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Around and time
Around this time, Alcott also first expressed his public disdain for slavery.
Around this time, the Alcott family set up a sort of domestic post office to curb potential domestic tension.
Around this time, to avoid any scandals Tiberius divorced Julia and left Rome to live on the Greek island of Rhodes.
Around the time that Tiberius died, Agrippina had become pregnant.
Around this time, Agrippina became the mistress to one of Claudius ’ advisers, the former Greek Freedman Marcus Antonius Pallas.
Around this time, he started to share a home with Heather Stoney, an actress he had first met ten years earlier.
Around the same time, due to encouragement from influential speaker Themistocles, the Athenians also constructed the Long Walls connecting their city to the Piraeus, its port, making it effectively invulnerable to attack by land.
Around this time, he founded a group called Survivre ( To Survive ), which was dedicated to antimilitary and ecological issues.
Around the same time, on the North slope, in a cave next to the one dedicated to Pan since the classical period, a sanctuary was founded where the archons dedicated to Apollo on taking office.
Around the same time, in France, Charles-Louis Havas extended the services of his news agency, Havas to include advertisement brokerage, making it the first French group to organize.
Around the same time, his mansion in Wisconsin was destroyed by a nor ' easter.
Around the same time his songwriting companion Ulvaeus met vocalist Agnetha Fältskog.
Around this time he began crafting the bases for his sculptures with much care and originality because he considered them important to the works themselves.
Around the same time Ban Johnson changed the name of his minor league ( Western League ) to the American League.
Around this time, the green conservative movement was sometimes referred to as the crunchy con movement, a term popularized by National Review magazine and the writings of Rod Dreher.
Around this time Marker met and befriended many members of what would be called the Left Bank Film Movement, including Alain Resnais, Agnès Varda, Henri Colpi, Armand Gatti and the novelists Marguerite Duras and Jean Cayrol.
Around the same time, East Bay Ray had tried to pressure the rest of the band to sign to the major record label Polydor Records ; Biafra stated that he was prepared to leave the group if the rest of the band wanted to sign to the label, though East Bay Ray asserts that he recommended against signing with Polydor.
Around this time Klaus Flouride released the similarly experimental solo EP Cha Cha Cha With Mr. Flouride.
Around this time, the news of the discovery of the New World had reached him, and he decided to enroll himself in the armada of Pedrarias Dávila.
Around this time, toxicologist David Peakall was measuring DDE levels in the eggs of peregrine falcons and California condors and finding that increased levels corresponded with thinner shells.
Around the same time, perhaps in 287, Persia relinquished claims on Armenia and recognized Roman authority over territory to the west and south of the Tigris.
Around the same time, the disco-influenced electronic style of dance music called house music emerged in Chicago.
Around the same time as Daihachi Oguchi ’ s Taiko ensemble's name was spreading around Japan via radio and television broadcasts, another pioneer in the field called, Sukeroku Daiko, emerged.
Around the same time, Elvis Presley indicated, that he wanted to cover the song.

Around and county
Around 3, 000 BC, the Neolithic Dapenkeng culture ( named after a site in Taibei county ) abruptly appeared and quickly spread around the coast of the island.
Around the time of MSP's opening in 1901, Sunflower County residents objected to having executions performed at MSP because they feared that Sunflower County would be stigmatized as a " death county.
Around this lot grew Thomaston, the county seat.
Around 1799, William Appling deeded a tract of land to the county for the purpose of building a courthouse.
Around 1837 an outcropping of coal was discovered and the first coal mine in the county opened in 1869.
Around this same time the northeastern part of the county was settled by the Kent, Townsend, and Ludington families, among others.
The county is named in the lyrics of the song Around The World, from the film Around the World in eighty days, which was an American top ten hit for Bing Crosby and UK top ten hit for Ronnie Hilton, both in 1957, although it was Mantovani's instrumental version which was actually used in the film.
Around 1908, the Delaware County Improvement Association hired a survey team to pinpoint the exact location of the center of the county.
Around 1885, a county school was named after the springs.
Around 1000 the Pozsony county ( comitatus ), one of the first counties in Hungary, is founded probably by Grand Prince Stephen I.
Around 1300, the royal county became a noble county.
Around the year 1300, the territory of Malohont ( Hungarian: Kishont ) was added to the territory of the county, but received a special status.
Around 1487 the county passed to the Capetian-Bourbon-Vendôme dynasty through marriage, then to the Longueville-Neuchâtel dynasty from around 1563.
Around the middle of the 19th century, the Addington Road was built by the province to encourage settlement in the northern sections of the county.
Around 1000, Nyitra county arose as one of the first comitatus of the Kingdom of Hungary.
Around 1910, the subdivisions of Maros-Torda county were:
Around 813, Empúries, with Peralada, became a county itself under Ermenguer.
Around the same time a Middlesex County Council act empowered the council to spend money preserving, arranging, indexing, classifying and publishing such records of the county that may be in the public interest.
Around 1910, Gömör-Kishont county shared borders with the counties Zólyom ( Zvolen ), Liptó ( Liptov ), Szepes ( Spiš ), Abaúj-Torna ( Abov-Turňa ), Borsod, Heves and Nógrád ( Novohrad ).
Around 1910, Abaúj-Torna county shared borders with the counties Gömör-Kishont ( Gemer-Malohont ), Szepes ( Spiš ), Sáros ( Šariš ), Zemplén ( Zemplín ), and Borsod.
Around this time, a Tornado Warning was issued for Madison County to give residents on the northwest side of the county an opportunity to take cover ; tornado sirens were activated at 5: 43 p. m., one minute after the warning was issued.
Around 9, 500 customers lost electricity in the county, where damage was estimated to be $ 1. 5 million.

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