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Apart and those
Apart from its manufacturing base, Cadillac is frequently considered by those who know it to be a tourist town.
" Apart from those characteristics Tinky Winky also carries a magic bag which the NLJ and Salon articles said was a purse.
Apart from those who ranked 0 ( 71 %), the largest percentage in between 0 and 6 was 1 at approximately 15 %.
Apart from all those ethnic minorities being de-facto extinct, even today the era of national feeling is taught in history in German schools as an important stepping-stone on the road to a German nation.
Apart from the trivial zeros, the Riemann zeta function doesn't have any zero on the right of σ = 1 and on the left of σ = 0 ( neither the zeros can lie too close to those lines ).
Apart from Austria and perhaps Bavaria, none of those entities was capable of national-level politics ; alliances between family-related states were common, due partly to the frequent practice of splitting a lord's inheritance among the various sons.
Apart from obvious political considerations that saw works such as those of George Orwell being banned, access to foreign art and literature was also restricted on aesthetic grounds.
Apart from mollusk shells, other shells that can be found on beaches are those of barnacles, horseshoe crabs and brachiopods.
Apart from household and guard units, regular Swiss mercenary regiments have served as line troops in various armies ; notably those of France, Spain and Naples up to the 19th century ( see Swiss Mercenaries ).
Apart from the distinction in sizes mentioned above, two main categories of amphibious vehicle are immediately apparent: those that travel on an air-cushion ( Hovercraft ) and those that don't.
Apart from its origins in the UK, the style became popular both in Canada and throughout the United States during those periods, for sturdy " baronial " dwellings in a free Renaissance style.
Apart from those two, Ecolo also became an important political party.
Apart from those within his circle, Heseltine drew inspiration from other composers whose work he respected: Liszt, Fauré and much of Debussy.
Apart from those, Isla Perejil, a small uninhabited islet close to Ceuta that was the subject of a confrontation with Morocco in 2002, has been lately defined as an extra plaza de soberanía.
Apart from those mentioned above, the academic Ernst Moritz Arndt, Johann Gustav Droysen, Carl Jaup, Friedrich Theodor Vischer and Georg Waitz are especially notable.
Apart from the office of Prime Minister itself, the only other cabinet posts to have existed since the first cabinet are those of Attorney-General and Minister of Internal Affairs.
Apart from the ordinary work of his classes, which entailed the task of newly organizing a botanical garden ( the Alte Botanische Garten der Universität Göttingen ), an anatomical theatre and museum, an obstetrical school, and similar institutions, he carried on without interruption those original investigations in botany and physiology, the results of which are preserved in the numerous works associated with his name ; he continued also to persevere in his youthful habit of poetical composition, while at the same time he conducted a monthly journal ( the Göttingische gelehrte Anzeigen ), to which he is said to have contributed twelve thousand articles relating to almost every branch of human knowledge.
Apart from those enterprises mentioned above there were yet 18 wind-mills, 4 tanneries, 4 workshops producing soap, 3 factories of vinegar, 2 small factories producing boilers, 2 breweries, 2 oil-mills, 1 factory of sparkling water, 1 distillery.
Apart from his services to Biblical scholarship he takes high rank among those who have sought to bring the results of technical criticism within the reach of the ordinary reader.
Apart from her immediate family, amongst those attending the wedding were The Earl and Countess of Wessex, The Princess Royal, Peter and Autumn Phillips, Daniel and Lady Sarah Chatto and Catherine Middleton, who attracted media interest for attending without her then boyfriend, now husband Prince William.
Apart from those in Santa Maria Antiqua, the largest collection of Early Medieval wall paintings in Rome are to be found in the lower basilica of San Clemente.
Apart from those seasons, however, the Stars were members of high minor leagues such as the Eastern League ( forerunner to the International ) and the New York State League through 1917.
Apart from Cromwell he had few close friends: his manner was described as cold and forbidding and he had little patience with those he regarded as less gifted than himself.

Apart and three
Apart from these three short conserved elements, nuclear pre-mRNA intron sequences are highly variable.
Apart from the three historic lands, Lesser Poland has other smaller regions, such as Podhale and Zagłębie Dąbrowskie.
Apart from the usual advantages of modular software with well-defined interfaces, the three-tier architecture is intended to allow any of the three tiers to be upgraded or replaced independently in response to changes in requirements or technology.
Apart from sled racing, they are very popular for recreational mushing and are also used for skijoring ( one to three dogs pulling a skier ) and European ski-hi.
Apart from proof that there was no breach of duty, there are three principal defenses to tortious liability.
Apart from two or three representations of ( ritual ) helmets – with protrusions that may be either stylised ravens, snakes or horns – no depiction of Viking Age warriors ' helmets, and no preserved helmet, has horns.
Apart from the pairs of legs, there are three further body appendages, which are at the head and comprise three segments:
Apart from figurative carving, there are three broad categories of lapidary arts.
Apart from specific instrumentation, a distinguishing characteristic of bluegrass is vocal harmony featuring two, three, or four parts, often with a dissonant or modal sound in the highest voice ( see modal frame ), a style described as the " high, lonesome sound.
Apart from the main piece ( called Zondereigen ) located north of the Belgian town of Merksplas, there are 22 Belgian exclaves in the Netherlands and three other pieces on the Dutch-Belgian border.
Apart from the main division ( called Zondereigen from the main hamlet ) located north of the Belgian town of Merksplas, there are twenty Belgian exclaves in the Netherlands and three other sections on the Dutch-Belgian border.
Apart from this, and allowing several poor-quality tenements to be erected, the Russells did little with the land until the 4th Earl of Bedford, Francis Russell, an active and ambitious businessman, commissioned Inigo Jones in 1630 to design and build a church and three terraces of fine houses around a large square or piazza.
Apart from manipulation, the criminal code states three conditions under which a person is not acting under his own free will:
Apart from appearing on these three albums, he also played organ on the track " Ocean " during the practice sessions to produce demos for the band's fourth album Loaded, nearly two years after he left the band.
Apart from the three branches in the Liverpool area noted above, the GCR lines proper in the north of England were all east of Manchester.
Apart from three small towns, none of which exceeded 100 houses, and numerous village settlements, each house had a walled orchard and a garden plot.
Apart from binocular summation, the two eyes can influence each other in at least three ways.
Among the songs are the Dowd / Clapton-produced signature tune " It's in the Way That You Use It " ( co-written with Robbie Robertson, and featured in the Paul Newman-Tom Cruise film The Color of Money in October 1986, a month before the album's release, subsequently reaching # 1 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart for one week ) and three Collins-produced numbers — the up-tempo, horn-laden " Run " and the guitar-laden rockers " Tearing Us Apart " ( with Tina Turner ) and " Miss You ".
Apart from her three daughters, Ballard comes from a family which included her cousin Hank Ballard and his great-nephew NFL player Christian Ballard.
Apart from the bishops consecrated by Thục with papal mandates in Vietnam, Thục consecrated five bishops at Palmar de Troya, three sedevacantists in 1981, and provided an episcopal ordination sub conditione to three clerics, who presented themselves to Thục as former Old Catholics intent on joining the traditionalist faction of the Roman Catholic Church.
Apart from navigating heighliners ferrying the troops of the three Houses to Arrakis, Navigators have also been utilized by the Guild in the War of Assassins in the Emperor: Battle for Dune computer game as pilots for their NIAB Tanks ( a hover tank that projects a single electrical bolt ) and NIAP Flyers ( an aerial version of the NIAB Tank, although without any weapons of its own ).
Apart from the main library, more than 80 departmental libraries containing an additional three million volumes are also associated with the university.

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