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Arshad and Ali
Shani is the eldest son of the great tabla maestro Ustad Arshad Ali and he is known in the industry for his different musical approach in blending eastern and western music.
With 243 runs over eight innings, Khurram had the highest batting average of the UAE team with 60. 75, though Ahmed Nadeem and Arshad Ali both made more runs.
Three months later, Khurram had to declare himself unavailable for the semi-final of the 2005 Intercontinental Cup, with Arshad Ali captaining the side in his place.
Arshad Ali ( born April 6, 1976 ) is a United Arab Emirates cricketer.
* Cricinfo page on Arshad Ali
* CricketArchive page on Arshad Ali
Naeemuddin hit 22 off 45 balls, sharing stands with Arshad Ali and Syed Maqsood, but was out with the score on 45 for three.
The organising team includes Abdullah Saqib ( President ), Smeeha Razvi ( Executive Vice President ), Adnan Kiani ( Finance Secretary ) Saad Ali ( General Secretary ), Amna Moeen ( Vice President Business School ), Abdul Haseeb ( Vice President CS ), Atif Javed ( Vice President, EE ), Ozair Butt ( Director Operations ), Rehana Khalid ( Invitations ), Mahrukh Shireen ( IT head ), Sulaiman Ashraf ( Registrations ), Hira Zainab ( Marketing ), Fatima Imdad ( Photography ), Sameed Ahmed ( Social Media ), Zohaib Siddique ( Lodging ), Khawaja Ali Arshad ( Food ), Aoun Mohammad-Wakas Raja ( Creative ), Awais Ashraf ( Decor ), Shza ' a Ehsan and Marvi Soomro ( Publications )
Some of them include Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Arjun Rampal, Hrithik Roshan, Shahid Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty, Anil Kapoor, Sanjay Kapoor, Govinda, Jackie Shroff, Atul Agnihotri, Saif Ali Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Akshaye Khanna, Prithvi, Aditya Pancholi, Rishi Kapoor, Vinod Khanna, Zayed Khan, Chandrachur Singh, Arshad Warsi, Ajay Devgn, Rahul Roy, Naseeruddin Shah, Jimmy Shergill, Jeetendra, Bobby Deol, Sunny Deol, Fardeen Khan, Deepak Tijori, Apoorva Agnihotri, Jugal Hansraj, Kamal Sadanah, Parmeet Sethi, etc.
The mother and son in the bookshop Saif Ali Khan's character visits, are actor Arshad Warsi's real-life wife and son, Maria Goretti and Zeke.

Arshad and 1
In 1988 / 89, local players Arshad Ayub with seven wickets in the match and Mohammad Azharuddin, who top scored with 81 runs led India to a 10 wicket victory and a 21 Series victory.

Arshad and votes
In the 2010 Iraqi national elections, the ITF candidate in the Turkmen stronghold of Kirkuk, Arshad al-Salihi, won 59, 732 votes as a part of Iyad Allawi's Iraqiya List.

Arshad and .
Part of an ensemble cast which included Ajay Devgn, Arshad Warsi and Tusshar Kapoor, Kapoor played a mistrustful wife who believed her husband was unfaithful.
In early 2007, the school beat Bandar Utama 4 and Damansara Jaya in the Tan Sri Datuk Wira Abdul Rahman Arshad cup ; in the first and second rounds.
It stars Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Jimmy Shergill, Sunil Dutt, Gracy Singh and Boman Irani.
Born in the Punjab region of Pakistan, Arshad has represented his adopted country at the 2004 Asia Cup of cricket.
Dr. Arshad Khan is the National President of National Loktantrik Party.
Prof. Dr. Arshad Islam, Associate Professor at Department of History and Civilisation, Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences.
Another film called Krazzy 4 with Irfan Khan and Arshad Warsi was released in 2008.
Imam and Khateeb Muhammad Arshad Misbahi and Qari Hafiz Javed Akhtar are leaders of the mosque.
The retirement of Arshad Khamis and Dollah Kassim prompted Jita Singh, the new Singapore FA coach, to play Fandi as a striker.
For example his son ( Mohammed Atif Yaqoob ) and nephew ( Mohammed Naveed Arshad ) are also qualified accountants with excellent jobs in the city of London.
Chief Imam Hong Kong Mufti Muhammad Arshad has been serving as Imam and Khateeb of this Masjid since 2001.

Arshad and 2
Kārshenāsi-ye Arshad is delivered after 2 more years of study ( Master's degree ).

