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Around and 70
Around 800 species have been described, of which around 70 occur in North America, 12 in Great Britain and two in Australia.
Around 1945-47 Coutts moved to New York City via Montreal in order to publish his bondage and fetish magazine Bizarre ; Holly chose to remain in Australia, where she died in 1983 at the age of 70.
Around 70 million years ago, the kakapo diverged from the genus Nestor.
Around 70 per cent of the route is still intact, and they intended to clear up what is there and produce interpretation boards, to enable users of a towpath trail to appreciate it.
Around 70 licensed trainers and more than 60 stud farms operate in and around Newmarket.
Around 70 percent of health science submissions from King's were ranked in the top six within the UK.
Around 70 people attended the meeting and Rolt proposed the formation of a committee to look into the acquisition of the railway.
Around 33 % of " Heir to the Stars " was remastered footage, with 70 % for " Lovers " and almost 80 % for " Love is the Pulse of the Stars ".
Around 11. 6 million passengers passed through Marylebone between 2006 / 2007, an increase of 4. 8 million since 2005 / 2006, a 70 % rise in just a year.
Around 8, 000 m < sup > 3 </ sup > ( 50, 000 barrels ) of oil and 2, 000, 000 m < sup > 3 </ sup > ( 70 million cubic feet ) of natural gas are extracted daily by the rig.
Around 50 % of Hollywood films went through a digital intermediate in 2005, increasing to around 70 % by mid-2007.
Around 70 % of the 280 teachers at the School of Engineering work on 60 topics of research.
Around 70 % of the employees worked for MySQL from their home offices.
Around 70 % of Brazil ’ s 190 million people live along the Atlantic coastline.
Around 70 % of the world's total citrus production is grown in the Northern Hemisphere, in particular countries around the Mediterranean and the United States, although Brazil is also one of the largest citrus producers.
Around 1969 / 70 he met Bob Dylan, who describes this encounter in the third chapter of Chronicles, Vol.
Around 70 % of TRT's funding comes from a tax levied on electricity bills and a sales tax on television and radio receivers.
Around 70 – 80 % of the Snowy River's length is protected by national parks, these include, from upstream to downstream:
Around 70 search warrants were served and 150 computers were seized for analysis.
Around 70 % of its students come from Bolton and the North West region.
Around 70 % of the panchayats are governed by LDF.
Around 70 peaks exceed 1600 m.
Around 70, 000 Ukrainians from Poland and Romania arrived in Canada from 1924 to 1939.
Around 70 % of the fresh water on the Earth is held in this ice sheet.

Around and 000
Around 338 BC the orator Hyperides ( fragment 13 ) claimed that there were 150, 000 slaves in Attica, but this figure is probably not more than an impression: slaves outnumbered those of citizen stock but did not swamp them.
Around 15 percent of employment in Sedgemoor is provided by tourism, but within Cheddar it is estimated to employ as many as 1, 000 people.
Around 8, 000 years ago the dire wolf became extinct.
Around 10, 000 Allied troops arrived in Darwin in the early 1940s at the outset of World War II, in order to defend Australia's northern coastline.
Around 10, 000 years ago, the lake level dropped dramatically, probably to levels even lower than today.
Around 50, 000 BP modern human culture started to evolve more rapidly.
Around 200, 000 passengers use the tram network each weekday and within the inner city of Helsinki, trams have established a position as the main form of public transport.
Around 8, 000-9, 000 Finnish Reds defended Helsinki ; their best troops, however, were located in the more northern main front of the 1918 war.
Around 8, 000 Reds were captured.
Around 100, 000 Goths were reportedly killed in battle, and Ariaricus, son of the King of the Goths, was captured.
Around 100, 000 Dutch Jews died in the Holocaust and many others died as well.
Around 800, 000 years ago, newcomers had settled at Gesher Bnot Yaakov in the northern Rift, introducing the cleaver tradition.
Around 40, 000 years ago, the species ' expansion out of Africa launched the colonization of the planet by modern human beings.
Around 16, 000 BCE, from the Red Sea hills to the northern Ethiopian Highlands, nuts, grasses and tubers were being collected for food.
Around 136, 000 were some of the 250, 000 displaced Jews of World War II.
:: international: satellite earth stations-3 Intelsat, 1 Arabsat, and 29 land and maritime Inmarsat terminals ; fiber-optic cable to Saudi Arabia and microwave radio relay link with Egypt and Syria ; connection to international submarine cable FLAG ( Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe ); participant in MEDARABTEL ; international links total about 4, 000.
Around 5, 000 BP the waters of the Saimaa Lake penetrated Salpausselkä and formed a new outlet, River Vuoksi, entering Lake Ladoga in the northwestern corner and raising its level by 1 – 2 m.
Around 25, 000 spectators watched international boxing on 1 October 1993, at the National Stadium with a World Boxing Council ( WBC ) Heavyweight title bout between Lennox Lewis and Frank Bruno.
Around 7, 000 people are responsible for the engineering and design of Opel vehicles at the International Technical Development Center ( ITDC ) and Opel Design Center in Rüsselsheim.
Around 2, 000 demonstrations were held during the eight months of the Second Republic.
Around 1. 4 million passengers and 15, 000 to 17, 000 tonnes of cargo pass through it each year.
* 1652 – Around 15, 000 Han farmers and militia rebel against Dutch rule on Taiwan.

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