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historian and works
Although Bede is mainly studied as a historian now, in his time his works on grammar, chronology, and biblical studies were as important as his historical and hagiographical works.
The historian Walter Goffart argues that Bede based the structure of the Historia on three works, using them as the framework around which the three main sections of the work were structured.
The most extensive account of the life of Domitian to survive was written by the historian Suetonius, who was born during the reign of Vespasian, and published his works under Emperor Hadrian ( 117 – 138 ).
Notwithstanding the great influence of his works on others, Eusebius was not himself a great historian.
The earliest secure reference to this passage is found in the writings of the fourth-century Christian apologist and historian Eusebius, who used Josephus ' works extensively as a source for his own Historia Ecclesiastica.
Ever since its first publication, Murray's theory has come under criticism for flaws in its use of evidence, with later historian Ronald Hutton remarking that it consisted of " a few well-known works by Continental demonologists, a few tracts printed in England and quite a number of published records of Scottish witch trials.
Beginning in the 1970s, Anderson's historically grounded works were influenced by the theories of the historian John K. Hord, who argued that all empires follow the same broad cyclical pattern — in which the Terran Empire of the Dominic Flandry spy stories fit neatly.
The 16th-century Italian historian Onofrio Panvinio, commenting on one of Bartolomeo Platina's works that refer to Pope Joan, theorized that the story of Pope Joan may have originated from tales of Pope John XII ; John reportedly had many mistresses, including one called Joan, who was very influential in Rome during his pontificate.
The main literary sources for Servius ' life and achievements are the Roman historian Livy ( 59 BC – AD 17 ), his near contemporary Dionysius of Halicarnassus, and Plutarch ( c. 46 – 120 AD ); their own sources included works by Quintus Fabius Pictor, Diocles of Peparethus and Quintus Ennius.
In his last years, Bowdler prepared an expurgated version of the works of the historian Edward Gibbon, which was published posthumously in 1826.
During the Age of Enlightenment and Nordic Renaissance, historical scholarship in Scandinavia became more rational and pragmatic in the works of a Danish-Norwegian historian Ludvig Holberg and Swedish Olof von Dalin.
Much of what is known of this century comes from the works of the Roman historian Polybius, whose main concern is the story of how Rome comes to dominate the known world.
* Al-Jahiz, an Arabic prose writer, historian, and author of works of adab, Mu ' tazili theology, and politico-religious polemics ( b. 776 )
Painterliness is a translation of the German term, a word popularized by Swiss art historian Heinrich Wölfflin ( 1864 – 1945 ) in order to help focus, enrich and standardize the terms being used by art historians of his time to characterize works of art.
Putnam has been featured in numerous biographies and works of fiction, including an 1876 book by Increase N. Tarbox, acclaimed historian, theologian, and author.
The Roman historian Tacitus is often stated to have been born in Terni, but there is no evidence for the claim, which is circumstantially based on the probable birth there of the emperor of the same name, and on the attested fact that that emperor took care to have his namesake's works widely copied, in the apparent belief that they were related.
The Res gestae saxonicae are significant historical accounts of the times of Otto the Great and Henry the Fowler, modelled on the works of the Roman historian Sallust and the deuterocanonical Books of the Maccabees.
Her old house is now home to the writer and historian Geoffrey Ashe, who is known for his works on local legends.
Much of the ancient history of Carlisle is still unknown and what is known is derived mainly from archaeological evidence and the works of Roman historian Gaius Tacitus.
Important details of his biography are gleaned from the works of the 1st century CE Roman-Jewish historian Josephus Flavius.
* Harry Turtledove, a historian noted for his alternate historical works, has written several series set in a place called Videssos, which is a thinly disguised Byzantine Empire.
The 825 date is taken from the writings of Pompeius Trogus ( 1st century BC ), whose forty-four book Philippic History survives only in abridged form in the works of the Roman historian Justin.
Diodorus Siculus ( Diodoros Sikeliotes ) was a Greek historian, who wrote works of history between 60 and 30 BC.
Geographer and historian David Harvey in a series of works from the 1970s onwards ( Social Justice and the City, 1973 ; The Limits to Capital, 1982 ; The Urbanization of Capital, 1985 ; Spaces of Hope, 2000 ; Spaces of Capital, 2001 ; Spaces of Neoliberalization, 2005 ; The Enigma of Capital and the Crises of Capitalism, 2010 ), elaborated Marx's thought on the systemic contradictions of capitalism, particularly in relation to the production of the urban environment ( and to the production of space more broadly ).

