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poet and she
From the outset, she must have realized that marriage with him was out of the question, and although she was displeased by the `` unwarrantable '' interference, it seems probable that she did agree with her mother's suggestion that the poet was `` perhaps '' a man `` most fitted to live & die solitary, & in the love only of the Highest Lover ''.
Ivinskaya relates in her memoirs that, when the agents burst into her apartment, she was at her typewriter working on translations of the Korean poet Won Tu-Son.
It was restored to his widow, at the pleading of the poet André Chénier ; " She is old ", he urged, " she is seventy-six, and her husband has left her no heritage save his illustrious name, his virtues and his poverty.
* The Italian Renaissance poet Lucrezia Tornabuoni chose Esther as one of biblical figures on which she wrote poetry.
When she sings, she is able to inspire and mesmerise the poet by describing a false paradise.
In Poland, the rough equivalent of this term is " coffee shop revolutionist " meaning a journalist, poet or any other intellectual who criticizes capitalism and free market mechanisms in his / her publications, but has generally weak understanding of economy because of living in the ivory tower of salon life, so he / she has no idea about the real life of the poor.
Scholars have long seen Webster's 1844 dictionary to be an important resource for reading poet Emily Dickinson's life and work ; she once commented that the " Lexicon " was her " only companion " for years.
The Victorian artist and poet Thomas Woolner wrote Silenus, a long narrative poem about the myth, in which Syrinx becomes the lover of Silenus, but drowns when she attempts to escape rape by Pan, as a result of the crime Pan is transmuted into a demon figure and Silenus becomes a drunkard.
" In 1970, radical feminist poet Robin Morgan published the poem " Arraignment ", in which she openly accused Hughes of the battery and murder of Plath ; other feminists threatened to kill him in Plath's name.
Gonne was eighteen months younger than Yeats and later claimed she met the poet as a " paint-stained art student.
Her nickname, Murasaki, was most probably given at a court dinner in an incident she recorded in her diary: in c. 1008 the well-known court poet Fujiwara no Kintō inquired after the " Young Murasaki "— an allusion to the character named Murasaki in Genji — which would have been considered a compliment from a male court poet to a female author.
The following year, she played her last great leading role in a superlative film, The Night of the Iguana ( 1964 ), based upon a Tennessee Williams play and starring Richard Burton as an atheist clergyman and Deborah Kerr as a gentle artist traveling with her aged poet grandfather.
She became acquainted with her husband, the poet and author Johann Christoph Gottsched, when she sent him some of her own works.
A shâ ' er ( Arabic for poet ) ( a poet who writes she ' rs in Urdu or Persian ) almost always has a takhallus, a pen name, traditionally placed at the end of the name ( often marked by a peculiar graphical sign placed above it ) when referring to the poet by his full name.
While she is best known for her work as a novelist, she is also a poet, having published fifteen books of poetry to date.
The relationship ended when she became the lover, then the wife of the surrealist poet Robert Desnos.

poet and was
She began to explain, `` There was this poet, in Italy '' He interrupted, `` Please don't judge all poets ''.
Of these there are surely few that would be more rewarding discoveries than Verner Von Heidenstam, the Swedish poet and novelist who received the award in 1916 and whose centennial was celebrated two years ago.
After all, Pike was an established poet and his work had been published in the respectable periodicals of that center of American culture, Boston.
The poet was by definition a realist, his imaginings and parables being natural organizations of reality.
Perhaps Patchen was once involved in a train accident, and this passage from First Will And Testament may have been how the accident appeared to the poet when he first saw it -- if he did: ``
He was a well-to-do, handsome, and sensitive young poet.
The lordly poet was at low-water mark.
It may seem strange that a poet should come to full fruition in his seventies, but we have it on Hardy's own authority that `` he was a child till he was sixteen, a youth till he was five-and-twenty, and a young man till he was nearly fifty '' ( Early Life, p. 42 ).
We may carry this sequence one step further and say that at seventy he was a poet at the height of his powers, wanting only the impetus of two tragedies, one personal, the other national, to loose those powers in poetry.
The epic language was not entirely the servant of the poet ; ;
If Cynewulf was literate, the Beowulf poet may have been also, and so may the final redactor of The Iliad and The Odyssey.
Incurably optimistic, dogmatic, and utterly fearless, in his youth a devout Baptist, in spite of his friendship for the Quaker poet John Greenleaf Whittier ( 1807-1892 ) he eventually attacked the orthodox churches for what he deemed their cowardly compromising on the slavery issue and in his invariably ardent manner was emphatically unorthodox and denied the plenary inspiration of the Bible.
Julia was the niece of poet and critic Matthew Arnold and the sister of Mrs. Humphrey Ward.
" In the version that was offered by the Hellenistic poet Callimachus, which has become the standard setting, Artemis was bathing in the woods when the hunter Actaeon stumbled across her, thus seeing her naked.
Alcuin of York () or Ealhwine, nicknamed Albinus or Flaccus ( 730s or 740s 19 May 804 ) was an English scholar, ecclesiastic, poet and teacher from York, Northumbria.
760 d. 18 February 814 ) was a Frank who served Charlemagne as a diplomat, abbot, poet and semi-son-in-law.
It was formerly the residence of historical novelist and poet, Walter Scott.
Alain de Lille ( or Alanus ab Insulis ) ( c. 1116 / 1117 1202 / 1203 ), French theologian and poet, was born in Lille, some years before 1128.

