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Around and 4
Lilith Sternin starts as a one-time character in the Season 4 episode, " Second Time Around " ( 1985 ), but then she becomes a recurring character since Season 5 ( 1986 – 87 ), although she is a permanent character for Seasons 10 and 11 ( 1991 – 93 ).
:* Total: 4, 167 km² ( Around 130 islands )
:: international: satellite earth stations-3 Intelsat, 1 Arabsat, and 29 land and maritime Inmarsat terminals ; fiber-optic cable to Saudi Arabia and microwave radio relay link with Egypt and Syria ; connection to international submarine cable FLAG ( Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe ); participant in MEDARABTEL ; international links total about 4, 000.
Around 1. 4 million passengers and 15, 000 to 17, 000 tonnes of cargo pass through it each year.
Around two years later on June 4, 1974, the NFL gave the city an expansion franchise.
Around 6. 4 trillion ( i. e. 6. 4x10 < sup > 12 </ sup >) tonnes of methane is trapped in deposits of methane clathrate on the deep ocean floor.
The Channel 4 music program The Tube also produced videos for XTC's songs " The Meeting Place " and " The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul " filmed in Portmeirion with the band wearing costumes from The Prisoner.
Around the time the fruits reach maturity, the burrs turn yellow-brown and split open in 2 or 4 sections.
Around later half of 16th century, pikemen holding pikes with length of 4. 5 to 6. 5 m ( 15 to 22 feet ) or sometimes 10 m became main forces in armies.
Around the same time, the Alexander Smith and Sons Carpet Company ( in the Saw Mill River Valley ) expanded to 45 buildings, 800 looms, and over 4, 000 workers and was known as one of the premier carpet producing centers in the world.
Around the base of the pool of water are three concentric rings of raised grass conforming originally to a 3: 4: 5 ratio echoing the dimensions of the Red and Green Velvet Room within the Villa.
Around 4, 000 reindeer have been introduced into the French sub-Antarctic archipelago of Kerguelen Islands.
Around 4, 000 cabinets were sold, and it soon became the highest-earning game in arcades.
Around 4: 30 am the advance guard of the 1st Corps ( three infantry divisions under Forey, de Ladmirault, Bazaine and a cavalry division under Desvaux ) came in to contact with the Austrian V Corps under Stadion near Castiglione delle Stiviere.
Around mid 2004, Intel encountered serious problems in increasing their Pentium 4's clock speed beyond 3. 4 GHz because of the enormous amount of heat generated by the already hot Prescott core processor when working at higher clock speeds.
Around that time, Volition also began work on Descent 4, but development was canceled in 2000, owing mostly to disappointing sales of Descent 3.
" Around the same time, it was announced that he was in negotiations with the makers of Channel 4 afternoon quiz Countdown to appear as the weekly celebrity guest in " Dictionary Corner ".
Around 11. 6 million passengers passed through Marylebone between 2006 / 2007, an increase of 4. 8 million since 2005 / 2006, a 70 % rise in just a year.
Dean had his first hit, " Bummin ' Around ", in 1953 on the 4 Star label, He signed with Columbia Records in 1957.
In the The Princeton Review's 2013 college rankings, Olin ranked # 4 in " Best College Dorms ," # 4 in " LGBT-Friendly ," # 10 in " There's a Game ?," # 19 in " Lots of Race / Class Interaction ," # 19 in " Professors Get High Marks ," # 13 in " Stone-Cold Sober Schools ," # 17 in " Great Financial Aid ," # 2 in " Students Study the Most ," # 10 in " Town-Gown Relations are Great ," # 4 in " Easiest Campus to Get Around ," # 10 in " Best Classroom Experience ," # 10 in " Best Quality of Life ," and # 18 in " Their Students Love These Colleges.
Around 600 BC, in Heuneburg, Germany, forts were constructed with a limestone foundation supported by a mudbrick wall approximately 4 metres tall, probably topped by a roofed walkway, thus reaching a total height of 6 metres.
;" Around the turn of the 20th century in Athens and Piraeus musicians adapted the saz to their needs, replacing the tied frets with metal frets like those of mandolins and guitars, and in the process abandoning the 1 / 4 tone system for the Western equal-tempered tuned chromatic scale.

Around and July
Around July of each year, these ungainly animals migrate north from the Serengeti plains in search of fresh pasture, and return to the south around October.
Around July 1, Vega reaches midnight culmination when it crosses the meridian at that time.
Around July 1891, Tesla developed various alternator apparatuses that produced 15, 000 cycles per second.
