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Sandburg and said
According to the author Carl Sandburg, the abolitionist Benjamin Wade of Ohio said the Southern senator was " a Hebrew with Egyptian principles ", as he represented slaveholders.

Sandburg and at
Sandburg volunteered to go to the military and was stationed in Puerto Rico with the 6th Illinois Infantry during the Spanish – American War, disembarking at Guánica, Puerto Rico on July 25, 1898.
Sandburg met Lilian Steichen at the Social Democratic Party office in 1907, and they married the next year.
The Sandburg house at 331 W. York Street, Elmhurst was demolished and the site is now a parking lot.
During the Spanish-American War, the founding of Camp Russell A. Alger brought growth and prosperity to Dunn Loring, and among the troops trained at Camp Alger was the celebrated author-poet Carl Sandburg, after whom the present Sandburg Street was named.
A poem by Bodenheim featured in the 1917 Others: An Anthology of the New Verse, which also included poems by such future luminaries as T. S. Eliot, Marianne Moore, Carl Sandburg, and William Carlos Williams, and Wallace Stevens ' " Thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird ".
Hope Loring, Louis D. Lighton and George Marion Jr. ( titles ) wrote the screenplay and Carl Sandburg noted that Glyn's magazine story was " not at all like the film, not like it in any respect.
The Sandburg Halls at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee consists of four high rise towers, with the tallest being the northern most tower reaching tall ( building ), and ( radio antenna ).
* The California Zephyr ( 5 / 6 ) to Emeryville, California outside Oakland and Southwest Chief ( 3 / 4 ) to Los Angeles: along the Illinois Zephyr / Carl Sandburg before splitting off at Galesburg
After graduating from Carl Sandburg High School, he attended Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and University of Illinois at Chicago where he majored in history and theater.
Poet Carl Sandburg wrote a poem on the monument, Slants at Buffalo, New York, beginning: " A forefinger of stone, dreamed by a sculptor, points to the sky.
Exhibit station at the start of the trail to the Sandburg Home
Most rooms, including the study at the Sandburg home abound with books and periodicals.
From June until mid-August, live performances of Sandburg's Rootabaga Stories and excerpts from the Broadway play, The World of Carl Sandburg, are presented at the park amphitheater.
Sandburg published more than a third of his works while living at Connemara, and it was at this house he died of natural causes in 1967.
Although the Armstrong Swim teams practices at Plymouth and Cooper swim teams practice at Sandburg, both teams hold their home meets at Plymouth Middle School.

Sandburg and time
In due time Sandburg was a walking thesaurus of American folk music.
It was also during his administration that he employed the noted American poet and author Carl Sandburg for a brief time.
During this time, she met Cowell, Rudhyar, and the leading Chicago poet Carl Sandburg whose writings she eventually set to music.

Sandburg and is
Sandburg is in constant demand as an entertainer.
It is a mistake, however, to imagine that Sandburg uses the guitar as a prop.
The public's identification of Carl Sandburg and the guitar is no happenstance.
The only way to describe Paula Sandburg is to say she is beautiful in a Grecian sense.
* " If not taken as information, it is cracking good entertainment ", Carl Sandburg reviewed September 29.
* Carl Sandburg: "' It ' is smart, funny and real.
Galesburg is home to Knox College, a private four-year liberal arts college, and Carl Sandburg College, a two-year community college.
Carl Sandburg's boyhood home is now operated by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency as the Carl Sandburg State Historic Site.
His home, once owned by Christopher Memminger, is part of the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site and a major tourist attraction in the village.
The poet Carl Sandburg was solicited though it is not certain if any of his contributions were included.
" In his introduction, Carl Sandburg, the poet and Lincoln biographer, hailed Donald's book as the answer to scholars ' prayers: “ When is someone going to do the life of Bill Herndon.
The Galesburg to Quincy route ( old CB & Q Quincy / Hannibal branch ) is only served by the Illinois Zephyr and the Carl Sandburg.
" Chicago " is a poem by Carl Sandburg, about the U. S. city of Chicago.
Carl Sandburg Middle School is located south of Alexandria, Virginia, USA and is part of the Fairfax County Public Schools school district.
Carl Sandburg is the only feeder school for West Potomac.
Blair Sandburg is the genius son of Naomi Sandburg, an absolute flower child.
The Carl Sandburg National Historic Site is located in picturesque Flat Rock, Henderson County, North Carolina | Flat Rock, North Carolina.

Sandburg and ballads
Often these listeners would refer Sandburg to persons who had similar ballads or ditties.
Sandburg also collected and edited books of ballads and folklore.
A group of American archivists and researchers that included John A. Lomax, his son Alan Lomax, poet Carl Sandburg, musician and activist Pete Seeger and others collected, recorded, and published old ballads, prison songs, Appalachian folk music and black blues.
Among the songs included were " Jesse James ", " The Old Chisholm Trail ", " Sweet Betsy From Pike ", and " The Buffalo Skinners " ( which George Lyman Kittredge considered " one of the greatest western ballads " and which was praised for its Homeric quality by Carl Sandburg and Virgil Thomson.

Sandburg and modern
The site contains the cottage Sandburg was born in, a modern museum, the rock under which he and his wife Lilian are buried, and a performance venue.
As a supporter of the poets Wallace Stevens, Ezra Pound, H. D., T. S. Eliot, William Carlos Williams, Carl Sandburg and others, she played an important role in the development of modern poetry.

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