historian and included
The historian Michael Lapidge suggests that the Laudes Regiae, which are included in Cotton Vitellius E xii, might have been composed by Ealdred, or a member of his household.
At the coroner's inquest the next day, the jury, which included Oxford's servant and Cecil's protégé, the future historian Raphael Holinshed, found that Brincknell was drunk when he ran onto Oxford's blade.
* Business historian Robert Sobel wrote For Want of a Nail, a fictional history of an alternate North America which included hundreds of fictional footnotes and a bibliography listing over a hundred fictional histories and biographies.
Due to his literary style and the thoroughness of his research — which seemingly included studying Roman imperial archives and heavily relying on Thucydides — and his apparent rigor — for he tended not to support any character or subject, taking an impartial point of view — he was by far the most read and admired historian during the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the early Modern Era.
Along these lines, the ancient historian Josephus emphasized practices and observances rather than religious beliefs, associating apostasy with a failure to observe Jewish law and maintaining that the requirements for conversion to Judaism included circumcision and adherence to traditional customs.
The historian William J. Cooper has stated that Davis believed in southern social order that included " a democratic white polity based firmly on dominance of a controlled and excluded black caste.
Oswald Manuel Arnold Gottfried Spengler ( 29 May 1880 – 8 May 1936 ) was a German historian and philosopher whose interests also included mathematics, science, and art.
Texts most susceptible to being overwritten included obsolete legal and liturgical ones, sometimes of intense interest to the historian.
The Jewish historian Eupolemus, who wrote about 157 BC, included copies of apocryphal letters exchanged between Solomon and the kings of Egypt and Tyre.
Yule is attested early in the history of the Germanic peoples ; from the 4th century Gothic language it appears in the month name, and, in the 8th century, the English historian Bede wrote that the Anglo-Saxon calendar included the months geola or giuli corresponding with either modern December or December and January.
Other former or current residents of the area have included poet and singer-songwriter Jake Thackray, historian and TV presenter Professor Saul David, and astrologer Russell Grant.
Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. included William Harvey in a list of " The Ten Most Influential People of the Second Millennium " in the World Almanac & Book of Facts.
The historian Jonathan Foyle has suggested that it is likely that Wolsey had been inspired by Paolo Cortese's De Cardinalatu, a manual for cardinals that included advice on palatial architecture, published in 1510.
More recent regular team members have included archaeologist Neil Holbrook, Roman coins specialist Philippa Walton, and historian Sam Newton.
According to the British historian Richard Overy, the Eastern Front included more combat than all the other European fronts combined.
John Rewald, an art historian focused on the birth of Modern art, wrote a series of books about the Post-Impressionist period, including Post-Impressionism: From Van Gogh to Gauguin ( 1956 ) and an essay, Paul Gauguin: Letters to Ambroise Vollard and André Fontainas ( included in Rewald's Studies in Post-Impressionism, 1986 ), discusses Gauguin's years in Tahiti, and the struggles of his survival as seen through correspondence with the art dealer Vollard and others.
In 1784, on his 50th birthday, historian John Filson published The Discovery, Settlement And present State of Kentucke, a book which included a chronicle of Boone's adventures.
Leading historians of the period who testified as " experts " during the trial included Jean-Pierre Azéma, André Kaspi, Marc-Olivier Baruch, Henry Rousso, Denis Peschanski, Maurice Rajsfus, René Rémond, Jacques Delarue, Henri Amouroux, Michel Bergès, as well as US historian Robert Paxton and Swiss historian Philippe Burin.
They included William Wilberforce, Henry Thornton and Zachary Macaulay, father of the historian Thomas Macaulay, as well as William Smith, M. P., the Dissenter and Unitarian.
Its daughters included Agnes, a historian ;
According to the Greek historian Ptolemy, the principal cities included: Brabum, Sisara, Deobrigula, Ambisna Segiasamon and Verovesca ( briviesca ).
Morrell's lovers may have included the philosopher Bertrand Russell, the writer Dorothy Bussy, the painters Augustus John, and Henry Lamb, the artist Dora Carrington, the art historian Roger Fry, and in her later years, there was even a brief affair with a gardener, Lionel Gomme, who was employed at Garsington.
A self-proclaimed " low-brow " historian, his topics included Ethan Allen, the railroads, the timber industry, the Wobblies, and eccentrics of the Pacific Northwest.

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