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Around and same
Around the same time, due to encouragement from influential speaker Themistocles, the Athenians also constructed the Long Walls connecting their city to the Piraeus, its port, making it effectively invulnerable to attack by land.
Around the same time, on the North slope, in a cave next to the one dedicated to Pan since the classical period, a sanctuary was founded where the archons dedicated to Apollo on taking office.
Around the same time, in France, Charles-Louis Havas extended the services of his news agency, Havas to include advertisement brokerage, making it the first French group to organize.
That same year Dutch rapper Extince released his first record: Rap Around The Clock.
Around the same time, his mansion in Wisconsin was destroyed by a nor ' easter.
Around the same time his songwriting companion Ulvaeus met vocalist Agnetha Fältskog.
Around the same time Ban Johnson changed the name of his minor league ( Western League ) to the American League.
Around the same time, East Bay Ray had tried to pressure the rest of the band to sign to the major record label Polydor Records ; Biafra stated that he was prepared to leave the group if the rest of the band wanted to sign to the label, though East Bay Ray asserts that he recommended against signing with Polydor.
Around the same time, perhaps in 287, Persia relinquished claims on Armenia and recognized Roman authority over territory to the west and south of the Tigris.
Around the same time, the disco-influenced electronic style of dance music called house music emerged in Chicago.
Around the same time as Daihachi Oguchi ’ s Taiko ensemble's name was spreading around Japan via radio and television broadcasts, another pioneer in the field called, Sukeroku Daiko, emerged.
Around the same time, Charles Elton pioneered the concept of food chains in his classical book Animal Ecology.
Around the same time, they met Italian movie producer Dino De Laurentiis, the owner of production and distribution company DEG.
Around the same time he was living in Denver, Colorado, where he hosted a show at local radio station KHIH on Sunday nights called " Gary Coleman's Colorado High ", where he played light jazz and new age music.
Around this same time various immigrants, such as the Hittites in Anatolia and Mycenaean Greeks, started appearing around the peripheries of civilization.
Around the same time, Microsoft released Windows for Workgroups ( WfW ), which was available both as an add-on for existing Windows 3. 1 installations and in a version that included the base Windows environment and the networking extensions all in one package.
Around this same time, the Protestant Reformation, led in France mainly by John Calvin, was challenging the power of the Catholic Church in France.
Around the same time, the X-30 scramjet programme was announced in America.
Around the same time, an extended-release hydrocodone-only product was apparently close to final approval for marketing in the United States, and single-ingredient tablets of oxycodone and codeine were being marketed.
Around the same time, Robert Watson-Watt, working at the Radio Research Station in Slough, UK, suggested that the ionospheric sporadic E layer ( Es ) appeared to be enhanced as a result of lightning but that more work was needed.
Around this time, Scott Miller of Apogee Software learned of the group and their exceptional talent, having played one of John Romero's Softdisk games, Dangerous Dave, and contacted Romero under the guise of multiple fan letters that Romero came to realize all originated from the same address.
Around the same time, he gave money for a Spanish Republican Army ambulance during the Spanish Civil War, which he put down to being " a soft touch ", an act which enhanced his liberal reputation.
Around the same time, he appeared in two episodes of a twist-in-the-tale episode of the British TV series, Tales of the Unexpected, with Wendy Hiller ( 1979 ), and Gloria Grahame ( 1980 ).
Around the same time Kid Rock formed his back up band Twisted Brown Trucker, later recruiting Joseph " Joe C ." Calleja whom he met at a 1994 concert as part of the group.

Around and time
Around this time, Alcott also first expressed his public disdain for slavery.
Around this time, the Alcott family set up a sort of domestic post office to curb potential domestic tension.
Around this time, to avoid any scandals Tiberius divorced Julia and left Rome to live on the Greek island of Rhodes.
Around the time that Tiberius died, Agrippina had become pregnant.
Around this time, Agrippina became the mistress to one of Claudius ’ advisers, the former Greek Freedman Marcus Antonius Pallas.
Around this time, he started to share a home with Heather Stoney, an actress he had first met ten years earlier.
Around this time, he founded a group called Survivre ( To Survive ), which was dedicated to antimilitary and ecological issues.
Around this time he began crafting the bases for his sculptures with much care and originality because he considered them important to the works themselves.
Around this time, the green conservative movement was sometimes referred to as the crunchy con movement, a term popularized by National Review magazine and the writings of Rod Dreher.
Around this time Marker met and befriended many members of what would be called the Left Bank Film Movement, including Alain Resnais, Agnès Varda, Henri Colpi, Armand Gatti and the novelists Marguerite Duras and Jean Cayrol.
Around this time Klaus Flouride released the similarly experimental solo EP Cha Cha Cha With Mr. Flouride.
Around this time, the news of the discovery of the New World had reached him, and he decided to enroll himself in the armada of Pedrarias Dávila.
Around this time, toxicologist David Peakall was measuring DDE levels in the eggs of peregrine falcons and California condors and finding that increased levels corresponded with thinner shells.
Around this time, the county of the City of Dublin was established along with certain liberties adjacent to the city proper.

Around and Elvis
Although the appearances by The Beatles, Elvis and The Supremes are considered the most famous rock and roll performances on Ed Sullivan, several months before Elvis debuted, Sullivan invited Bill Haley & His Comets to perform their then-current hit " Rock Around the Clock " in early August 1955.
The band recorded " I Throw My Toys Around " with Elvis Costello for The Rugrats Movie, and it contributed to The Clash's tribute album Burning London: The Clash Tribute.
His biggest hits include: " It's Now or Never " (# 4 country and No. 14 pop, 1981 ; a remake of the Elvis Presley hit ); " I've Been Around Enough to Know " (# 1 country, 1984 ); " Country Girls " (# 1 country, 1985 ); " What's a Memory Like You ( Doing in a Love Like This )" and " You're The Last Thing I Needed Tonight " ( both No. 1 country, 1986 ); " At the Sound of the Tone " (# 5 country, 1986 ); and " Love, You Ain't Seen the Last of Me " (# 6 country ) in 1987.
In 2004, Elvis Presley's " That's All Right Mama " and Bill Haley's " Rock Around the Clock " both celebrated their 50th anniversaries.
Around 1985, while taking acting classes in New York City, DiCillo was impressed with the local punk movement and the resurgence of rockabilly led by acts like Elvis Costello, The Stray Cats and The Clash.
The song and the famous Elvis performance in the movie bear a remarkable resemblance to the theme and performance of a song called " Rock Around the Rockpile " from the movie The Girl Can't Help It, released one year earlier.
Ahn appeared in Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing, Around the World in Eighty Days, Thoroughly Modern Millie and Paradise, Hawaiian Style, with Elvis Presley.
Also, Elvis Presley's famous performance of the song " Jailhouse Rock " in the movie of the same name ( often cited as the first music video ) released one year after The Girl Can't Help It bears a remarkable resemblance to the theme and performance of a song called " Rock Around the Rockpile " from the earlier movie.

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