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Tunis and was
In philosophy and the humanities, Jacques Derrida, the father of deconstruction, was born in El Biar in Algiers ; Malek Bennabi and Frantz Fanon are noted for their thoughts on decolonization ; Augustine of Hippo was born in Tagaste ( modern-day Souk Ahras ); and Ibn Khaldun, though born in Tunis, wrote the Muqaddima while staying in Algeria.
Under the Ottomans, the Maghreb was divided into three provinces, Algiers, Tripoli and Tunis.
The Second Barbary War ( 1815, also known as the Algerine or Algerian War ) was the second of two wars fought between the United States of America, England, and The Netherlands loosely allied against the Ottoman Empire's North African regencies of Algiers, Tripoli, and Tunis, known collectively as the Barbary States.
Field Marshal Harold Rupert Leofric George Alexander, 1st Earl Alexander of Tunis ( 10 December 189116 June 1969 ) was a British military commander and field marshal who served with distinction in both world wars and, afterwards, as Governor General of Canada, the 17th since Canadian Confederation.
Further, as a reward for his leadership in North Africa and Italy, Alexander, along with a number of other prominent British Second World War military leaders, was elevated to the peerage on 1 March 1946 by King George VI ; he was created Viscount Alexander of Tunis and Errigal in the County of Donegal.
* Tunis-At that time, Abu Yahya ( son of Abu Zajaria ) was the sultan of Tunis.
As Secretary of State, Monroe dismissed Mordecai Manuel Noah in 1815 from his post as consul to Tunis because he was Jewish.
But instead the crusade was diverted to Tunis, where Louis died.
Save for the disastrous defeat at the Battle of Tunis in Africa, and two naval engagements, the First Punic War was a nearly unbroken string of Roman victories.
In July 2010, a Tunisian-Saudi non-double taxation agreement was signed in Tunis, by Finance Minister Ridha Chalghoum and his Saudi counterpart Ibrahim Bin Abdulaziz Al-Assaf.
Arafat and Fatah's center for operations was based in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, until 1993.
On 16 April 1988, as the Intifada was raging, Abu Jihad was assassinated in his Tunis household, allegedly by an Israeli hit squad.
Before their marriage, she was working as a secretary for Arafat in Tunis after her mother introduced her to him in France.
Typically, individuals appointed as federal viceroy were already a peer, either by inheriting the title, such as the Duke of Devonshire, or by prior elevation by the sovereign in their own right, as was the case with the Viscount Alexander of Tunis.
Thus it was that Louis directed the Eighth Crusade against Tunis.
By the time Edward arrived at Tunis, Charles had already signed a treaty with the emir, and there was little else to do but return to Sicily.
He was still in Tunis during the May 1968 student riots, where he was profoundly affected by a local student revolt earlier in the same year.
The region surrounding Constantine, Algeria ( anciently, western Numidia ) was formerly ruled primarily from Tunis.

Tunis and Muslim
* 800 – 909: Rule of Aghlabids as an independent Muslim dynasty in North Africa, with their capital at Tunis.
In Tunis, Abbas acknowledged that de Gaulle's statement might be accepted as a basis for settlement, but the French government refused to recognize the GPRA as the representative of Algeria's Muslim community.
Puckle demonstrated two versions of the basic design: one, intended for use against Christian enemies, fired conventional round bullets, while the second variant, designed to be used against the Muslim Turks, fired square bullets, designed by Kyle Tunis, which were considered to be more damaging and would, according to its patent, convince the Turks of the " benefits of Christian civilization.
For three centuries up to the time of the Treaty, the Mediterranean Sea lanes had been preyed on by the North African Muslim states of the Barbary Coast ( Tripoli, Algiers, Morocco and Tunis ) through privateering ( government-sanctioned piracy ).
While such raids had occurred since soon after the Muslim conquest of the region, the terms Barbary pirates and Barbary corsairs are normally applied to the raiders active from the 16th century onwards, when the frequency and range of the slavers ' attacks increased and Algiers, Tunis and Tripoli came under the sovereignty of the Ottoman Empire, either as directly administered provinces or as autonomous dependencies known as the Barbary States.
Muslim pirates of Algiers, Morocco, Tunis, and Tripoli Barbary Coast had attacked, enslaved and held American merchant sailors for ransom, soon after the establishment of the United States of America in 1776 ( see First Barbary War ).
14th-century Muslim flags with an upward-pointing crescent in a monocolour field included the flags of Gabes, Tlemcen ( Tilimsi ), Damas and Lucania, Cairo, Mahdia, Tunis and Buda.
Located on the Barbary Coast ( Salé, Algiers and Tunis ), those pirate bases were havens for Muslim Corsairs from the 16th to the 18th century.
John Ward or Birdy ( c. 1553 – 1622 ), also known as Jack Ward and under his Muslim name Yusuf Reis, was a notorious English pirate around the turn of the 17th century who later became a Barbary Corsair operating out of Tunis during the early 17th century.
The possibility that a few Muslim traders from from Basra, Damascus, Tunis and Egypt joined Mappila community during this period can not be ruled out.

