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partial and explanation
# A partial explanation is that gas molecules hitting the warmer side of the vane will pick up some of the heat, bouncing off the vane with increased speed.
Journalists who believe they are being fair or objective may give biased accounts — by reporting selectively, trusting too much to anecdote, or giving a partial explanation of actions.
It provides both a motivation for abandonment and an explanation for his partial recovery under Itard's treatment.
Many socio-political theories postulate that socialization provides only a partial explanation for human beliefs and behaviors, maintaining that agents are not ' blank slates ' predetermined by their environment.
:“ We can see no reason why partial profile DNA evidence should not be admissible provided that the jury are made aware of its inherent limitations and are given a sufficient explanation to enable them to evaluate it.
But this explanation is only a partial explanation for the word " Wisdom ".
A 1996 study offers a partial explanation for this generally late diagnosis, suggesting the psychiatric symptoms cause delays in seeking treatment, as well as delays in receiving appropriate diagnosis.
He remained convinced this was due to partial entrainment or aether dragging, though he did not attempt a detailed explanation.
Social psychology provides a partial explanation for the phenomenon in the way ' the norm of social commitment directs us to honor our agreements .... People usually stick to the deal even though it has changed for the worse '.
This provides a partial explanation of the Gibbs phenomenon, since Fourier series with absolutely convergent Fourier coefficients would be uniformly convergent by the Weierstrass M-test and would thus be unable to exhibit the above oscillatory behavior.
These villains would agree to take on Suicide Squad missions in exchange for commuted prison sentences ; thus, the Squad served as a partial explanation for what sometimes appeared to be a revolving-door justice system in the DC Universe.
This effect can provide a partial explanation for the widespread acceptance of some beliefs and practices, such as astrology, fortune telling, graphology, and some types of personality tests.
In her older years, Sophia suffered a stroke ( the effects of which are said to be a partial explanation for Sophia's blunt, uncensored, and brazen remarks ) and was subsequently placed in Shady Pines retirement home by Dorothy.
Thus temporarily there is partial duplication of the content, so it is useful to put an explanation in the edit summary.
Recently, Peter Gärdenfors ( 2000 ) has elaborated a possible partial explanation of prototype theory in terms of multi-dimensional feature spaces called Conceptual Spaces, where a category is defined in terms of a conceptual distance.
In partial explanation, St Kilda was evacuated in 1930 ; at the time he was Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.
They have been shown in a meta-analysis to produce a relative risk reduction of up to 50 %, but the studies evaluated to come to this conclusion used the drug cisapride which has since been removed from the market ( now only available as an investigational agent ) due to serious adverse events such as torsades, and publication bias has been cited as a potential partial explanation for such a high benefit.
Based on work conducted by Japanese historians in the 1970s some scholars have however challenged this view, believing it to only be a partial explanation of political reality.
Little's hypothesized partial albinism explanation for cream and white colored coats has been applied across most domestic dog breeds, including white coat dogs from German Shepherd breed lines, since Little first published his book.
Little's 1957-era partial albinism dilution explanation, as applied to explain domestic dog white and cream coat colors, can be replaced by the findings of modern genetic research.
It also explores some of Jigsaw's back story, providing a partial explanation of his reason for becoming Jigsaw.
" Lloyd, for example, proposed an alternative explanation for all apparent instances of a-mutation of */ i /; he suggested that " the partial overlapping in Germanic of the two phonemes / i / ( represented in all environments by ) and / e / ( with the allophones and ) led to the occasional development of an e-allophone of i by systemic analogy ".
Darsie obtained a partial explanation from him, and was told to prepare for a journey disguised as a woman.

partial and she
At the beginning of the play she has partial illumination and at the end she has complete illumination, but there has been no question but that she moves toward the dark.
In December of that same year she made an important find consisting of the partial skeleton of a pterosaur.
During the Russo-Turkish War, Alexandra was clearly partial against Turkey and towards Russia, where her sister was married to the Tsarevitch, and she lobbied for a revision of the border between Greece and Turkey in favour of the Greeks.
After being trapped on the TARDIS as it is about to be destroyed, she is drawn towards the Doctor's hand, which was severed in the 2005 Christmas special and loaded with unused energy from a partial regeneration ( see " Journey's End ", 2008 ).
In 1874 she presented three papers — on partial differential equations, on the dynamics of Saturn's rings and on elliptic integrals — to the University of Göttingen as her doctoral dissertation.
* If a player has a partial suit of cards, he or she can play all of that partial suit if the cards are in order.
As a partial proponent of neurodiversity, Grandin has expressed that she would not support a cure of the entirety of the autistic spectrum.
Depending on a golfer's finish in the final qualifying tournament, she may receive full or partial playing privileges on the LPGA Tour.
Sophie was the heiress of Hesse which she passed on to her son, Henry upon her retention of the territory following her partial victory in the War of the Thuringian Succession in which she was one of the belligerents.
Hewitt voted with the rebels to defeat the Cabinet's partial ban, which was replaced by the outright ban which she had always wanted.
Her partial hearing loss made socializing difficult, and she was generally older and better educated than most of the unmarried women in the area.
After an operation in 1910, however, ' Emma took to her couch, and remained a partial invalid until she died on 30 July 1924 of a cerebral haemmorrhage '.
Born in Yokohama Chinatown, Japan ( though she is of partial Chinese descent ) as Linn Minmei, Minmay moved in with her uncle Shaochin ( 少江 ) and aunt Feichun ( 慧中 ) on South Ataria Island in hopes of finding the path to fulfill her dream of becoming a star.
One of three children, she contracted spinal meningitis at the age of two and struggled with partial blindness, deafness in one ear and temporary paralysis.
However, Nicholas was advised that attempts to improvise a partial mobilization would lead to chaos and probable defeat if, as pessimists on the Russian side expected, no amount of diplomacy could convince the Germans to refrain from attacking Russia whilst she was engaged with Germany's ally.
Around 1955 she also wrote a partial autobiography, China Eggs, which covered her life up to about the time she left San Faustino, but she never tried to publish it.
During her lifetime, she was the beneficiary of Forbes family trusts, which her son John Kerry is now the partial beneficiary ; as Rosemary was one of 11 children, there is not much that remained.
A hybrid ship combining a partial angled flight deck with the heavy antiship missile armament of a Soviet guided-missile cruiser, she operates only vertical or short takeoff and landing ( VSTOL ) jets and helicopters.
has shifted to the hybridized posthuman of technoscience, from “ representation ” to “ simulation ,” “ bourgeois novel ” to “ science fiction ,” “ reproduction ” to “ replication ,” and “ white capitalist patriarchy ” to “ informatics of domination .” While Haraway ’ s “ ironic dream of a common language ” is inspired by Irigaray ’ s argument for a discourse other than patriarchy, she rejects Irigaray ’ s essentializing construction of woman-as-not-male to argue for a linguistic community of situated, partial knowledges in which no one is innocent.

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