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Around and 405
Around 405, it is said that Pelagius heard a quotation from Augustine's Confessions: " Give me what you command and command what you will ".

Around and began
Around 1947, Tutmarc's son, Bud, began marketing a similar bass under the Serenader brand name, prominently advertised in the nationally distributed L. D.
Around this time he began crafting the bases for his sculptures with much care and originality because he considered them important to the works themselves.
Around 200 AD, ten of the plays of Euripides began to be circulated in a select edition, possibly for use in schools, with some commentaries or scholia recorded in the margins.
Around this time, El Cid, with a combined Christian and Moorish army, began maneuvering in order to create his own fiefdom in the Moorish Mediterranean coastal city of Valencia.
Around the late 14th century AD, European powdermakers first began adding liquid during grinding to improve mixing, reduce dust, and with it the risk of explosion.
Around 300 BCE, it appears that a group from the Gaulish Parisii tribe took over East Yorkshire, establishing the highly distinctive Arras culture ; and from around 150-100 BCE, groups of Belgae began to control significant parts of the South.
Around the turn of the 20th century, techniques began to modernise, starting with the Irish-American Michael Sweeney's Eastern cut-off.
Around 1820, free reed designs began being created in Europe.
Around 453 MYA, animals began diversifying, and many of the important groups of invertebrates diverged from one another.
Around the turn of the century it began to be widely used in spark-gap transmitters and medical electrotherapy equipment.
Around the turn of the year, White Boy began giving notoriously crazed performances.
Around 2006, Chris Ballew began collaborating with Seattle-based rapper Outtasite as The Feelings Hijackers.
Around 1977, the subculture began to diversify with the proliferation of factions such as 2 Tone, Oi !, pop punk, New Wave, and No Wave.
Around AD 400, the dissident group split off from Vulcan society and began the long journey to the planets Romulus and Remus.
Around 400 AD, the dissident group split off from Vulcan society and began the long journey to the planet Romulus.
Around this time a few other small local groups began to spring up in metropolitan areas around the United States, many of them connecting with fellow enthusiasts via the Science Correspondence Club.
Around that time, Banach also began working on his best-known work, the first monograph on the general theory of linear-metric space.
Around that time he began directing, eventually directing 11 short films for Reliance-Majestic.
Around this time, McVeigh and Nichols also began making bulk purchases of ammonium nitrate, an agricultural fertilizer, for resale to survivalists, since rumors were circulating that the government was preparing to ban it.
Around 1904, however, dryer French vermouths began to be used in the cocktail.
Around 2700 BC, cuneiform began to represent syllables of spoken Sumerian.
Around the same time in the UK Donald Featherstone began writing an influential series of books on wargaming, which represented the first mainstream published contribution to wargaming since H. G Wells.
Around 5: 00 pm the wind began to shift, to British disadvantage.
Around this time, many senators began to fear Caesar's growing power following his appointment as dictator for life.

Around and lend
Around 350 B. C., suffering from a shortage of grain and scarcity of funds, the rulers of the city passed a resolution calling on citizens who had stores of olive oil to lend to the city at interest.

Around and moral
Around the end of 1757 Taylor returned to Lancashire as divinity tutor ( including moral philosophy ) in Warrington Academy, opened 20 October 1757.
Around 1800, Gall developed " cranioscopy ", a method to determine the personality and development of mental and moral faculties on the basis of the external shape of the skull.
alt = A sepia monochrome portrait of a large man dressed in a white gown. Around the same time, the Bishop, Shute Barrington was a keen proponent of the use of education to improve the social and moral circumstances of the lower social classes.

Around and financial
Around 1439, Gutenberg was involved in a financial misadventure making polished metal mirrors ( which were believed to capture holy light from religious relics ) for sale to pilgrims to Aachen: in 1439 the city was planning to exhibit its collection of relics from Emperor Charlemagne but the event was delayed by one year due to a severe flood and the capital already spent could not be repaid.
Around 1747 he had a son by a Miss Edington, and though he gave his child James Smeaton Hutton financial assistance, he had little to do with the boy who went on to become a post-office clerk in London.
Around this time, Cook provided financial backing for the satirical magazine Private Eye, supporting it through difficult periods, particularly in libel trials.
Around the same time CFT started, which specialize in banking and financial software.
Around a third of the railways authorised were never built – the company either collapsed due to poor financial planning, was bought out by a larger competitor before it could build its line, or turned out to be a fraudulent enterprise to channel investors ' money into another business.
Around the time of the 1998 United States embassy bombings, al-Qaeda allegedly bought gems from Liberia as some of its other financial assets were frozen.
Around the middle of the 19th century, Naomasa Nabeshima strove to set right the domain's financial affairs, reduce the number of government officials, and encourage local industry such as Arita porcelain, green tea, and coal.
Around this time, Hogg began having serious financial problems.
Around 1931 the company suffered from a series of financial difficulties that led to the collapse of the group of companies.
Around this time, due to financial hardship and the current economic recession of the time, he joined the labor movement.
Around 1996 British American Tobacco merged their financial operations into a single operating unit, British American Financial Services ( BAFS ).
Around this time, Kusama was hospitalized regularly from overwork, and O ’ Keeffe convinced her own dealer Edith Herbert to purchase several works in order to help Kusama stave off financial hardship.
Around the same time, Francis discovers illegal activities in Thomas ' financial records, and forces Thomas to get involved in his conflict with Eric -- and we eventually learn that Francis ' obsession with Christina has much more complex roots than it first appears.
Around the time of his first visits to India, inventor Chester Carlson began to offer financial support for his work, and when Carlson died in 1968 he left $ 1 million to endow a Chair at the University of Virginia, and a further $ 1 million for Stevenson himself to continue his research into reincarnation.
Around 2001 a number of the CFD providers realised that CFDs have the same economic effect as financial spread betting except that the tax regime was different, making it in effect tax free for clients.
Around 1800, for financial reasons, he and his wife moved briefly to Rahway, New Jersey, to live with their daughter Sarah and son-in-law William Shotwell.
Around the same time, Bille August, Lone Scherfig, and Lars von Trier also made Danish-language films that flopped both financially and with the critics, leading the Danish financial times Børsen to observe on September 19, 2007 that " 1990 ' ernes filmfest er forbi " ( the film party of the 1990s has ended ).
When Namor decided to start a financial empire a short time later, Nita joined him as a member of the board of Oracle, Inc. Around Namor, Namorita was always deferential, but around the Warriors she would act tough.
Although receiving fairly high ratings for its timeslot, Race Around the World was a considerable logistical and financial drain on the publicly-funded ABC.

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