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Governor and 1875
1875 Canadian Illustrated News cartoon shows Mackenzie the Mason and Governor General Lord Dufferin the Overseer In Canada, Mackenzie continued his career as a stonemason, building many structures that still stand today.
* February 11 – John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir, Governor General of Canada ( b. 1875 )
John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir ( 26 August 1875 11 February 1940 ) was a Scottish novelist, historian and Unionist politician who served as Governor General of Canada, the 15th since Canadian Confederation.
In the 19th century there were several attempts to eliminate Churchill County because of its small population, but Assemblyman Lemuel Allen was able to stop it on all occasions including convincing the Governor to veto the bill after it had been passed by both houses in 1875.
When Grey was appointed Governor of New Zealand, he presented his collection to the South African Public Library on condition that Bleek be its curator, a position he occupied from 1862 until his death in 1875.
* John C. Brown, Governor of Tennessee from 1871 to 1875 ; born in Giles County.
The county was named for John L. Pennington, fifth Governor of Dakota Territory, who held office in 1875 when the county was formed.
The county is named for James B. McCreary, a Confederate war hero and Governor of Kentucky from 1875 to 1879.
In 1836 he was called by Sir Francis Bond Head ( 1793 – 1875 ), the Lieutenant Governor, to the Executive Council, but finding himself without influence, and compelled to countenance measures to which he was opposed, he resigned within a month.
The first local flag of Tasmania was adopted by proclamation of Tasmanian colonial Governor Sir Frederick Weld on 9 November 1875.
Two or three unsuccessful attempts were made to oust the government without success, but in February 1875, Governor Robinson's decision to release of the bushranger Frank Gardiner led to the defeat of the ministry.
His 1875 national debates with hard money New York Governor Stewart L. Woodford set the stage for a rapid but brief rise in party national influence.
General Sir Duncan Alexander Cameron GCB ( 20 May 1808 – 8 June 1888 ) was a British Army officer who fought in the Crimean War ( 1853 – 1856 ), commanded troops during part of the New Zealand Land Wars and was Governor of the Royal Military College Sandhurst from 1868 to 1875.
After his return to England, Cameron was promoted lieutenant-general, was appointed Commissioner to enquire into the present state of Military Education in this country, received the Knights Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath and general ( 1874 ), and served, 1868 – 1875, as Governor of the Royal Military College Sandurst.
He temporarily served as Governor of Fiji from 10 October 1874 to June 1875, while concurrently Governor of New South Wales.
William Gannaway " Parson " Brownlow ( August 29, 1805April 29, 1877 ) was an American newspaper editor, minister, and politician who served as Governor of Tennessee from 1865 to 1869 and as a United States Senator from Tennessee from 1869 to 1875.
In 1875, Kirkpatrick contested the Governor General's right to pardon Louis Riel without the consent of the Canadian Cabinet.
Lieut .- General Sir Henry William Stisted, ( 1817 – 10 December 1875 ), served as the first Lieutenant Governor of Ontario after Confederation, from 1867 to 1868.
John Willoughby Crawford QC ( 1817 – 13 May 1875 ) served as the third Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Canada from 1873 to 1875.
In 1875 Macdonald was appointed the fourth Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and held that post until 1880.
* Cecil Clementi ( 1875 – 1947 ), Governor of Hong Kong
* February 11-John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir, novelist, politician and 15th Governor General of Canada ( b. 1875 )

Governor and turned
Its first known permanent resident was Portuguese, Fernão Lopez who had turned traitor in India and had been mutilated by order of Albuquerque, the Governor of Goa.
On May 23, 1919, the Southern Californians ' efforts were rewarded when Governor William D. Stephens signed Assembly Bill 626 into law, which turned the campus into the Southern Branch of the University of California and added its general undergraduate program, the College of Letters and Science .< ref >
A number of settlers sought land over the next few years, but Governor Darling turned down all requests.
This Bond was denied by the Governor, and when the Bond was turned down, the Chancellor explained that Rutgers University would never be a Princeton.
In line for an appointment by the Governor of Virginia to become Commandant of Cadets at Virginia Military Institute ( VMI ), he turned the opportunity down and remained in the Union Army.
A Federal district court in Minneapolis ruled against the Governor on December 23, and the plant turned back to Wilson & Co. just days later.
Catron turned to the Territorial Governor Samuel B. Axtell.
In Parliament, Seddon aligned himself with George Grey, a former Governor turned Premier.
The trial lasted five months: Rawson Macharia, the main prosecution witness, turned out to have perjured himself ; the judge — who had only recently been awarded an unusually large pension, and who maintained secret contact with the then colonial Governor of Kenya Evelyn Baring during the trial — was openly hostile to the defendants ' cause.
Any real tendency to the secessionist cause, however, could be refuted when he turned down Virginia Governor John Letcher's offer to become chief of ordnance for the Virginia Provisional Army.
In 1831 Morazán and Governor Mariano Galvez turned Guatemala into a testing ground for these ' enlightenment-like ' policies.
He turned down the offer because of his desire to serve out his term as Governor, but did offer assistance to López in obtaining men and material for the expedition.
In 1955, Governor Foster Furcolo turned down a proposal to establish the Shirley-Eustis House in Roxbury, built by royal Governor William Shirley, as the official residence.
Ejercito, nephew of former President, actor and former Mayor of Pagsanjan turned Governor of Laguna
famed fashion photographer Rupert Callender, Louis Armstrong, Godfrey Cambridge, George " BBQ George " Williams former Harlem Night Club Dancer turned restaurateur who owned the renowned BBQ George's Supper Club frequented by the Black elite of Queens and New York politicos including civil rights activist Judge William " Bill " Booth, Publisher and NYC Human Rights Commissioner and Publisher Ken Drew as well as Mayor John Lindsay and Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller.
After Brownlow was elected Governor of Tennessee in 1865, publication of the Whig was turned over to his son, John Bell Brownlow, although the elder Brownlow continued to write for the paper.
But when he discovered that they held no titles to the land, having been turned over to Governor William Anderson Pile in the late nineteenth century, he resolved to go to Mexico to study the issue.
A joint project to build a free bridge across the Red River on U. S. Highway 75 between Durant, Oklahoma and Denison, Texas turned into a major dispute when the Governor of Texas blocked traffic from entering his state on the new bridge.
Near the start of the Civil War, Parker tried to raise a regiment of Iroquois volunteers to fight for the Union, but was turned down by New York Governor Edwin D. Morgan.
William Wolcott Ellsworth ( November 10, 1791 – January 15, 1868 ) was a Yale-educated attorney who served as the 30th Governor of Connecticut, a three-term United States Congressman, a Justice on the State Supreme Court, and who twice turned down nomination to the state's United States Senate seat.
He turned down the appointment of Territorial Governor of Washington from Franklin Pierce in 1857 .< ref >
The Lieutenant Governor therefore needed a Conservative to fill the post of premier, and turned to Boucher de Boucherville.
Kellerman testified to the Warren Commission, " I turned around to find out what happened when two additional shots rang out and the President slumped into Mrs. Kennedy's lap and Governor Connally fell to Mrs. Connally's lap.

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