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MFDP and Vice
With the help of Vice President Hubert Humphrey and Party leader Walter Mondale, Johnson engineered a " compromise " in which the national Democratic Party offered the MFDP two at-large seats, which allowed them to watch the floor proceedings but not take part.

MFDP and Fannie
The Credentials Committee televised its proceedings, which allowed the nation to see and hear the testimony of the MFDP delegates, particularly the testimony of Fannie Lou Hamer, who gave a moving and evocative portrayal of her hard brutalized life as a sharecropper on a cotton plantation in the Mississippi Delta and the retaliation inflicted on her for trying to register to vote.

MFDP and Hamer
Hamer was invited, along with the rest of the MFDP officers, to address the Convention's Credentials Committee.
Future negotiations were conducted without Hamer, and the compromise was modified such that the Convention would select the two delegates to be seated, for fear the MFDP would appoint Hamer.

MFDP and all
In mid-1964, the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party ( MFDP ) was organized with the purpose of challenging Mississippi's all-white and anti-civil rights delegation to the Democratic National Convention of that year as not representative of all Mississippians.
When all but three of the " regular " Mississippi delegates left because they refused to support Johnson against Goldwater, the MFDP delegates borrowed passes from sympathetic northern delegates and took the seats vacated by the Mississippi delegates, only to be removed by the national Party.
Now if you lose this job of Vice-President because you do what is right, because you help the MFDP, everything will be all right.
At the national convention the integrated Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party ( MFDP ) claimed the seats for delegates for Mississippi, on the grounds that the official Mississippi delegation had been elected in violation of the party's rules because blacks had been systematically excluded from voting in the primaries, and participating in the precinct and county caucuses and the state convention ; whereas the MFDP delegates had all been elected in strict compliance with party rules.

MFDP and up
After it proved to be impossible to register black voters against the opposition of state officials, Freedom Summer volunteers switched to building the MFDP using a simple, alternate, process of signing up party supporters that did not require blacks to openly defy whites by trying to register at the courthouse or take a complex and unfair literacy test.
Even though they were denied official recognition, the MFDP kept up their agitation within the Convention.

MFDP and compromise
The national Party's liberal leaders supported a compromise in which the white delegation and the MFDP would have an even division of the seats ; Johnson was concerned that, while the regular Democrats of Mississippi would probably vote for Goldwater anyway, if the Democratic Party rejected the regular Democrats, he would lose the Democratic Party political structure that he needed to win in the South.
Eventually, Hubert Humphrey, Walter Reuther and black civil rights leaders ( including Roy Wilkins, Martin Luther King, and Bayard Rustin ) worked out a compromise with MFDP leaders: the MFDP would receive two non-voting seats on the floor of the Convention ; the regular Mississippi delegation would be required to pledge to support the party ticket ; and no future Democratic convention would accept a delegation chosen by a discriminatory poll.
" The failure of the compromise effort allowed the rest of the Democratic Party to conclude that the MFDP was simply being unreasonable, and they lost a great deal of their liberal support.
The MFDP refused this " compromise ," which permitted the undemocratic, white-only, regulars to keep their seats and denied votes to the MFDP.
They suggested a compromise which would give the MFDP two non-voting seats in exchange for other concessions, and secured the endorsement of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference for the plan.
In the end, the MFDP rejected the compromise, but had changed the debate to the point that the Democratic Party adopted a clause which demanded equality of representation from their states ' delegations in 1968.
Eventually, Hubert Humphrey, Walter Reuther and the black civil rights leaders including Roy Wilkins and Bayard Rustin worked out a compromise: two of the 68 MFDP delegates chosen by Johnson would be made at-large delegates and the remainder would be non-voting guests of the convention ; the regular Mississippi delegation was required to pledge to support the party ticket ; and no future Democratic convention would accept a delegation chosen by a discriminatory poll.