* July 28 – Around 200 die in explosion at a chemical plant in Ludwigshafen, Germany.
On July 9, 1955, " Rock Around the Clock " became the first rock and roll recording to hit the top of Billboard's Pop charts, a feat it repeated on charts around the world.
Rock Is Fifty also hosted additional celebrations in Los Angeles in July, 2005, as part of a " Rock Around the Clock-a-Thon " to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the date the song reached the No. 1 spot on the American charts, as well as to observe what would have been Haley's 80th birthday.
A special video of " Rock Around the Clock " was created to mark the occasion and was featured on NASA's website during July and August 2005.
In March and July 2005, the members of the 1954 – 55 group, now billed as simply The Comets after decades of controversy over the use of the name, made several high-profile concert appearances in New York City and Los Angeles organized by Martin Lewis as part of celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of rock and roll, the release of Blackboard Jungle, the 50th anniversary of " Rock Around the Clock " hitting Number 1, and the 80th birthday of Bill Haley.
* " Swing the Mood "-( featured samples of the original Decca recordings of " Rock Around the Clock ", " Rock-a-Beatin ' Boogie ", and " Shake, Rattle and Roll " in a mix by Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers ) No. 1, ( 5 weeks ), UK ; No. 11, Billboard Hot 100, No. 7, Billboard Hot Dance Music / Maxi-Singles Sales, US, July 1989
Several of the events held at Brodie Park are: The Race Around The Lake, on Memorial Day weekend, several camps and concerts during the summer, a community picnic in July, and an annual children's Christmas Party held in Berkshire Hall.
Around July 1794 their fear of France outgrew their resentment towards Pitt for his actions in 1784, and they crossed the floor to the Government benches.
Around the middle of July, the jet stream settles into a pattern which, in the majority of years, holds reasonably steady until the end of August.
July 1980 marks the 25th anniversary of Haley's " Rock Around the Clock " reaching No. 1 on the American singles charts.
* July 9 – " Rock Around the Clock " becomes the first Rock and roll single to reach Number One on the American charts.
Lee recorded the song, " Rockin ' Around the Christmas Tree ", in July with a prominent twanging guitar part by Hank Garland.
During July 1955, the Turbans had their first Herald recording session, and later that month their first record, pairing " Let Me Show You ( Around My Heart )" as the “ A ” side with “ When You Dance " as the flip side, was released.
They also had a number of other hits, including " With a Girl Like You " ( a UK number 1 in July 1966, US number 29 ), " I Can't Control Myself " ( a UK number 2 in September 1966 — this was also their second and final dual-label release in the US, with Fontana retaining the rights to all subsequent releases ), " Anyway That You Want Me " ( UK number 10 in December 1966 ), all at Olympic Studios, " Night of the Long Grass " ( UK number 17 in May 1967 ), and " Love Is All Around " ( UK number 5 in November 1967 and US number 7 in May 1968 ).
Around July 1971, it adopted its current name and soon introduced its first product, the WD1402A UART.
Around May 6, G4 announced the termination of 250 employees from the San Francisco office by July 16, 2004, allowing approximately 80 to 100 employees to transition to G4's main office in Los Angeles if they agreed to relocate there.
Around May 6, G4 announced the termination of 250 employees from the San Francisco office by July 10, 2004, allowing approximately 80 to 100 employees to transition to G4's main office in Los Angeles, California if they agreed to relocate there.
One early import, " Dwina " owned by Russian Blue breeder Mrs Constance Carew-Cox and mentioned in Frances Simpson's " The Book of the Cat " ( 1903 ) produced a large number of " Siamese " kittens, while the other, Mrs Spearman's Blue Siamese male, " Nam Noi ", was declared to be a Russian Blue by cat show judges ( WR Hawkins, " Around the Pens " July 1896 ).
Around 2: 00 a. m. on July 11, 1994, Wilsey drove herself and a friend, Jason Swing, home from a night of partying.
Around May 6, G4 announced the termination of 250 employees from the San Francisco office by July 10, 2004, allowing approximately 80 to 100 employees to transition to G4's main office in Los Angeles, California if they agreed to relocate there.
Former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar addressing a meeting of the World Jewish Congress in Jerusalem, September 2010In July 2011, Olympic news outlet Around the Rings reported that World Jewish Congress president Ronald S. Lauder had issued a statement urging IOC officials to ban Iran from participating in the Olympic Games, citing Iranian athletes ' refusal to compete against Israeli athletes.

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