poet and well
Something indirect, mixed, reconciling, tensional might well be the stratagem, the devious technique by which a poet indulged in all kinds of talk about love and anger and even in something like `` expressions '' of these emotions, without aiming at their incitement or even uttering anything that essentially involves their incitement ''.
Yet Davidson impressed him as a poet capable of `` sustained power, passion, or beauty '', and he cited specific passages to illustrate not only these qualities but Davidson's command of imagery as well.
In a time when poetic style, and poetic belief as well, seem in a state of continual flux, Hardy stands out as a poet of almost perverse consistency.
He befriended English poet Matthew Arnold and English philosopher Herbert Spencer as well as being in correspondence and acquaintance with most of the U. S. Presidents, statesmen, and notable writers.
In 1732, to avoid an unwanted marriage, he left the town for Milan and then for Verona where the theatre manager Giuseppe Imer helped him on his way to becoming a comical poet as well as introducing him to his future wife, Nicoletta Conio.
The authors are unknown, even if several studies indicate that Galician poet Airas Nunes might well have been the author of a large part of them.
He is depicted as a righteous king, though not without faults, as well as an acclaimed warrior, musician, and poet, traditionally credited for composing many of the psalms contained in the Book of Psalms.
The movement, from 1772 until 1805, involved Herder as well as polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ( 1749 1832 ) and Friedrich Schiller ( 1759 1805 ), a poet and historian.
Melville is less well known as a poet and did not publish poetry until later in life.
Neither partner was faithful: beginning in 1503, Lucrezia enjoyed a long relationship with her brother-in-law, Francesco II Gonzaga, Marquess of Mantua as well as a love affair with the poet Pietro Bembo.
Invented by a poet and a local newspaper columnist Eric Kosciuszko in the 1920s, it has since been adopted by state and local government as well as the residents, and has taken on the sense of a general spring celebration.
Frederic Ogden Nash ( August 19, 1902 May 19, 1971 ) was an American poet well known for his light verse.
The poet Hesiod connects the name Pegasus with the word for " spring, well ", pēgē: " the pegai of Okeanos, where he was born.
Like his immediate predecessors, he was devoted to France, and he demonstrated his French sympathies by refusing a solemn invitation to return to Rome from the city's people, as well as from the poet Petrarch.
Agricola was a Hebrew scholar towards the end of his life, an educator, musician and builder of a church organ, a poet in Latin as well as the vernacular, a diplomat and a sportsman of sorts ( boxing ).
Scott met the blind poet Thomas Blacklock who lent him books as well as introducing him to James Macpherson's Ossian cycle of poems.
The ministry also developed a new anthology of Ruben Dario, a Nicaraguan poet and writer, established a Ruben Dario prize for Latin American writers, the Leonel Rugama prize for young Nicaraguan writers, as well as public poetry readings and contests, cultural festivals and concerts.
Adorno additionally befriended the writer and poet Hans Magnus Enzensberger as well as the film-maker Alexander Kluge.
Ignacy Krasicki, the last prince-bishop of Warmia as well as Elightment Polish poet, friend of Frederick the Great whom he did not give Homage as his new king, was nominated to the Archbishopric of Gnesen ( Gniezno ) in 1795.
The distinguished Latinists Pietro Bembo and Jacopo Sadoleto were papal secretaries, as well as the famous poet Bernardo Accolti.
Other adherents to the teachings of Epicurus included the poet Horace, whose famous statement Carpe Diem (" Seize the Day ") illustrates the philosophy, as well as Lucretius, as he showed in his De Rerum Natura.
Other noteworthy initiatives include the total renovation of the Qur ' an Gate and the mausoleum of the poet Khwaju Kermani, both located in the Allah-u-Akbar Gorge, as well as the restoration and expansion of the mausoleum of the famous Shiraz-born poets Hafiz and Saadi.
The emphasis of Federico's court was rather more literary than artistic, but Giovanni Santi was a poet of sorts as well as a painter, and had written a rhymed chronicle of the life of Federico, and both wrote the texts and produced the decor for masque-like court entertainments.
Whilst some critics have accused Heaney of being " an apologist and a mythologizer " of the violence, Blake Morrison suggests the poet " has written poems directly about the Troubles as well as elegies for friends and acquaintances who have died in them ; he has tried to discover a historical framework in which to interpret the current unrest ; and he has taken on the mantle of public spokesman, someone looked to for comment and guidance ...

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