Ali and received
The Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar a grandson of Aurangzeb, is also known to have sent a letter to the Ottomans bu this time it was received by the Grand Vizier Nevşehirli Damad Ibrahim Pasha providing a graphic description of the informing him of the efforts of the Mughal commander Syed Hassan Ali Khan Barha against the Rajput and Maratha rebellion.
The British were able to annex Sind and for his services, Hasan Ali Shah received an annual pension of £ 2, 000 from General Charles Napier, the British conqueror of Sind with whom he had a good relationship.
Hasan Ali Shah was eventually forced to leave for Calcutta in April 1847, where he remained until he received news of the death of Muhammad Shah Qajar.
Hasan Ali Shah received protection from the British government in British India as the spiritual head of an important Muslim community.
Adel Rafeea received a wire transfer of $ 5000, on April 18, from Ali Abdul Aziz Ali in the UAE, which he later claimed was money Nawaf had asked him to accept on his behalf.
According to Ali ibn al-Athir, a Kurdish historian of the 12th century, Charlemagne received the envoys of Sulayman al-Arabi, Husayn, and Abu Taur at the Diet of Paderborn in 777.
They consistently place their first settlement in Aleppo, where they remained until, siding the sons of Ali and taking part in the Battle of Karbala, they were expelled by Yazid, the second of the Omayyad Caliphs, in 680 A. D. Thence they first to Kerman, and eventually to Sistan where they were hospitably received by Shams-ud-Din, ruler of that country.
Meanwhile, he received his final foreign visitor, Pakistani premier Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.
The medieval scholar Abu al-Hasan Ali ibn al-Husayn Masudi ( d. 956 ) wrote that Allah commanded the Earth to absorb the water, and certain portions which were slow in obeying received salt water in punishment and so became dry and arid.
Mila Kunis received the 2011 Fun, Fearless Female of the Year honor, a title that had been previously awarded to Anna Faris ( 2010 ), Ali Larter ( 2009 ), Katherine Heigl ( 2008 ), Eva Mendes ( 2007 ), Beyoncé ( 2006 ), Ashlee Simpson ( 2005 ), Alicia Silverstone ( 2004 ), Sandra Bullock ( 2003 ), Britney Spears ( 2002 ), Debra Messing ( 2001 ), Jennifer Love Hewitt ( 2000 ), Shania Twain ( 1999 ) and Ashley Judd ( 1998 )
But Ali had received a pounding.
Muhammad Ali Pasha's grandson, Ismail Pasha, subsequently received the title of Khedive which was almost an equivalent to viceroy.
Despite limited television airtime, most of which went to conservative Speaker of Parliament and favored candidate Ali Akbar Nateq-Nouri, Khatami received 70 percent of the vote.
Muhammad Ali had already begun to introduce European discipline into his army, and Ibrahim had probably received some training, but his first campaign was conducted more in the old Asiatic style than his later operations.
Qawwali music received international exposure through the work of the late Aziz Mian, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and sabri brothers, largely due to several releases on the Real World label, followed by live appearances at WOMAD festivals.
A review carried by Variety mentioned, " Three years ago, in Saathiya, helmer Shaad Ali managed to rediscover Mukerji's earlier vivacity, and he's done it again here in a role that the raspy-voiced diva-ette simply eats up " Consequently, Mukerji received another nomination for the Filmfare Award for Best Actress for her work.
Muhammad Ali Pasha received Roberts in Alexandria on 16 May 1839, shortly before his return to Britain.
Husayn ibn Ali received letters from Kufa expressing its offer of support if he claimed the caliphate.
Hussein bin Ali, GCB ( 1854 – 4 June 1931 ) ( حسین بن علی ; Ḥusayn bin ‘ Alī ), was the Sharif of Mecca, and Emir of Mecca, from 1908 until 1917, when he proclaimed himself King of the Hejaz, which received international recognition.
Clive sent out a message to Morari Rao, a Maratha chieftain who had received a subsidy to assist Mohammed Ali and was encamped in the Mysore hills.
In 2002 Taylor was a ' victim ' of Ali G's famous spoof interviews, and his cheerful and exuberant eccentricity was well received.
The Shia view is that Ali ’ s right to the caliphate was usurped and his family abused by Abu Bakr but Ali, Hasan and his younger brother Husayn ibn Ali valued the Muslim community's stability above their own rights, even going to defend the third caliph Uthman before Ali himself received the caliphate.

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