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Approximately and 20
Approximately 20 percent of students double-major.
Approximately 20 % of the network is suitable for commercial boats of over 1000 tonnes and the VNF has an ongoing programme of maintenance and modernisation to increase depth of waterways, widths of locks and headroom under bridges to support France's strategy of encouraging freight onto water.
Approximately 20 % of Australian school students are currently enrolled in Catholic schools that were, in large part, established by Irish Catholic religious orders.
Approximately 10 – 20 % of the rural population of Carolingian Europe consisted of slaves.
Approximately 51 % of the population has indigenous beliefs, 29 % is Christian, and 20 % Muslim.
* Aggravating circumstances-ten to 20 years: when the consequences are extremely grave and affect public institutions or the material stolen is worth over 200, 000 RON ( Approximately US $ 80, 000 ).
Approximately 20 soldiers escaped.
Approximately 76 % of the population were returned as Christian, with about 1 % each being Hindu or Muslim, and 20 % having no religion or no stated religion.
Approximately 20 million tons of indigo are produced annually for this purpose, though only a few grams of the dye are required for each pair of these trousers.
* Approximately 20 km from the Périphérique, another ring road called the Francilienne is nearing completion.
Approximately 25, 000 non-Africans live in The Gambia, including about 20, 000 Europeans and 2, 500 people of Moroccan origin.
Approximately 20 % of the population is black, of which 6. 5 % are Caribbean, 12. 4 % are African, and 1. 1 % are from other black backgrounds.
Approximately 71 % of global tantalum supply in 2008 was met by newly mined product, 20 % from recycling, and the remainder from tin slag and inventory.
Approximately, 60 % of the land is in National Forests and State Parks, approximately 20 % is held by Georgia Power and the rest is in private hands.
Approximately 20 minutes after he had first fired from the observation deck, Whitman began to encounter return fire from both the authorities and armed civilians who had converged with personal firearms to assist police.
Approximately 20 hot air ballons participate in a hare and hounds hot air balloon race.
Approximately 18. 4 % of families and 20. 7 % of the population were below the poverty line, including 35. 1 % of those under the age of eighteen and 7. 8 % of those sixty-five or over.
Approximately 20 miles to the north of Morton, along highway 214 is the Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge, home to a large Sandhill Crane migration each autumn, and year round home to a sizable Prairie Dog town.
Approximately 20 miles to the west of Morton, just over the state line near Lingo, New Mexico is Buffalo Soldier's Hill
Approximately 70 % of the general population are right-dominant, 20 % are co-dominant, and 10 % are left-dominant.
Approximately 20 million people in the Nordic countries have a Scandinavian language as their mother tongue, including a Swedish minority in Finland.
Approximately 20 % of angiosperms, including alfalfa ( Medicago sativa ), normally show biparental inheritance of plastids.
Approximately 20 – 35 % of patients with severe sepsis and 40 – 60 % of patients with septic shock die within 30 days.
Approximately 20 million Americans participated.

Approximately and %
Approximately% should be added to the velocity recorded by a tube anemometer for each 1000 ft ( 5 % for each kilometer ) above sea-level.
Approximately 75 % of the lymph from the breast travels to the ipsilateral ( same-side ) axillary lymph nodes, whilst 25 % of the lymph travels to the parasternal nodes ( beside the sternum bone ), to the other breast, and to the abdominal lymph nodes.
Approximately 73 % of the island is Indonesian territory.
Approximately 91 % of the Dayaks are Christian, a religion introduced by missionaries in the 19th century.
Approximately 10 % of patients will experience a notable protracted withdrawal syndrome, which can persist for many months or in some cases a year or longer.
Approximately 40 % of Sweden's graduate engineers and architects are educated at Chalmers.
Approximately 75 % of the island's population is located in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality ( CBRM ) which includes all of Cape Breton County and is often referred to as Industrial Cape Breton, given the history of coal mining and steel manufacturing in this area.
Approximately 46 % of diatom species survived the transition from the Cretaceous to the Upper Paleocene.
Approximately 60 % of late-Cretaceous Scleractinia coral genera failed to cross the K – T boundary into the Paleocene.
Approximately 35 % of echinoderm genera became extinct at the K – T boundary, although taxa that thrived in low-latitude, shallow-water environments during late Cretaceous had the highest extinction rate.
Approximately 50 % of crocodyliform representatives survived across the K – T boundary, the only apparent trend being that no large crocodiles survived.
Approximately 42 % live in Crete's main cities and towns whilst 45 % live in rural areas.
Approximately 6. 5 % of families and 8. 1 % of the population were below the poverty line, including 9. 7 % of those under age 18 and 8. 8 % of those age 65 or over.
Approximately 95 % of the tractive effort in the San Francisco system is expended in simply moving the four cables at 9. 5 miles per hour.
Approximately 55 % of enrollees were from rural communities, a majority of which were non-farm ; 45 % came from urban.
Approximately 95 % of the budget goes directly to running the Danish military including the Home guard.

Approximately and students
Approximately 1100 students live on-campus in 12 residences:
Approximately 99 percent of doctoral students have full financial support.
Approximately 40 % of incoming students at Columbia were Jewish.
Approximately 83 % of students receive financial aid, and 40 % qualify for merit-based awards.
Approximately 27, 700 students study within one of the 274 educational programs, the eightyfive international master's programmes or the 2000 free-standing courses.
Approximately 10, 000 are graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in courses and degree programs based downtown.
Approximately one in three students represents an ethnic minority.
Approximately 8000 students study there, and it has a considerable impact on the city, according to some.
Approximately 4, 386 students live on campus in the fourteen residence halls available.
Approximately 1500 international students attend the university, which has a wide curriculum including exchange programs with world renowned universities.
Approximately 26, 528 students were enrolled in the county school system as of August 2007.
Approximately 47 % of the students have siblings who also attend MHS.
Approximately 19 % of these are international students from 80 countries.
Approximately half of the white students boycotted the schools beginning on August 4, 1955.
Approximately 35, 000 students were enrolled in West Covina public schools during the 2001 – 2002 school year.
Approximately 6, 500 students are enrolled in Southington public schools, making it one of the larger districts in the state of Connecticut.
Approximately 700 students attend Altha School, a number that actually surpasses the town population of 507.
Approximately 2, 000 students are housed in four traditional residence halls, two high rise buildings and three apartment complexes.
Approximately 12, 800 students attend 36 elementary schools and 5 secondary schools in this district.
Approximately 55 students who lived in the northeastern corner of the area zoned to Pioneer were sent to Oak Grove High School in Oak Grove.
Approximately 8, 100 students attend seven elementary schools ( K – sixth grade ), two junior high schools ( 7th – 9th grade ), and one high school ( 10th – 12th grade ).
Approximately 80 students attend Belfry schools, including children from Bearcreek, Montana, Bridger, Montana, and Clark, Wyoming.

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