other accomplishments in the Sicilian kingdom include the restoration of the aqueducts, the drainage of marshy areas, and the pavement of streets.
Apart from the lowlands and the Atlas mountain range, the continent may be divided into two regions of higher and lower plateaus, the dividing line ( somewhat concave to the north-west ) running from the middle of the Red Sea to about 6 deg.
Apart from the city of Canberra, the Australian Capital Territory also contains agricultural land ( sheep, dairy cattle, vineyards and small amounts of crops ) and a large area of national park ( Namadgi National Park ), much of it mountainous and forested.
Apart from the kings of Gerar, the Bible also records this name for:
Apart from these, all application-level protocols were expected to use dynamically-assigned socket numbers at both the client and server end.
Apart from these there are many semi-professional and amateur leagues around Australia, where they play a very important role in the community, and particularly so in rural areas.
Apart from the mosque, called Jāma ' Iltutmish ( pronounced Altamish locally ), nearly the whole of the ancient temple has fallen into ruins, but the relics are still unsurpassed as examples of Hindu architecture and sculpture.

Apart and her
In her own defence, Bardot wrote in a letter to a French gay magazine: " Apart from my husband — who maybe will cross over one day as well — I am entirely surrounded by homos.
Apart from undermining her language, Petruchio also uses language to objectify her.
Apart from the English Department, she is particularly intrigued by the department specialising in Cognitive Science, and by its head, 50 year-old Ralph Messenger, to whom she is introduced at some social function very soon during her stay.
Apart from some small sums to various charities, Gresham bequeathed the bulk of his property ( consisting of estates in London and around England giving an income of more than 2, 300 pounds a year ) to his widow and her heirs, with the stipulation that after her death his own house in Bishopsgate Street and the rents from the Royal Exchange should be vested in the Corporation of London and the Mercers Company, for the purpose of instituting a college in which seven professors should read lectures, one each day of the week, in astronomy, geometry, physic, law, divinity, rhetoric and music.
Apart from book illustration projects and the tarot deck, her art found little in the way of commercial outlets after her early success with Stieglitz in New York.
Apart from her commercial success, there were also changes in Dion's personal life, as Angélil, who was twenty-six years her senior, transitioned from manager to lover.
Apart from her three daughters, Ballard comes from a family which included her cousin Hank Ballard and his great-nephew NFL player Christian Ballard.
Apart from having to lose weight, Ricci ate only food items without any nutritional value to achieve her unhealthy appearance.
* The Fixer ( 2011 ), a series of short works ; The Third Secret, a story of blackmail and master-slave love ; and A Breed Apart ( 2011 ), a story of a woman trying to save her marriage and finding she needs to be a slave, all by Mitchell Joyce.
Apart from her business as a madam, well documented in many Puerto Rican newspapers such as El Dia and El Vocero, not much is known about her life.
Dudley's career in film music has spanned 20 years and her film scores include: American History X ( 1998 ) an American drama directed by Tony Kaye and starring Edward Norton ; A Man Apart ( 2003 ) starring Vin Diesel ; Black Book ( 2006 ) a World War II film directed by Paul Verhoeven ; Bright Young Things ( 2003 ) British drama written and directed by Stephen Fry based on the novel Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh ; Buster ( 1988 ) a British comedy drama starring musician Phil Collins, Julie Walters, Larry Lamb and Sheila Hancock ; The Crying Game ( 1992 ) an Irish / British drama film written and directed by Neil Jordan ; The Full Monty ( 1997 ) a Peter Cattaneo directed comedy about six unemployed steel workers who decide to form a male striptease act.
In 1978, Murphy wrote A Place Apart, about her travels in Northern Ireland and encounters with members of the Protestant and Catholic religious communities.
Apart from that, she tried to tried to enter the business market, launching several products with her brand name, and the editorial business by writing and releasing three books.
Apart from undoing Mombi's evil magic herself, this incarnation of Glinda also tells the old Gillikin witch that she has " allowed " her to practice some of her " less horrible tricks " thus far, suggesting that every practitioner of magic in Oz is ultimately answerable to Glinda should they go too far.
Apart from her name, she is said to be the exact opposite of Xi Shi in being extremely ugly.
Apart from her personal predicament, Cindy is assigned to clear up a series of murders that have been committed in the Los Angeles area.
* Ofra Haza Apart from her success in Israel, Haza was well known in Europe and North America in the 1980s and 1990s for her unique blend of Yemenite music and electronic dance sounds.

