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Are and they
Are they encouraged to take full legal advantage of these benefits??
`` Are people happy, are they as satisfied, unconsciously, as they believe themselves to be??
Devo also confirmed that they would be performing at All Tomorrow's Parties on May 6 and 8, with the May 6th performance featuring the band performing their first album, Q: Are We Not Men?
Are they not lashed mercilessly by brutal taskmasters behind the walls of concentration camps?
Martok is married to Lady Sirella, a noble woman, and they had one son, Drex (" You Are Cordially Invited ...", " The Way of the Warrior ")
Following the Spine on the Hiway Tour of 2004, the band announced that they would take an extended hiatus from touring to focus on other projects, such as a musical produced by Flansburgh and written by his wife, Robin " Goldie " Goldwasser, titled People Are Wrong !.
Are they stuck to the floor?
In Many Are the Crimes: McCarthyism in America, historian Ellen Schrecker calls the FBI " the single most important component of the anti-communist crusade " and writes: " Had observers known in the 1950s what they have learned since the 1970s, when the Freedom of Information Act opened the Bureau's files, ' McCarthyism ' would probably be called ' Hooverism.
Are the actions local people contributing an asset to the area or are they in effect causing more harm than good? Are the NGOs helping the situation and for whose benefit?
Sometimes the songs represented original material, or on one occasion, Noël Coward's classic There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner, but just as often they were Cockney music hall chestnuts such as Little Bit of Cucumber.
Bonus features on the DVD include a restored version of the 1972 short film " Caravan Holiday " featuring Johnny Young and the Young Talent Team ; full biographies of all 40 Team Members and Johnny Young ; Nicole Kidman's appearance as a guest on the show to promote her 1983 film BMX Bandits ; assorted television commercials featuring members of the team ; footage of some of the Team when they appeared as contestants on the show ; and the full-length clip of sisters Dannii Minogue and Kylie Minogue performing the song " Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves ".
While most of the twists are easy to spot once you discover the main plot — basically ' Are you or aren ’ t you a machine ' deal — they still have an impact, and Dick makes his point quite clearly.
Are they the subject of Velazquez's work?
:::: Are laid to rest: the commands they gave us have been obeyed.
Are they necessarily identical?
Are people thinking they never ...?
During a lull in 1994, the early Primus lineup consisting of Claypool, Huth, and Lane reunited to record Riddles Are Abound Tonight under the band name Sausage, named after the demo they had recorded together in 1988.
Are they automatically expired, or only removed manually?
He is a talented singer and guitar player ( as Head is in real life ) which the gang discovered, to their astonishment, when they saw him singing " Behind Blue Eyes " by The Who in " Where the Wild Things Are ".
Three years later, they released " We Are the Champions " with " We Will Rock You " as a B-side.
Suicidal Tendencies next release was on their own label " Suicidal Records " where they contributed one song " Look Up ...( The Boys Are Back ) on the 1985 split " Welcome to Venice.
After singing with various dance bands and touring in vaudeville with the likes of Ted Mack, Leon Belasco, and comic bandleader Larry Rich, they first came to national attention with their recordings and radio broadcasts in 1937, most notably via their major Decca record hit, Bei Mir Bist Du Schön ( translation: " To Me, You Are Beautiful "), originally a Yiddish tune, the lyrics of which Sammy Cahn had translated to English and which the girls harmonized to perfection.

Are and fact
As Hitler and his Nazi Party rose to prominence, Chaplin's popularity throughout the world became greater than ever ; he was mobbed by fans on a 1931 trip to Berlin, which annoyed the Nazis, who published a book in 1934 titled The Jews Are Looking at You, in which the comedian was described as " a disgusting Jewish acrobat " ( despite the fact that Chaplin was not Jewish ).
Also, in the US finale, the original ' USA for Africa ' studio track for " We Are the World " was overlaid in places where the microphone was absent ( in fact, if you listen closely, you can hear the vocals of Kenny Rogers and James Ingram, two artists who did not even take part in Live Aid ).
Are anencephalics, in fact, alive?
Although aware his father was born in Calcutta, India, Alistair and his sister Kay were unaware of the fact that their father had a Anglo-Indian background until McGowan explored his ancestry on BBC One's Who Do You Think You Are?
" In an interview featured on the We Are Scissor Sisters … And So Are You DVD, Shears states, " The fact that some of us are gay affects our music the same amount as it does that some of the members of Blondie are straight.
In fact, these ads led to his departure from Are You Being Served?
It is mentioned in the second episode of the first season of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You !, " A Clue for Scooby-Doo ", that Shaggy's desire for bizarre food combinations ( chocolate covered hot dogs, and liverwurst a la mode, for example ) comes from the fact that his first toy as a child was a garbage disposal.
Another great fact, the famous video clip for the song We Are The Champions by the band Queen was shot there on October 1977, which followed a minor 70-min.
Some Bible scholars, however, argue that human emotions ascribed to God are indicative of divine responses within the matrix of human history that are in fact analogous to human emotions though not univocal ( see " There Is No Pain, You Are Misreading ": Is God " Comfortably Numb "?
" In fact, on the US version all but " Crosstown Traffic " and " All Along the Watchtower " had appeared on either the American or British version of Are You Experienced, with " Stone Free " the flip of one of its singles.
So much so, in fact, that SOE introduced a number of special features only visible to ShowEQ that taunted the guilds for making use of it ( e. g. the infamous " ShowEQ Users Are Lame.