Tunis and territory
Only this archipelago and the possessions of Santa Cruz de la Mar Pequeña ( 1476 – 1524 ), Melilla ( conquered by Pedro de Estopiñán in 1497 ), Villa Cisneros ( founded in 1502 in current Western Sahara ), Mazalquivir ( 1505 ), Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera ( 1508 ), Oran ( 1509 – 1790 ), Algiers ( 1510 – 1529 ), Bugia ( 1510 – 1554 ), Tripoli ( 1511 – 1551 ), Tunis ( 1535 – 1569 ) and Ceuta ( ceded by Portugal in 1668 ) remained as Spanish territory in Africa.
The territory includes the communities of Abitibi Canyon, Brower, Calstock, Coppell, Departure Lake, Driftwood, Eades, Fraserdale, Frederick, Gardiner, Ghost River, Hallebourg, Hunta, Jogues, Kitigan, Lac-Sainte-Thérèse, Low Bush River, Mead, Moose Factory ( partial ), Norembega, Pagwa River, Smoky Falls and Tunis.
Vassals were installed in Tunis and territory as far as Kairouan came under control.

Tunis and subject
Robert now resolved to employ Roger's genius in reducing Sicily, which contained, besides the Muslims, numerous Greek Christians subject to Arab princes who had become all but independent of the sultan of Tunis.
" The Web-based newsletter Tunis News and a blog run by a judge ( TunisiaWatch ) have been subject to similar attacks.

Tunis and process
The Task Force was active, inter alia, in the process leading to the World Summit on the Information Society ( WSIS ) in Geneva in December 2003 and WSIS II in Tunis in November 2005.

Tunis and known
She finds him alive in Tunis, and makes herself known to him, who, having by his counsel gained high place in the king's favour, marries her, and returns with her wealthy to Lipari.
Most of them settled in West Germany, some ended up in East Germany and a significant minority emigrated to Canada starting in 1948 with the support of Canadian Governor General The Earl Alexander of Tunis, who had known many Baltic Germans during his time that he commanded the Baltic German Landeswehr.
* Tunisia, known as the Régence ( since 3 June 1955 autonomous ), where France had a Resident-general ( posted with the Basha bey of Tunis, who once the French protectorate was terminated on 20 March 1956 restyled his realm al-Mamlaka at-Tunisiyya ' Tunisian Kingdom '), in stead got a High commissioner from 13 September 1955 to 20 March 1956: Roger Seydoux Fornier de Clausonne ( b. 1908 – d. 1985 ); in continued shortly as independent monarchy, but on 25 July 1957 became the Tunisian Republic.
In the 11th century, large numbers of pastoralists, known as Hilalians, fled Upper Egypt and moved westward into Libya and as far as Tunis.
The Second Barbary War ( 1815 ), also known as the Algerine or Algerian War, was the second of two wars fought between the United States and the Ottoman Empire's North African regencies of Tripoli, Tunis, and Algeria known collectively as the Barbary states.
Rommel had planned for this eventuality, switching his line of supply to Tunis and intending to block the southern approach to Tunisia from Tripoli by occupying an extensive set of defensive works known as the Mareth Line, which the French had constructed in order to fend off an Italian attack from Libya.
At an internment camp after the war known as " CSDIC Camp 11 " the British bugged Dornberger, who in conversation with Generalmajor Bassenge ( GOC Air Defences, Tunis & Biserta ) said that he and Wernher von Braun had realised in late 1944 that things were going wrong and consequently was in touch with the General Electric Corporation through the German Embassy in Portugal, with a view to coming to some arrangement.
Louis IX of France's failure to capture Tunis in the Eighth Crusade led Prince Edward of England to sail to Acre in what is known as the Ninth Crusade.
The Barbary Treaties refer to several treaties between the United States of America and the semi-autonomous North African city-states of Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli, under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, known collectively as the Barbary States.
* Ali ben Ishak ( known as Ali Ibn Ghaniya ) 1184-1188, emir ( by conquest ) of Bougie ( 1185 – 1186 ) Algiers ( 1186 ) and Gafsa ( 1186 – 1187 ), warlord in Tunis 1187-1188
* Yahya ben Ishak ( known as Yahya Ibn Ghaniya ) 1188-1202 / 1203 lord of war in Tunis 1188-1212
The date and circumstances of his rescue or redemption are not known but it was in the 1660s that several missions were sent from England to Algeria and Tunis to ransom English captives, and his first documented presence back in England was in 1669.
The Battle of Tunis, also known as the Battle of Bagrades, between the Roman Republic and Carthage occurred in the spring of 255 BC during the First Punic War.
In Northern Africa, west of Egypt ( hence the Arabic word maghreb ' the west ', also adopted in western languages via the French colonizer ) the provinces included Tripolis and Barka ( in present Libya ) and Ifriqiya ( i. e. former Africa: the heartland of the Byzantinian Exarchate of Carthage, with its new capitals Kairouan and Tunis, hence the modern name Tunisia ) in the former Byzantinian coastal region, and further conquests west and south, in the ancient homeland of the Berbers known as Barbary, mainly the new province named Maghrib ( still the Arabic name of the modern sherifian kingdom of Morocco, but including the east of modern Algeria ).
Espérance Sportive de Tunis (, also known as EST, taraji, or Espérance ) is a sports club based in Tunis, Tunisia.
In 1982, former president Hassen Belkhoja died in a terrible accident, and the actual club training camp was named after him ( Parc Hassen Belkhoja, formerly known, and still called, Parc B ), located in the heart of Tunis.
The ruling Bey of Tunis, an Arabo-Barbaresque satellite state under Ottoman suzerainty in North Africa, also known as ' regency ' since the French protectorate, used the style Basha Bay Tunis, Sahib al-Mamlaka at-Tunisiyya (" Pasha Bey of Tunis, Lord of the Tunisian Realm "; in French: Bey de Tunis, Seigneur de la Régence de Tunis ), suggesting their realm was at par with that of a Malik ( Arabic for King ), until the last incumbent changed it in 1956 ( till 25 July 1957 ) in " King ( Padshah ) of the Tunisians and Commander of the Faithful ".

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