Apart and four
Apart from the ' College ' and the ' Time ' series, Brubeck recorded four LPs featuring his compositions based on the group's travels, and the local music they encountered.
Apart from long-period comets, only four known objects have orbits which suggest that they may belong to the Oort cloud: 90377 Sedna, 2000 CR < sub > 105 </ sub >, 2006 SQ < sub > 372 </ sub > and 2008 KV < sub > 42 </ sub >.
Apart from the four newest Borodino class battleships, Admiral Nebogatov's 3rd Division consisted of older and poorly-maintained warships.
Apart from four Orthodox schools, there were no schools in the Chukchi land until the late 1920s.
Apart from specific instrumentation, a distinguishing characteristic of bluegrass is vocal harmony featuring two, three, or four parts, often with a dissonant or modal sound in the highest voice ( see modal frame ), a style described as the " high, lonesome sound.
Apart from these four crown courts ( ILCC Newington, Southwark, Wesminster, Blackfriars ) Southwark ’ s local magistrates sit at two courts in the borough, Tower Bridge and Camberwell Green Magistrates Courts.
Apart from a juvenile fantasia for violin and piano, Smetana composed only four chamber works, yet each had a deep personal significance.
The album reached # 2 on the Billboard chart and would garner four top 40 singles: " After the Fall " (# 23 ), " Send Her My Love " (# 23 ), " Faithfully " (# 12 ), and " Separate Ways ( Worlds Apart )" (# 8 ), and a rock radio hit in " Chain Reaction.
* Apart from the main block is the Rocher Bayard that was said to have been split by giant hoof of Bayard, the giant horse carrying the four sons of Aymon on their legendary flight from Charlemagne through the Ardennes, told in Les Quatre Fils Aymon, a famous 12th-century chanson de geste.
Apart from the kittiwakes, gulls are typically coastal or inland species, rarely venturing far out to sea The large species take up to four years to attain full adult plumage, but two years is typical for small gulls.
Apart from the above-mentioned four routes, in order for the graduates to be eligible to practice as Advocates and Solicitors, they need to read in chambers for nine months before being called to the Bar.
Apart from the four to five main courtyards, various other small to mid-sized courtyards exist throughout the complex.
Apart from the Bach and Mozart examples, works for more than two pianos and orchestra are considerably rarer, but have been written by Carl Czerny ( Quatuor Concerto for four pianos and orchestra, op.
Apart from writing lyrics for In the Court of the Crimson King ( 1969 ), In the Wake of Poseidon ( 1970 ), Lizard ( 1970 ) and Islands ( 1971 ), and offering advice on artwork, album design, and other details of the band's releases, Sinfield's musical role in the band was limited over the first four albums.
Apart from the four main sub-camps at Mauthausen and nearby Gusen, more than 50 sub-camps, located throughout Austria and southern Germany, used the inmates as slave labour.
Apart from these common techniques, there are also other, more complex forms of polyphony: pedal drone polyphony in Eastern Georgia, particularly in Kartli and Kakheti table songs ( two highly embellished melodic lines develop rhythmically free on the background of pedal drone ), and contrapuntal polyphony in Achara, Imereti, Samegrelo, and particularly in Guria ( three and four part polyphony with highly individualized melodic lines in each part and the use of several polyphonic techniques ).
Apart from running repairs and fixing bomb damage, no major projects were undertaken until 1958 59 when four projects were announced.
Apart from military service in the Army in 1951-52, Howard spent the next four years in the minor leagues, leading the International League in triples and winning the league's MVP award while playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1954.
Apart of Silvia Quintela, Pablo may also be the son of Beatriz Recchia, a friend of Silvia Quintana who was detained in the same period, while four months pregnant.
Apart from Regan, the only other members of the previous council to be re-elected were Independent Councillors De Luca and Giltinan, making up two of the four Independents on the council.
Apart from his fielding achievements, he was a switch-hitter, batting. 280 or better four times (. 305 in 1975 ); he also had nine seasons with 20 or more stolen bases.
Apart from nominating a candidate for President and Vice President, the 2004 Republican National Convention was also charged with crafting an official party platform and political agenda for the next four years.
Apart from the unpopularity of his four Italian signings Ranieri was criticised for not playing Argentine playmaker Pablo Aimar and for persistent changes to formations and tactics, something resembling his Chelsea days.
Apart from Amravati district itself, following four districts also come under Amravati Division: Akola, Yavatmal, Buldhana and Washim.

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