Are and dog
Similar to Hanna-Barbera's successful Scooby-Doo, Where Are You !, The Funky Phantom featured three teenagers — Skip, April and Augie — and their dog Elmo.
Similar to Hanna-Barbera's successful Scooby-Doo, Where Are You !, Goober and the Ghost Chasers also features a group of teenagers solving spooky mysteries with their dog Goober.

Are and can
Are there individuals in your organization who can shepherd a new product through to commercialization ; ;
* Are self-contained – each learning object can be taken independently
Later, in Star Trek: Enterprise the actual founding of the Federation can be seen in the episodes " Zero Hour " and " These Are the Voyages ...," and early negotiations that lead to it in " Demons " and " Terra Prime.
* The Prescient Are Few-...“ the number of funds that have beaten the market over their entire histories is so small that the False Discovery Rate test can ’ t eliminate the possibility that the few that did were merely false positives ” — just lucky, in other words.
Upon reaching the US however she did attend the Philadelphia concert and can be seen performing as part of that concert's " We Are the World " finale.
He can be seen using several of these guitars in the documentary The Kids Are Alright, although in the studio he often played a ' 59 Gretsch 6120 guitar ( given to him by Joe Walsh ), most notably on the albums Who's Next and Quadrophenia.
McJohn was replaced by Andy Chapin on Hour of the Wolf in 1975, though McJohn appeared in artwork for the single to Caroline ( Are You Ready ) and claims that his keyboard work can be heard on many of the album's tracks.
The Who, inspired by the melodicism of The Beatles and the driving rhythms of American R & B, released several songs —" I Can't Explain ", " The Kids Are Alright ", " Substitute ", " I'm a Boy " and " Happy Jack "— in their early mod phase ( 1965 – 1966 ) that can be considered the first true power pop songs.
* Are there any broad patterns that we can discern through the study of the human past?
An adult male human is a man, but when age is not a crucial factor, both terms can be interchangeable, e. g., ' boys and their toys ' applies equally to adults and young boys, just as ' Are you mice or men?
Old-time calypsonians and purists, however, preferred rapso's continuation of the lyrical ambidexterity that helped make calypso the world-famous, innovative art form it has become ; many criticized soca's perceived watering-down of calypso, including veteran calypsonians such as Chalkdust, who asked: " Are we to put water in the brandy, singing just two or three words mainstream audiences can understand and dance to?
Religious activism can be found in the song Amor al Rescate song " Somos Hermanos " ( We Are Brothers ).
Varney can be seen in Hank Williams, Jr .' s video for " All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight ", where he is briefly shown casually riding a bull being pulled on a rope by a young lady, and later in a swimming pool with two young ladies.
Lyrics set to " Winter Wonderland " included this line: " In the meadow we can build a snowman / One with Gary Gilmore packed inside / We'll ask him, ' Are you dead yet?
Mayzie LaBird, who has just been abandoned by her lover and left with an egg, interrupts Horton's search and begs him to sit on it so she can take an afternoon off (" How Lucky You Are " ( Reprise )).
Are we interested in tracing how and why a gene can spread through to the next generation or how and why a group can satisfy multiple genes that come together to form a group?
They take some Russians home, mistreat them, make them lose their wits by hunger, to the point that they eat grass and worms, and then a repulsive German with a stinking cigar can philosophise: " Are these perhaps human beings?
" Chimes of Freedom " can be traced to " Lay Down Your Weary Tune ", an outtake from The Times They Are A-Changin '.
For instance, people can answer questions like " Are wrenches pets or tools?
It is largely his conceptual analysis that made his work much more rigorous than his peers ', a point which can be seen clearly in his seminal work Are Theories of Learning Necessary?
Additionally, broad social questions can be discussed without centering the case around a government actor ; “ Are trade unions, all things considered, a good thing for society ?” is a perfectly acceptable opp-choice debate case.
: Are there any of the worthless idols of the nations, that can cause rain?

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