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Around and dynastic
Around the 1st century, three Yuan clans rose to sufficient national importance to be mentioned in the dynastic histories.
Around the middle of spring 89 Nicomedes invaded the ancient Mithradateian dynastic lands of Mariandynia, plundering as far east as Amastris without encountering resistance.

Around and Tang
Around 1600 BCE Jie was defeated by Shang Tang, bringing an end to the Xia Dynasty, that lasted about 500 years, and a rise to the new Shang Dynasty.
Around Nong Tang there are several temple ruins of Wat Pong, Wat Xiengna and Mang Stupa.
Around eight kilometres of the Tang road and most of the Song fortifications are still extant.
Around the new year 619, Li Mi requested Emperor Gaozu's permission to head east to persuade some of his former subordinates to submit to Tang, and once he left Chang ' an, planned to restore his independence.
Around the same time, Li Gui, while stating that he wished to be a Tang subject, refused the Tang creation of Prince of Liang, instead declaring himself the Emperor of Tang.
Around the same time, however, Dou Jiande the Prince of Xia made a major offensive against the cities that had submitted to Tang in modern Hebei and Henan, north of the Yellow River, seizing nearly all of them and taking Emperor Gaozu's cousin Li Shentong ( 李神通 ) the Prince of Huai ' an, Emperor Gaozu's sister the Princess Tong ' an, and Li Shiji's father Li Gai ( 李蓋 ) captive.

Around and Song
Around AD 550, the Brythonic-speaking bard Taliesin wrote the or " Song of Mead.
Another highlight of the 1950s literature was two controversial novels by Agnar Mykle's about Ask Burlefot-Lasso rundt fru Luna ( published in English as " Lasso Around The Moon ") and Sangen om den røde rubin ( The Song of the Red Ruby ).
Around the time he was developing the lyrics to " Get Back ", McCartney satirised the " Rivers of Blood speech " by former British Cabinet minister Enoch Powell in a brief jam that has become known as the " Commonwealth Song ".
* Around the Bend ( 2004 )-" Daddy's Song "
It was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Actress in a Leading Role ( Marsha Mason ), Best Music, Original Dramatic Score and Best Music, Song ( John Williams and Paul Williams for " Nice to Be Around ").
* All Friends Around the Wrekin: A Song of Shropshire
Koshetz also documented the choir ’ s travels in the memoir With Song, Around the World ( З піснею через світ ).
The bonus CD also includes a trio of UK single B-sides --" Reach Around Jerk ," an alternate version of " The Na-Na Song " titled " Volvo Cowgirl 99 " and a cover of Eric Carmen's " All By Myself "‒ as well as a cover of Led Zeppelin's " D ' yer Mak ' er " and the song " On The Outside ," which was released as part of an " X-Files " soundtrack album.
The tune " Cradle Song " was written by William J. Kirkpatrick for the musical Around the World with Christmas ( 1895 ) and is an adaptation of the melody originally composed in 1837 by Jonathan E. Spilman to " Sweet Afton ".
Around the new year 733, Emperor Xuanzong removed then-chancellors Xiao Song and Han Xiu from their chancellor positions, and named Pei Yaoqing and Zhang to replace them — ordering Zhang to end his period of mourning, which was to last for three years, early, making him Zhongshu Shilang but with the chancellor de facto designation of Tong Zhongshu Menxia Pingzhanshi ( 同中書門下平章事 ).
His two subsequent novels, Lasso rundt fru Luna ( published in English as Lasso Around The Moon ) ( 1954 ) and Sangen om den røde rubin ( The Song of the Red Ruby ) ( 1956 ) have strong autobiographical tendencies and are regarded as cornerstones in Norwegian literature.
Around 1907, still in Barranquilla, he wrote his first poems, such as " Árbol viejo ", " Campiña florida ", and his most famous work, " Canción de la vida profunda " ( Song of the deep life ).
* 1996-Her Song: Exotic Voices of Women from Around the World ( Various Artists )
* 1997-Her Song: Exotic Voices of Women from Around the World ( Various Artists )
Around 481 or 482, Xiao Yan married Chi Hui ( 郗徽 ), the daughter of the Liu Song official Chi Ye ( 郗燁 ) and the Princess Xunyang.
In November 2008, Brokaw and Zedek came together for a one-off performance in Castellón, Spain, as part of the 2008 Tanned Tin Festival, playing a set that included the songs ' German Song ', ' Off To One Side ', ' In / Out ', ' Saints Around My Neck ' and ' Sad Eyes '.
Song entitled " Second Time Around " is actually " Machine Gun Etiquette ", the title track from the band's previous album.
Westmont's " Fight Song " melody is a variation on the theme from the movie " Around The World In Eighty Days.
A single from the album, " Running Song ", later appeared on the soundtrack album from the film The Great White Hype, while another song, " Look Around My Window ", was included on the Senseless soundtrack.

