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Around and time
Around this time, Alcott also first expressed his public disdain for slavery.
Around this time, the Alcott family set up a sort of domestic post office to curb potential domestic tension.
Around this time, to avoid any scandals Tiberius divorced Julia and left Rome to live on the Greek island of Rhodes.
Around this time, Agrippina became the mistress to one of Claudius ’ advisers, the former Greek Freedman Marcus Antonius Pallas.
Around this time, he started to share a home with Heather Stoney, an actress he had first met ten years earlier.
Around the same time, due to encouragement from influential speaker Themistocles, the Athenians also constructed the Long Walls connecting their city to the Piraeus, its port, making it effectively invulnerable to attack by land.
Around this time, he founded a group called Survivre ( To Survive ), which was dedicated to antimilitary and ecological issues.
Around the same time, on the North slope, in a cave next to the one dedicated to Pan since the classical period, a sanctuary was founded where the archons dedicated to Apollo on taking office.
Around the same time, in France, Charles-Louis Havas extended the services of his news agency, Havas to include advertisement brokerage, making it the first French group to organize.
Around the same time, his mansion in Wisconsin was destroyed by a nor ' easter.
Around the same time his songwriting companion Ulvaeus met vocalist Agnetha Fältskog.
Around this time he began crafting the bases for his sculptures with much care and originality because he considered them important to the works themselves.
Around the same time Ban Johnson changed the name of his minor league ( Western League ) to the American League.
Around this time, the green conservative movement was sometimes referred to as the crunchy con movement, a term popularized by National Review magazine and the writings of Rod Dreher.
Around this time Marker met and befriended many members of what would be called the Left Bank Film Movement, including Alain Resnais, Agnès Varda, Henri Colpi, Armand Gatti and the novelists Marguerite Duras and Jean Cayrol.
Around the same time, East Bay Ray had tried to pressure the rest of the band to sign to the major record label Polydor Records ; Biafra stated that he was prepared to leave the group if the rest of the band wanted to sign to the label, though East Bay Ray asserts that he recommended against signing with Polydor.
Around this time Klaus Flouride released the similarly experimental solo EP Cha Cha Cha With Mr. Flouride.
Around this time, the news of the discovery of the New World had reached him, and he decided to enroll himself in the armada of Pedrarias Dávila.
Around this time, toxicologist David Peakall was measuring DDE levels in the eggs of peregrine falcons and California condors and finding that increased levels corresponded with thinner shells.
Around this time, the county of the City of Dublin was established along with certain liberties adjacent to the city proper.
Around the same time, perhaps in 287, Persia relinquished claims on Armenia and recognized Roman authority over territory to the west and south of the Tigris.
Around the same time, the disco-influenced electronic style of dance music called house music emerged in Chicago.
Around the same time as Daihachi Oguchi ’ s Taiko ensemble's name was spreading around Japan via radio and television broadcasts, another pioneer in the field called, Sukeroku Daiko, emerged.
Around the same time, Elvis Presley indicated, that he wanted to cover the song.

Around and died
Around 100, 000 Dutch Jews died in the Holocaust and many others died as well.
Around 788 Abd ar-Rahman I died, and was succeeded by Hisham I.
Around 716, when his abbot Wynberth of Nursling died, he was invited ( or expected ) to assume his position — it is possible that they were related, and the practice of hereditary right in early Anglo-Saxon would affirm this.
Around 1740, a collection of Albinoni's violin sonatas was published in France as a posthumous work, and scholars long presumed that meant that Albinoni had died by that time.
Around 15, 000 – 20, 000 Roman soldiers must have died ; not only Varus, but also many of his officers are said to have taken their own lives by falling on their swords in the approved manner.
Around 2. 2 million Africans died during these voyages where they were packed into tight, unsanitary spaces on ships for months at a time.
Around 150 Lakota are believed to have fled the chaos, many of whom may have died from hypothermia.
Around 300 knights were killed, including Louis of Blois, Duke of Nicaea and Baldwin was captured and later died in captivity.
Around 1945-47 Coutts moved to New York City via Montreal in order to publish his bondage and fetish magazine Bizarre ; Holly chose to remain in Australia, where she died in 1983 at the age of 70.
Around 5: 00 PM on November 9, 1988, he collapsed from a heart attack on the sidewalk in front of 2812 N St., N. W., Georgetown, Washington, D. C .. That evening he died at George Washington University Hospital.
Around 1585, Elizabeth gave birth to a daughter, Anna ( the wife of Miklós Zrinyi VI, who died after 1605 ), and, later, to daughter Katalin, son György, daughter Orsoly, two sons, Pál ( 1593 / 1597-1633 / 1650 – father of Ferenc Nádasdy II ) and András ( 1598 – 1603 ), and son, Miklós ( husband to Zsuzsanna Zrinyi ).
Around 1217 he moved again to the monastery of Vodonitsa near the Thermopylae, where he died.
Around 1920, Louis's mother married Pat Brooks, a local construction contractor, having received word that Munroe Barrow had died while institutionalized ( in reality, Munroe Barrow lived until 1938, unaware of his son's fame ).
Around 1464, renovation and new building work on the castle were carried out by Prince Ernest, who died in Colditz Castle in 1486.
Around 200 died here ; more died afterwards, when the Nazis sent the prisoners on death marches in April 1945 fearing the Allied advance.
Around 1920, the capercaillie population in the Harz died out.
* The very first sentence of Jules Verne's " Around the World in Eighty Days " is " Mr. Phileas Fogg lived, in 1872, at No. 7, Saville Row, Burlington Gardens, the house in which Sheridan died in 1814 " ( s: Around the World in Eighty Days / I )-which includes two factual mistakes: Sheridan actually lived in No. 14 and died in 1816.
Around 1930 Cheng met the well-known master Yang Chengfu ( 1883 – 1936 ), with whom he began to study Yang-style t ' ai chi ch ' uan, until Yang died.
Around 1910, Lane bore a son who was either stillborn or died shortly after birth.

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