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# and Argument
# REDIRECT Argument from ignorance
# Natural Rights / Justice Argument: this argument is based on Locke ’ s idea that a person has a natural right over the labour and / or products which is produced by his / her body.
# Utilitarian-Pragmatic Argument: according to this rationale, a society that protects private property is more effective and prosperous than societies that do not.
# " Personality " Argument: this argument is based on a quote from Hegel: " Every man has the right to turn his will upon a thing or make the thing an object of his will, that is to say, to set aside the mere thing and recreate it as his own ".
# REDIRECT Argument from authority
# REDIRECT Argument from authority
# REDIRECT Argument
# REDIRECT Argument from ignorance
# REDIRECT Argument
# REDIRECT Argument from authority
# REDIRECT Argument
# Argument from the wisdom of Jesus
# Argument from the claims of Jesus as son of God
# Argument from the resurrection
# REDIRECT Argument from silence
# REDIRECT Argument to moderation
# REDIRECT Argument from authority
# REDIRECT Argument from ignorance
# " Argument " – 4: 27 ( MacKaye )
# REDIRECT Argument from ignorance
# Argument From Consciousness: This argument, suggested by Professor Geoffrey Jefferson in his 1949 Lister Oration states that " not until a machine can write a sonnet or compose a concerto because of thoughts and emotions felt, and not by the chance fall of symbols, could we agree that machine equals brain.
# Argument from continuity in the nervous system: Modern neurological research has shown that the brain is not digital.
# Argument from the informality of behaviour: This argument states that any system governed by laws will be predictable and therefore not truly intelligent.
# REDIRECT Argument from ignorance

# and without
# The Slater-type orbital ( STO ) is a form without radial nodes but decays from the nucleus as does the hydrogen-like orbital.
# Bourgogne of Lusignan ( 1176 – 1180 or c. 1178 – c. 1210 ), married as his third wife Raymond VI of Toulouse 1193, repudiated and divorced 1194 or 1196 without issue, married Gauthier I de Montfaucon aka Walter of Montbéliard ( killed in action at the Battle of Satalia, June 20, 1212 ) 1197 or bef.
# As spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion, the archbishop, although without legal authority outside England, is recognised by convention as primus inter pares ( first among equals ) of all Anglican primates worldwide.
# Prohibits clergy from officiating where they are unknown without a letter of recommendation from their bishop.
Microsoft applied C # and CLI under the Community Promise, so anyone can safely implement those standards without fearing a patent lawsuit.
# Dissidence: Those who actively disagree with the policies and actions of the head of the faith without, however, advancing an alternative claim for leadership.
# access the information without a precise understanding of the sources of data and of the data structure of the data warehouse.
# Fideism holds that faith is necessary, and that beliefs may be held without evidence or reason, or even in conflict with evidence and reason.
# Certifying receipt of property on a document without completely knowing that the information is true ;
# To achieve international co-operation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character, and in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion ; and
# Further, in their view idols depicted persons without substance or reality while icons depicted real persons.
# Service to others, especially monks, nuns, elders and the weaker souls without any expectations in return
# Practising humility and thankfulness – by seeking help and offering assistance without egoistic tendencies
# Jihad against Shaytan: Struggling against Satan without doubts or desires.
# Karma operates as a self-sustaining mechanism as natural universal law, without any need of an external entity to manage them.
# Wolffish: its skin is smooth because without scales.
# Eel: fish without scales, its skin has a shiny appearance.
# " Understanding each of these rights, do you now wish to speak to the police without a lawyer being present?
# Where the sentence for the offence to which the finding relates is fixed by law ( e. g. murder ), the court must make a hospital order restricting discharge without limitation of time.
# Free peasant land, without such obligation but otherwise subject to manorial jurisdiction and custom, and owing money rent fixed at the time of the lease.
# View without taints: this view is supramundane.
# If he's without limits, what limits define GOD apart from who I am ?..
# Urchatz ורחץ – the washing of the hands – without blessing
# The accident must be of such a type that would not occur without negligence.
# To complete one's unfinished sadhana: When an aspirant making spiritual efforts for liberation from maya dies without attaining his or her goal, the jiva gets as a natural cause-effect another human body to complete its sadhana.

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