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Architect and I
* Architect / Designer I: Recently licensed architect or non-registered graduate with 3 – 5 years of experience ; responsible for particular parts of a project within parameters set by others.
* Architect: I. M.
In 2008, the LI launched a major recruitment drive entitled " I want to be a Landscape Architect " to encourage the study of Landscape Architecture.
* Wilson, Michael I., ( 1984 ) William Kent: Architect, Designer, Painter, Gardener, 1685-1748.
Architect Charles Bickel designed the H. and I Kaufman and I. Kaufman stores in 1898.
( 2002 ) Architect: I. M.
Production I. G has created a position called the " Screen Architect " who builds the atmosphere and feel of a scene.
* Architect: Louis I. Kahn
Architect I. M. Pei has described the structure of the hall's interior as " very conservative ".
Before Neo departs he warns The Architect " If I were you I'd hope we never meet again ".
Architect I. M. Pei developed the initial urban renewal plan and was responsible for the design of multiple buildings, including those comprising L ’ Enfant Plaza and two clusters of apartment buildings located on the north side of M St. SW ( initial termed Town Center Plaza ).
Architect of the intricate structure, Daniel Libeskind said,I was inspired by the light and geology of the Rockies, but most of all by the wide-open faces of the people of Denver ”< ref > Denver Art Museum.
* Guida Maria Josefina Cinatti Keil, married firstly to Jaime Raúl de Brito Carvalho da Silva, and had issue, two children, and married secondly as his first wife to Francisco Coelho do Amaral Reis, 1st Viscount of Pedralva by Carlos I of Portugal in 1904 ( Sátão, Águas Boas, 3 August 1873 – 5 April 1938 ), 100th Governor of Angola from 1920 to 1921, son of José Caetano dos Reis and wife Lucrécia Coelho do Amaral, and had issue, an only son, renown Architect Francisco Keil do Amaral:
He is also well remembered as Philip Bosinney in the BBC's 1967 adaptation of The Forsyte Saga, but also appeared in over three hundred TV productions including God's Architect ; Blake's 7 ; I, Claudius ; Rome ; Rosemary & Thyme ; Saracen ; Honey Lane ; Special Branch ; Softly, Softly ; Mulberry ; Tales of the Unexpected and Anna Karenina.
Architect V. I.

Architect and .
Then, advised by the Architect of the Capitol, the Joint Committee for the Library, traditionally responsible for the works of art in the building, ordered the space cleared and painted in fresco, to show `` the Peace after the Civil War '', `` the Spanish-American War '', and `` the Birth of Aviation '', to match as nearly as feasible Brumidi's technique and composition.
These may be consulted in the office of the Architect of the Capitol, or the Library of Congress.
Here the Architect, referring to the use of the Capitol as a public building, not a museum, requested some repainting to maintain decorative effect, rather than leaving blank, unsightly patches.
* Senior Architect / Designer: Licensed architect, or non-registered graduate with more than 10 years of experience ; has a design or technical focus and is responsible for significant project activities.
* Architect / Designer III: Licensed architect or non-registered graduate with 8 – 10 years of experience ; responsible for significant aspects of projects.
* Architect / Designer II: Licensed architect or non-registered graduate with 6 – 8 years of experience, responsible for daily design or technical development of projects.
* Intern Architect: Unlicensed architecture school graduate participating in defined internship program ; develops design or technical solutions under supervision of an architect.
( It is important to note that in the US some states prohibit the use of the word ' Architect ' to be used in any way to describe an unlicensed person who is in the architectural profession.
The son of John Smith, designer of the earlier castle, William Smith was City Architect of Aberdeen from 1852.
Architect Ignacio Carrera-Justiz used cantilevered construction, a style invented by Frank Lloyd Wright.
The architecture competition was the second under the Tarsney Act, which had permitted private architects rather than government architects in the Office of the Supervising Architect to design federal buildings.
* Dr. Richard Breitman, The Architect of Genocide: Himmler and The Final Solution, Alfred A. Knopf Inc., New York, 1991.
: The Set Designer is the Draftsman, often an Architect, who realizes the structures or interior spaces called for by the Production Designer.
* 1573 – Elias Holl, German Architect ( d. 1646 )
* Architect Earl Young built a number of stone houses in Charlevoix, Michigan, that have been referred to as gnome homes.
File: Architect Rietveld ere-doctor Weeknummer 64-04-Open Beelden-31598. ogv | Rietveld receives honoris causa degree from TU Delft
* Frank Jenkins, Architect and Patron 1961.
In the early 1880s, City Architect John Carrick was asked to identify a suitable site for a purpose built City Council Chambers.
After a great earthquake in 989 ruined the dome of Hagia Sophia, the Byzantine officials summoned Trdat the Architect to Byzantium to organize repairs.
" The Architect Trdat: Building Practices and Cross-Cultural Exchange in Byzantium and Armenia.

Architect and M
* Bordewich, Fergus M., " A Capitol Vision From a Self-Taught Architect ", Smithsonian magazine, December 2008
* Nevada County Depot & Museum-Located in downtown Prescott, the depot building was designed by Missouri Pacific Railroad Architect, E. M. Tucker, and completed in 1912.
Architect George M. Coombs designed this Moorish style structure.
* Bordewich, Fergus M., " A Capitol Vision From a Self-Taught Architect ", Smithsonian magazine, December 2008
The buildings constructed by the Bureau of Public Works were the product of designs by Architect Juan M. Arellano and Antonio Toledo.
Following a recommendation from George M. White ( then the serving Architect of the Capitol ), the plan submitted by the architectural firm of John Carl Warnecke & Associates was approved by the Senate Committee on Public Works on August 8, 1974.
In 1958, a disagreement arose between Secretary of State Frank M. Jordan and State Architect Anson Boyd over the design of the seal being used on state buildings in Sacramento.
* M. Jeffrey Hardwick, '' Mall Maker: Victor Gruen, Architect of an American Dream, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2003, ISBN 978-0-8122-3762-7
Architect Rümmler designed this station walls like the pattern of a M as in Mierendorffplatz.
After the success of this project he was emancipated by the Governor of New South Wales, Lachlan Macquarie, and in the role of Acting Civil Architect and Assistant Engineer responsible to Captain J. M. Gill, Inspector of Public Works, went on to build many significant buildings in the new colony.
* Egelius, M., Ralph Erskine: Architect, Stockholm 1990
Architect Felipe M. Mendoza designed the Batasan complex, which was opened on 31 May 1978.
The building was renovated during 1999-2000 under the auspices of the Architect of the Capitol, who at the time was Alan M. Hantman, FAIA.
* Associated Architect: Jerry M. Campbell & Associates, Baton Rouge, LA
There was also a partial ceiling collapse at the same station in 2007, according to Judith M. Kunoff, Chief Architect for the NYC Transit Authority.
In 1998, Mr. Turnbull became the 5th Assistant Architect of the Capitol, serving under Architect of the Capitol Alan M. Hantman, FAIA.
Alan M. Hantman, FAIA ( born October 13, 1942 ) is an American architect who served as the 10th Architect of the Capitol from February 1997 until February 2007.
He had previously served as Assistant Architect under George M. White.

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