Around and early
Around 2000, an expedition led by the Japanese Daisuke Takahashi, searching for Selkirk's camp on the island ( juan fernandez ), found part of an early eighteenth ( or late seventeenth ) century nautical instrument that almost certainly belonged to Selkirk.
Around 500 BC the Ur-Parthenon was dismantled to make place for a newer and grander building, the " Older Parthenon " ( often called Pro-Parthenon, " early Parthenon ").
He is credited by many with first popularizing this form of music in the early 1950s with his group Bill Haley & His Comets ( inspired by Halley's Comet ) and million selling hits such as, " Rock Around the Clock ", " See You Later Alligator ", and " Shake Rattle and Roll ".
The anonymous sleeve notes accompanying the 1956 Decca album " Rock Around The Clock " describe Haley's early life and career thus: " Bill got his first professional job at the age of 13, playing and entertaining at an auction for the fee of $ 1 a night.
Around 10, 000 Allied troops arrived in Darwin in the early 1940s at the outset of World War II, in order to defend Australia's northern coastline.
DJ Lethal became a member of nu metal band Limp Bizkit, who would cover " Jump Around " at live concerts, particularly in Limp Bizkit's early years during the Family Values Tour 1998.
Around 1900 an English translation was made by Baha ' i Anton Haddad, which circulated among the early American Bahá ' í community in a typewritten form.
Both movies contained the Bill Haley & His Comets hit " Rock Around the Clock ", which first entered the British charts in early 1955 – four months before it reached the US pop charts – topped the British charts later that year and again in 1956, and helped identify rock and roll with teenage delinquency.
Around 695, two early English missionaries, Hewald the White and Hewald the Black, were martyred by the vicani, that is, villagers.
Around 716, when his abbot Wynberth of Nursling died, he was invited ( or expected ) to assume his position — it is possible that they were related, and the practice of hereditary right in early Anglo-Saxon would affirm this.
Around the late 18th century to early 19th century, on the Illinois side of the Ohio River, north of Cave-In-Rock, Jonathan Brown led a small gang of river pirates at Battery Rock.
Around 1100, a tomb for him was made in Enger ; recent excavations have found that the contents of the tomb are indeed early medieval, but it is impossible to decide whether the body is Widukind's.
Around 940 AD Gniezno, being an important pagan cult center, became one of the main fortresses of the early Piast rulers, along with aforementioned fortresses at Giecz, Kruszwica, Poznań, Kalisz, Łęczyca, Ostrów Lednicki, Płock, Włocławek others.
Around this time, in addition to portraiture, Whistler experimented with early color photography and with lithography, creating a series featuring London architecture and the human figure, mostly female nudes.
* Around 51, 000 Baltic Germans were resettled from Latvia by early 1940.
Around the late 19th and early 20th centuries, most towns, organizations, theaters, and even companies would have their own band.
Around this same period, De La Hoya was featured in an early 2007 online advertising campaign by the Wall Street Journal that featured celebrity readers.
Around 1710, early Palatinate Germans began attempting settlement in the town, but in 1716, the natives sold a portion of the land now in the eastern part of the Town of Amsterdam to Philip Groat.
Around 1800, an early European-American settler named Samuel Lambeth opened a store at this junction, and the small community that developed around it became known as Lambeth's Crossroads.
Although the appearances by The Beatles, Elvis and The Supremes are considered the most famous rock and roll performances on Ed Sullivan, several months before Elvis debuted, Sullivan invited Bill Haley & His Comets to perform their then-current hit " Rock Around the Clock " in early August 1955.
After the group's breakup, Furay and Messina compiled various tracks recorded between mid-1967 and early 1968 into a third and final studio album, titled Last Time Around.
Around 15, 000 prisoners from Mittelbau-Dora had been relocated there in early April.
Around the early 1900s, theaters, a casino, an opera house, an amusement park, and many resorts contributed to a rise in popularity of the city.
Around 1, 800 BC, during the early Bronze Age, the hill was cleared and used to grow crops, but the soil was quickly exhausted and the site abandoned.

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