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Solek and is
) The brothers are separated, and Solek is placed in a Soviet orphanage in Grodno with other Polish refugee children.
The orphanage is evacuated, but Solek is left behind, to be found by German soldiers.
Solek gets rid of his identity papers, and tells the Germans he is " Josef Peters ", a Volksdeutsche ( ethnic German ) from Latvia whose parents were arrested by the Soviets.
Nonetheless, Solek is still in danger.
Robert is killed and Solek, left alone, tries to get to the Soviet lines.
Solek realizes that the child's father is his best friend and classmate Gerd.
Comic song " Old Whisky Shoes ", played by the Walt Solek Band, is the signature tune over the opening and closing credits.

Solek and by
Isaak and Solek flee toward eastern Poland, which has been invaded by the Soviet Union.
They are about to have Solek shot by an elderly Communist political prisoner ( wearing a red triangle on his camp uniform ) when Solek's brother Isaak, just released from a concentration camp, identifies Solek and saves him.
According to Solek, the Makuta held two pieces ( one held by Kirop ), and the locations of the other three were unknown.

Solek and .
Royal Headgear ( Solek Dendam Tak Sudah ) of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, in the style of a black songkat headgear embroidered with gold thread.
Solek ( a nickname for Solomon, also called " Solly ") and his family live in Nazi Germany.
The Perel family ( Solek, his parents, and his two brothers, David and Isaak ) moves to Łódź, Poland, where they will be safe-for the moment.
( In an ironic scene, as Solek and other Jewish refugees cross a river in a small boat, a boat carrying Polish refugees fleeing the Soviets passes in the opposite direction.
Solek lives in the orphanage for two years, where he joins the Komsomol and receives Communist indoctrination.
One scene features a Russian version of the German Communist song Dem Morgenrot Entgegen (" Towards The Dawn ") before mail call, where Solek receives a letter from his parents who have been re-settled in a ghetto.
Solek rejects Robert's sexual overture, but both of them have secrets the Nazis would kill them for, and they become friends.
The problem of concealing his circumcision continues, and Solek uses string and rubber bands in various painful ways to simulate a foreskin.
After several months without seeing Leni, Solek visits her mother, who does not sympathize with the Nazis.
There Solek manages to surrender.
" demands a Soviet officer as he shows Solek photos of murdered Jews from the death camps they had liberated.
Before leaving the camp, Isaak tells Solek to never reveal his story to anyone, saying it would never be believed.
Later, an Av-Matoran who looked up to the Toa, named Solek, approached Kopaka and gave him part of an object called a Keystone.
It was then that Kopaka learned that Solek knew Takua.

leaves and building
The area in a developed industrial park may vary greatly from a wooded park nearby, as natural flora in parks absorb light and heat in leaves, that a building roof or parking lot just radiates back into the air.
As Hooker leaves the building the next morning, he sees Loretta walking toward him.
After Lt Androzzi leaves, Shaft spots one of the men waiting for him in his office building.
They are usually made of some organic material such as twigs, grass, and leaves ; or may simply be a depression in the ground, or a hole in a tree, rock or building.
Since the ending of the original series, in 1966, Bob has left factory life behind for an office job with his future father-in-law's building firm ( something which leaves Bob even more desperate to retain favour with Thelma and her family ).
There are diverse building techniques from the ancient Hawaiian hale shelter made from the local ti leaves, lauhala or pili grass of fan palms to the Na Bure Fijian home with layered reed walls and sugar cane leaf roofs and the Kikuyu tribal homes in Kenya.
The old Perkins building, where the Jackson Highway leaves Folsom Boulevard, and Manlove were both locations for way stations.
" He leaves the building.
For example, he leaves his office building by heading west toward Michigan Avenue, only to then be seen from below walking east from Michigan Avenue, before strolling south over the Michigan Avenue bridge.
Finally, Bob leaves the train at Isabella station ( now demolished ) on the Evanston line — several miles from his condo building in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago.
The normal round nest of grass, moss, lichens or leaves is tucked into a hole in a wall, tree trunk, crack in a rock or corner of a building, but it is often built in bushes, overhanging boughs or the litter which accumulates in branches washed by floods.
However, Mariko leaves him money and Toranaga provides him with men to start building a new ship.
She rushes to Liggett's apartment building with the mink coat to return it, but sees his elegant wife Emily in the entryway and leaves in shame.
In late winter and early spring, he begins to collect organic material to fill it with, scraping sticks, leaves and bark into wind-rows for up to 50 metres around the hole, and building it into a nest-mound, which usually rises to about 0. 6m above ground level.
A mysterious man named Roosta brings Zaphod to Zarniwoop's office, where they wait until the building lands on Frogstar World B. Roosta gives Zaphod final instructions before he leaves: Go through the window on his way out, not the door.
Mainly used to keep debris such as leaves and snow from building up on the roof of the slide room.
Most species nest in pairs, building cup-shaped nests using twigs, bark, roots and leaves.
The building features glass art by Dale Chihuly that represents the ivy leaves covering the campus buildings.
When the younger monk leaves, it is revealed that Alwyn is a Ranger himself, showing the pro-Alliance faction won the war and has slowly, secretly been building up Earth civilization to avoid the development of resentful, anti-alien factions.
However, there can be lingering effects of various neurotoxins, which may not clear up when the occupant leaves the building.
The items displayed include a section of the Great Wall of China, fragments of the Mayan pyramids, leaves from the sacred Bo tree, water from the Nile and Ganges Rivers, a Revolutionary War button, pieces of the 15th Street Stuyvesant building, a report card of a student who studied in the old building, and fragments of monuments from around the world, various chemical compounds, and memorabilia from each of the 88 years ' history of the 15th Street building.
An active living wall actively pulls or forces air through the plants leaves, roots and growth medium of the wall and then into the buildings HVAC system to be recirculated throughout the building.
EDSA continues southwards, slightly turning westwards slowly until it leaves the Triangle Park after crossing the East Avenue-Timog Avenue Intersection, where the GMA-7 building is located.

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