MFDP and for
At the national convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey the MFDP claimed the seats for delegates for Mississippi, not on the grounds of the Party rules, but because the official Mississippi delegation had been elected by a primary conducted under Jim Crow laws in which blacks were excluded because of poll taxes, literacy tests, and even violence against black voters.
Forrest County was also a center of activity for the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party ( MFDP ) which sent a slate of delegates to the Democratic Convention in Atlantic City to challenge the seating of the all-white, pro-segregation delegates elected by the regular party in primaries in which African Americans could not participate.
Victoria Jackson Gray of Palmers Crossing ran on the MFDP ticket against incumbent Senator John Stennis and John Cameron of Hattiesburg ran for Representative in the 5th District.
The MFDP hoped to replace the regulars as the officially-recognized Democratic Party organization in Mississippi by winning the Mississippi seats at the 1964 Democratic National Convention for a slate of delegates elected by disenfranchised black Mississippians and white sympathizers.
In the face of unrelenting violence and economic retaliation, the MFDP held local caucuses, county assemblies, and a state-wide convention ( as prescribed by Democratic Party rules ) to elect 68 delegates ( including 4 whites ) to the 1964 Democratic National Convention scheduled for Atlantic City, New Jersey in August.
The MFDP continued as an alternate for several years, and many of the people associated with it continued to press for civil rights in Mississippi.
As Edwin King, who ran for Lieutenant Governor on the MFDP ticket, stated, “ Our assumption was that the parents of the Freedom School children, when we met them at night, that the Freedom Democratic Party would be the PTA .”

MFDP and than
They therefore asked that the MFDP delegates be seated rather than the segregationist regulars.

MFDP and .
The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party ( MFDP ) was an American political party created in the state of Mississippi in 1964, during the civil rights movement.
With participation in the regular Mississippi Democratic Party blocked by segregationists, COFO built on the success of the Freedom Ballot by formally establishing the MFDP in April 1964 as a non-discriminatory, non-exclusionary rival to the regular party organization.
Building the MFDP was a major thrust of the Freedom Summer project.
The MFDP sent its elected delegates by bus to the convention.
The MFDP delegates lobbied and argued their case, and large groups of supporters and volunteers established an around-the-clock picket line on the Boardwalk just outside the convention, which garnered considerable publicity.
After that, most knowledgeable observers thought the majority of the delegates were ready to unseat the regulars and seat the MFDP delegates in their place.
To ensure his victory in November, Johnson maneuvered to prevent the MFDP from replacing the regulars.

Vice and Chair
The original 22-member Board of Trustees included Chair Gregory Peck and Vice Chair Sidney Poitier as well as Francis Ford Coppola, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Jack Valenti and other representatives from the arts and academia.
ACM is led by a Council consisting of the President, Vice – President, Treasurer, Past President, SIG Governing Board Chair, Publications Board Chair, three representatives of the SIG Governing Board, and seven Members – At – Large.
* Vice Chair or Vice Chairman – officer of the Board of Directors who may stand in for the Chairman in his / her absence.
An unrelated definition of Vice Chair describes an executive who is higher ranking or has more seniority than Executive Vice President.
Sometimes, EVPs report to the Vice Chair who in turn reports directly to the CEO ( so Vice Chairs in effect constitute an additional layer of management ), other Vice Chairs have more responsibilities but are otherwise on an equal tier with EVPs.
Royal Bank of Canada previously used Vice Chair in their inner management circle until 2004 but have since renamed them as Group Head.
During April 2009, U. S. Federal Reserve Vice Chair Janet Yellen discussed these paradoxes: " Once this massive credit crunch hit, it didn ’ t take long before we were in a recession.
She was the first Director of Personnel for Intel Corporation and the first Vice President of Human Resources for Apple Inc. She currently serves as Chair of the Board and the founding trustee of the Noyce Foundation.
** Fannie Lou Hamer, civil rights activist and Vice Chair of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, addresses the Credentials Committee of the Democratic National Convention, challenging the all-white Mississippi delegation.
Bechtel is also entitled to appoint three Governors to the Executive Committee, including the Vice Chair.
The positions of President / Laboratory Director and Deputy Laboratory Director are filled by joint action of the Chair and Vice Chair of the Executive Committee, with the University of California nominating the President / Laboratory Director and Bechtel nominating the Deputy Laboratory Director.
The Board further includes: Hal Abelson, Glenn Otis Brown, Michael W. Carroll, Catherine Casserly, Caterina Fake, Davis Guggenheim, Lawrence Lessig, Laurie Racine, Eric Saltzman, Annette Thomas, Molly Suffer Van Houweling, Jimmy Wales, and Esther Wojcicki ( Vice Chair ).
* 12-Carolyn D. Fitzpatrick ( R ), Vice Chair
< li > Karen B. Johnson ( D ), Vice Chair </ li >
She has been Chair of the Writers ' Union of Canada and President of PEN Canada, and is currently a Vice President of PEN International.
The Court has the following formal powers: the appointment of members of Court, its subcommittees and of the Council ; election of the Chair and Vice Chairs of the Court and Council and honorary fellows of the School ; the amendment of the Memorandum and Articles of Association ; and the appointment of external auditors.
The Vice Chair of the Academic Board serves as a non-director member of the Council and makes a termly report to the Council.

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