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Macarthur and was
The Supreme Commander of operations was the United States General Douglas Macarthur, with Australian General Thomas Blamey taking a direct role in planning and operations being essentially directed by staff at New Guinea Force headquarters in Port Moresby.
The Governor of New South Wales, William Bligh, was deposed by the New South Wales Corps under the command of Major George Johnston, working closely with John Macarthur, on 26 January 1808, 20 years to the day after Arthur Phillip founded European settlement in Australia.
Soon after his arrival at Sydney, in August 1806, Bligh was given an address of welcome signed by Major Johnston for the military, by Richard Atkins for the civilian officers, and by John Macarthur for the free settlers.
Macarthur disobeyed the order and was arrested and bailed to appear for trial at the next sitting of the Sydney Criminal Court on 25 January 1808.
Macarthur objected to Atkins being fit to sit in judgement of him because he was his debtor and inveterate enemy.
Macarthur was then appointed as Colonial Secretary and effectively ran the business affairs of the colony.
Bligh was to be reinstated for 24 hours, then recalled to England, Johnston sent to England for court martial, and Macarthur tried in Sydney.
Macarthur was not tried but was refused permission to return to NSW until 1817, since he would not admit his wrongdoing.
It is popular belief that the autocratic Bligh was removed because he threatened the huge profits that were being made from trading in spirits by the officers of the NSW Corps and by businessmen such as John Macarthur.
The Biography of Early Australia dismisses Macarthur's complaints as ridiculous and quotes Evatt as saying that legally Macarthur was guilty of two out of the three charges brought against him including sedition.
He noted that it was tame, and that James Macarthur had kept a pair at his home in Camden.
Oxley denied that he had been a partisan of Macarthur when Bligh was deposed, but his letters show that he was on very intimate terms with the rebel leader.
In 1812 he became engaged to Elizabeth Macarthur ; this was broken off when her father discovered the extent of Oxley's debts.
Macquarie was ordered by the British government to arrest both John Macarthur and Major George Johnston, two of the leaders of the Rum Rebellion.
Patrick Francis Daniel " Pat " Farmer ( born 14 March 1962 ), an ultra-marathon athlete, motivational speaker, and former Australian politician, was a Member of the Australian House of Representatives, representing the seat of Macarthur in south-west Sydney, New South Wales from 2001 to 2010, as a member of the Liberal Party.
Following his ultra-marathon, Farmer was approached by Howard in 2000 and encouraged Farmer to seek endorsement for the seat Macarthur.
Farmer was elected the Member for Macarthur as a member of the Liberal Party at the 2001 Federal election.
In a Liberal Party preselection ballot for Macarthur, held on 30 October 2009, Farmer was defeated by Russell Matheson and retired from politics at the 2010 federal election.
The island lighthouse was manned by a three-man team ( Thomas Marshall, James Ducat and Donald Macarthur ), with a rotating fourth man spending time on shore.
Cattle grazing near Parliament House was a common occurrence, something which amazed General Macarthur when he visited Canberra during World War II.
The Supreme Commander of operations was the United States General Douglas Macarthur, with Australian General Thomas Blamey taking a direct role in planning and operations being essentially directed by staff at New Guinea Force headquarters in Port Moresby.
As Governor of New South Wales, William Bligh was deposed by the New South Wales Corps under the command of Major George Johnston, working closely with John Macarthur, on 26 January 1808.
Verdot was included in James Busby's collection of 1832, and it was trialled by Sir William Macarthur in the 1840s.

Macarthur and towards
There are two platforms at Ingleburn: platform 1 having ' up ' services heading towards the city or Blacktown, and platform 2 having ' down ' services heading towards Campbelltown, and Macarthur.
From the late 1990s, development expanded outside this ring towards the local shopping centre Macarthur Square.

Macarthur and end
File: Revesby ( 99 ). jpg | Looking west, Macarthur end.
File: Macarthur railway station south end. jpg | South end of platforms
Macarthur Preschool is located on Carson Street ; its closure is planned for the end of 2006.

Macarthur and life
The spelling " Macarthur " ( with a lower case " a ") became established only very late in his life.

Macarthur and with
Biblical commentator and pastor John Macarthur writes, " The emphasis is on how to maintain a church with an effective testimony in proper response to sound eschatology and obedience to the truth.
However, not long after, he also received addresses from the free and freed settlers of Sydney and the Hawkesbury River region, with a total of 369 signatures, many made only with a cross, complaining that Macarthur did not represent them, as they blamed him for withholding sheep so as to raise the price of mutton.
Macarthur had arrived with the New South Wales Corps in 1790 as a lieutenant, and by 1805 he had substantial farming and commercial interests in the colony.
The Corps responded with a request for a new Judge-Advocate and the release of Macarthur on bail.
Post secondary education is catered to with the South Western College of TAFE, Macarthur Community College, Liverpool U3A: School for Seniors, University of Western Sydney English Language Centre and the School of Arts in Macquarie Street.
Macarthur had broken up the relationship between his daughter Elizabeth and Wentworth, as he would not allow his daughter to marry someone with convict parents.
Later in 1839 Strzelecki set out on an expedition into the Australian Alps and explored the Snowy Mountains with James Macarthur, James Riley and two Aboriginal guides: Charlie Tarra and Jackey.
In the Rum Rebellion of 1808, the Corps, working closely with the newly established wool trader John Macarthur, staged the only successful armed takeover of government in Australian history, deposing Governor William Bligh and instigating a brief period of military rule in the colony prior to the arrival from Britain of Governor Lachlan Macquarie in 1810.
John Macarthur ( who had been sent back from Australia to England following a duel with Colonel Patterson ) brought seven rams and one ewe from the first dispersal sale of King George III stud in 1804.
The next year, Macarthur and the sheep returned to Australia, Macarthur to reunite with his wife Elizabeth, who had been developing their flock in his absence.
Macarthur pioneered the introduction of Saxon Merinos with importation from the Electoral flock in 1812.
The line is four tracks between Wolli Creek junction and just past Kingsgrove Station, then two tracks to Glenfield junction, Campbelltown and Macarthur, except for several stations with three platforms at Revesby, East Hills, Glenfield, Campbelltown and Macarthur.
Aviation writer Macarthur Job has noted that, " had that Boeing 767 been of an earlier version of the type, fitted with engines that were mechanically rather than electronically controlled, then that accident could not have happened.
A fixed train stop that is the last one on a running line in the reverse direction may, despite its name, be suppressed, as is the case with the associated " Fixed Signals " on the CityRail ( Sydney ) network at Macarthur, Turella, East Hills, Emu Plains, Chatswood, Hornsby, Glenfield, Homebush, etc.
Macarthur swung heavily to Labor at the 2007 federal election, with a swing of 10. 4 %.
All the buildings on the site today date from this period of its history with no extant buildings from the Macarthur period.

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