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consequence and tensions
Many of the native tribes in the region wanted to push out the colonists following conflicts over land use, diminished game as a consequence of expanding European settlement, and other tensions.
As a consequence of ethnic and religious tensions, and President Sukarno making Indonesia a unitary state, Ambon was the scene of a revolt against the Indonesian government, resulting in the rebellion of the Republic of the South Moluccas in 1950.
In the 1930s, social tensions grew as the consequence of the world economic crisis, as did the tensions between the small ethnic German minority and the Slovene-speaking majority.
In the state reorganization after 1871, a consequence of unification, new tensions of what it meant to be a German merged with notions of religious differences, creating a so-called Kulturkampf, or War of Culture in the 1870s.

consequence and thus
" At the end, he succeeded in obtaining from Theodosius a promise that the sentence should be completely revoked, with the very natural consequence that thereafter the prospect of immunity thus afforded occasioned spoliations of synagogues all over the Empire.
Another likely explanation for the loss of its eyes is that of selective neutrality and genetic drift: in the dark environment of the cave, the eyes are neither advantageous nor disadvantageous and thus any genetic factors that might impair the eyes ( or their development ) can take hold with no consequence on the individual or species.
As a consequence, French movies have to be amortized on a relatively small market and thus generally have budgets far lower than their American counterparts, ruling out expensive settings and special effects.
One consequence not foreseen by the builders of the system was that with the almost immediate reporting of newsworthy events, tens of thousands of people worldwide — along with criminals — would flock to the scene of anything interesting, hoping to experience or exploit the instant, thus disorder and confusion be created.
If some specific deductive system of first-order logic is sound and complete, then is it " perfect " ( a formula is provable iff it is a semantic consequence of the axioms ), thus equivalent to any other deductive system with the same quality ( any proof in one system can be converted into the other ).
It is deduced from the model existence theorem as follows: if there is no formal proof of a formula then adding its negation to the axioms gives a consisten theory, which has thus a model, so that the formula is not a semantic consequence of the initial theory.
In consequence of a slight indisposition, an anodyne had been prescribed, from the effects of which he fell asleep in his chair at the moment that he was reading the following sentence, or words of the same substance, in ' Purchas's Pilgrimage :' ' Here the Khan Kubla commanded a palace to be built, and a stately garden thereunto: and thus ten miles of fertile ground were inclosed with a wall.
In operant conditioning we learn to associate a response ( our behavior ) and its consequence and thus to repeat acts followed by good results and avoid acts followed by bad results.
Unlike the positivists, he did not claim that metaphysical statements must be meaningless ; he also claimed that a statement which was " metaphysical " and unfalsifiable in one century ( like the ancient Greek philosophy about atoms ) could, in another century, be developed into falsifiable theories that have the metaphysical views as a consequence, and thus become scientific.
# A deity is able to do anything that is in accord with its own nature ( thus, for instance, if it is a logical consequence of a deity's nature that what it speaks is truth, then it is not able to lie ).
A consequence to which also introduces another paradox showing how creation would thus be an impossible action to where an omniscient entity could only infinitely know everything with the inability to create or alter anything in or of existence.
Pentecostals cite four major reasons for believing in divine healing: 1 ) it is reported in the Bible, 2 ) Jesus ' healing ministry is included in his atonement ( thus divine healing is part of salvation ), 3 ) " the whole gospel is for the whole person "— spirit, soul, and body, 4 ) sickness is a consequence of the Fall of Man and salvation is ultimately the restoration of the fallen world.
" Gould and Lewontin thus defined spandrels in evolutionary biology to mean any biological feature of an organism that arises as a necessary side consequence of other features, which is not directly selected for by natural selection.
The concept of tautology is thus central to Wittgenstein's Tractarian account of logical consequence, which is strictly deductive.
This, however, poses a number of questions involving genetics: if evil is merely a consequence of our choosing to deviate from God's desired goodness, then genetic disposition of ' evil ' ( currently fictitious ) must surely be in God's plan and desire and thus cannot be blamed on Man.
The consequence of this is that the net power coming from the source must be constant, thus:
The low-energy antihydrogen atoms synthesized so far have had a relatively high temperature ( a few thousand kelvin ), thus hitting the walls of the experimental apparatus as a consequence and annihilating.
One consequence of the lower salinity of the bay is that the freezing point of the water is higher than in the rest of the world ocean, thus decreasing the time the bay remains ice-free.
As a consequence, the other lions are shot — and thus lions as a species become extinct.
Aristarchus thus believed the stars to be very far away, and that in consequence there was no observable parallax, that is, a movement of the stars relative to each other as the Earth moves around the Sun.
Graham's law for diffusion could thus be understood as a consequence of the molecular kinetic energies being equal at the same temperature.
One demographic consequence of a small population size, the probability that all offspring in a generation are of the same sex, and where males and females are equally likely to be produced ( see sex ratio ), is easy to calculate: it is given by ( The chance of all animals being females is ; the same holds for all males, thus this result ).
# Self-defeating prophecy ( Fear of some consequence drives people to find solutions before the problem occurs, thus the non-occurrence of the problem is not anticipated.
It is thus the spread of Standard German as a language taught at school that defines the German Sprachraum, i. e. a political decision rather than a direct consequence of dialect geography, allowing areas with dialects of very limited mutual comprehensibility to participate in the same cultural sphere albeit used mainly in informal situations or at home and also including dialect literature, and more recently a resurgence of German dialects in mass media.

