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Page "government" ¶ 813
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

I and have
`` I don't have many strays coming to my front door '', he said.
`` I mean, we don't have any way to get there and we can't expect you to quit work just to take us to town ''.
There's someone there I have to see.
I have to think about it.
We'll still have the rifle, and I might be able to round up some more.
As I dug in behind one of the bales we were using as protection, I grudgingly found myself agreeing with Oso's logic, especially when I imagined what would have happened to Missy if Old Knife's large party of screeching warriors had overrun our company.
I have it with me, right here.
) hung on a hook on the wall, and underneath it I could see his tie, knotted, ready to be slipped over his head, a black badge of frayed respectability that ought never to have left his neck.
I was at once disappointed, although just what I had expected him to look like I could not have explained.
As he lowered himself on the chair behind his desk I wondered what this dapper, slightly ridiculous man could possibly have to do with the workings of the hall.
But, by gosh, I want him and I'm going to have him!!
Don't like to bother no one unless we have to, which I figger we do, in your case.
`` I have a little job for you, Charlie.
`` You and I have a little talking to do, Jess.
I would have foregone my romantic chances rather than leave a friend sweltering and dusty and -- Well, at least I wouldn't have shouted back a taunt.
At once my ears were drowned by a flow of what I took to be Spanish, but -- the driver's white teeth flashing at me, the road wildly veering beyond his glistening hair, beyond his gesticulating bottle -- it could have been the purest Oxford English I was half hearing ; ;
I wouldn't have known the difference.

I and indicated
In the brief moment I had to talk to them before I took my post on the ring of defenses, I indicated I was sickened by the methods men employed to live and trade on the river.
They have indicated the direction but they have not been explicit enough, I believe, in pointing out Faulkner's independence, his questioning if not indeed challenging the Southern tradition.
`` Ah, then please tell me where the frontier is because this gentleman here '' -- I indicated the French occupation officer -- `` informs me that Germany is just on the other side of him ''.
And although they were, as I have indicated, under increasing strain at the time of Racine, they are still alive in his theatre.
`` Monsieur Favre indicated that if I would co-operate, after you and William are banished, following the debate, I will be given a place of influence ''.
I have the honor to refer to the Agricultural Commodities Agreement signed today between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of India ( hereinafter referred to as the Agreement ) and, with regard to the rupees accruing to uses indicated under Article 2, of the Agreement, to state that the understanding of the Government of the United States of America is as follows: 1.
These conditions are unobtainable -- are not even approachable in the qualified sense I have indicated -- without the prior defeat of world Communism.
" Lee Dorian of Napalm Death indicated that " Unfortunately, I think the same thing happened to grindcore, if you want to call it that, as happened to punk rock-all the great original bands were just plagiarised by a billion other bands who just copied their style identically, making it no longer original and no longer extreme.
Also, First ( I ), second ( II ) and third ( III ) places among gold medalists are indicated where appropriate.
These revisions, which since the Clarendon edition of 1869 have been assumed to include all of Act III, scene v, and a portion of Act IV, scene I, are often indicated in modern texts.
Counting Crows indicated this influence with their tribute to the late Richard Manuel, " If I Could Give All My Love ( Richard Manuel Is Dead )" from their album Hard Candy.
For example, the following message, " I have sent via at two o ' clock four large hams and two small hams ", indicated that four adults and two children were sent by train from Harrisburg to Philadelphia.
The piece read " I have no desire whatsoever to desecrate the grave of seminal Manchester pop group The Stone Roses 18. 3. 09 ", which strongly indicated that rumours of the band reforming were highly unlikely.
She once indicated, " I have always tried to paint instinctively in a way that comes naturally to me, without any real thought or attention to artistic theories.
She once indicated, " I am to some extent influenced by them — not in any technical sense, but in the choice of subject matter and the feeling and atmosphere they could achieve.
Backwards words can be indicated by words like " climbing ", " retreating ", or " ascending " ( depending on whether it is an across clue or a down clue ); letters can be replaced or removed with indicators such as " nothing rather than excellence " ( meaning replace E in a word with O ); the letter I can be indicated by " me " or " one ;" the letter O can be indicated by " nought " or " a ring " ( since it visually resembles one ); the letter X might be clued as " a cross ", or " ten " ( as in the Roman numeral ), or " an illiterate's signature ", or " sounds like your old flame " ( homophone for " ex ").
In response, Antiochus III indicated his willingness to make peace with Ptolemy V and to have his daughter Cleopatra I marry Ptolemy V. They were betrothed in 195 BC and their marriage took place in 193 BC in Raphia.

I and above
In the mornings, I was informed, fluorescent tubes, similar to the one above the counter, illuminated the entire hall.
Sometimes I noticed the tops of ships' masts and funnels reaching above the pier roofs.
The finished -- and drastically cut -- product would begin with a hazy longshot of Joyce entering the suds, then bursting above the pool's surface clad in layers of lavender lather, and I had a hunch this item was going to sell tons and tons of soap ; ;
As a groundwork for the proposal I give some attention to the first task enumerated above, the clarification of goal.
Seeing their hesitation, I said, `` Well, until I have permission to enter Germany, or a visa to re-enter France, I shall be obliged to remain here on the line between two countries '', whereupon I moved to the side of the road, parked my backpack against the small guardhouse on the sidewalk, sat down, took out my typewriter, and began typing the above conversation.
A voice drifted in to me above the patter of the rain shortly after I had fallen into a fitful sleep.
Without the good magazines, without their book reviews, their hospitality to European writers, without above all their awareness of literary standards, we might very well have had a generation of Krim's heroes -- Wolfes, Farrells, Dreisers, and I might add, Sandburgs and Frosts and MacLeishes in verse -- and then where would we be??
I therefore believe it is realistic to assume a modest drop in the total value of home entertainment electronics to about $1.8 million, slightly below 1960, but above 1959.
The collective by which I address you in the title above is neither patronizing nor jocose but an exact industrial term in use among professional thieves.
I place His precepts and His leadings above every seeming probability, dismissing cherished convictions and holding the wisdom of man as folly when opposed to Him.
Stop it, I shouted, but the lumbering and mighty tractor roared on, above anything I could say.
The Five articles of Remonstrance that Arminius's followers formulated in 1610 state the above beliefs regarding ( I ) conditional election, ( II ) unlimited atonement, ( III ) total depravity, ( IV ) total depravity and resistible grace, and ( V ) possibility of apostasy.
There, when I had been introduced to the art of the Indians ' nine symbols through remarkable teaching, knowledge of the art very soon pleased me above all else and I came to understand it.
The invention of military submarines, during World War I, brought naval warfare to both above and below the surface.
I am above race ..." The first English translation of Doctor Zhivago was hastily produced by Max Hayward and Manya Harari in order to coincide with overwhelming public demand.
Given a function f ∈ I < sub > x </ sub > ( a smooth function vanishing at x ) we can form the linear functional df < sub > x </ sub > as above.
John Jaques apparently claimed in a letter to Arthur Lillie in 1873 that he had himself seen the game played in Ireland and, " I made the implements and published directions ( such as they were ) before Mr Spratt above introduced the subject to me ".
Third, this proposition " I am, I exist " is held true not based on a deduction ( as mentioned above ) or on empirical induction but on the clarity and self-evidence of the proposition.

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