consequence and produced
However, one consequence of this shift in emphasis was that during the last years of his life, Dürer produced comparatively little as an artist.
As a consequence, kaleidoscope became produced in large numbers, but yielded no direct financial benefits to Brewster.
An interpretation given by Roger Crisp draws on a definition given by Mill in A System of Logic where he says an “ intention to produce the effect, is one thing ; the effect produced in consequence of the intention, is another thing ; the two together constitute the action .” Accordingly, whilst two actions may outwardly appear to be the same they will be different actions if there is a different intention.
Inform has since become very popular in the interactive fiction community and, as a consequence, a large proportion of the interactive fiction now produced is in the form of Z-machine story files.
( 2 ) The decisions passed in consequence of the results produced by the republican referendum have supreme judicial power.
The principle upon which depends the power of sensation regulates all our external actions, as the principle of life does our internal, and the two act mutually on each other in consequence of changes produced in the brain.
As a consequence, the fibres are covered with myelin produced by oligodendrocytes, rather than Schwann cells, which are found in the peripheral nervous system, and are encased within the meninges.
Incident photons strike the photocathode material, which is present as a thin deposit on the entry window of the device, with electrons being produced as a consequence of the photoelectric effect.
However, due to the nature of late 17th century warfare the battle, like Fleurus before it, produced little of consequence.
As a consequence of research activity and entrepreneurship, new goods are produced and the innovating country enjoys a monopoly until the other countries learn to produce these goods: in the meantime they have to import them.
In summary, the problems of Mallards " hybridizing away " relatives is more a consequence of local ducks declining than of Mallards spreading ; allopatric speciation and isolating behaviour have produced today's diversity of Mallard-like ducks despite the fact that in most if not all of these populations, hybridization must have occurred to some extent.
As a consequence Chinchón beverage, like Cognac, is called directly with the name of the town where it is produced.
This would essentially allow for shapes to be identified, although given the lack of filtering input produced internally, one may as a consequence, hallucinate-essentially seeing something that isn't received as an input externally but rather internal ( i. e. an error in the filtering of segmented sensory data from the cerebral cortex may result in one seeing, feeling, hearing or experiencing something that is inconsistent with reality ).
An important consequence of this was that metallic glasses could only be produced in a limited number of forms ( typically ribbons, foils, or wires ) in which one dimension was small so that heat could be extracted quickly enough to achieve the necessary cooling rate.
As a consequence of the local abattoirs and other industries which produced volumes of toxic waste, the residents of the neighbourhood are highly concerned about pollution issues, and the city of Toronto has put significant efforts into cleaning up former industrial sites.
Saari 2006, 5 ) The principle of a time series is to describe, for example, the profitability of production annually by means of a relative surplus value and also to explain how profitability was produced as a consequence of productivity development and income distribution.
A negative consequence of these large scale plantings is that the wine produced from these sites are typically of a lower quality than Riesling wines which in turn has a depressing economic effect on the prices of all Mosel wines.
Another drama, The Fatal Falsehood, produced in 1779 after Garrick's death, was less successful and, as a consequence of its failure, she never wrote for the stage again.
Recovery from an action potential is partly dependent on a type of voltage-gated potassium channel that is closed at the resting voltage level but opens as a consequence of the large voltage change produced during the action potential.
It is the only play of real consequence that the school has yet produced.
In such conditions, the engine may get stuck, and any sudden change or imbalance in the relation between heat produced by the engine and heat dissipated by cooling may result in an increased wear of engine, as a consequence also of thermal dilatation differences between parts of engine, liquid cooled engines having more stable and uniform working temperatures.
The town has attracted interest and tourist visits for most of its existence, and as a consequence a number of guide books and histories have been produced
Observers suggested that differences between automobiles produced and marketed by the Chevy, Buick, and Oldsmobile divisions were less distinct as a consequence.

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