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result and Constans
As a result of the dispute, the Byzantine Emperor Justinian II ordered Sergius I's abduction ( as his predecessor Constans II had done with Pope Martin I ), but with the assistance of the exarch of Ravenna, Sergius I was able to avoid trial in Constantinople.
In Philippopolis, they anathemized the term homoousios, in effect excommunicating Pope Julius I as well as their rivals at the Council in Sardica, and introduced the term Anomoian and as a result, the Arian controversy was perpetuated, rather than resolved, as was the original intention of the Roman emperors Constans and Constantius along with Pope Julius who called the Council of Sardica.

result and took
The enemy came looming around a bend in the trail and Matsuo took a hasty shot, then fled without knowing the result, ran until breath was a pain in his chest and his legs were rubbery.
The warning — a result of violent activity springing from Mexico's drug cartel debacle — took college campuses by storm, with some schools going so far as to warn their students about the risks of travel to Mexico over spring break.
The southern half of Sakhalin was acquired by Japan as a result of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904 – 05, but at the end of World War II in 1945, the Soviets declared war on Japan and took possession of the Kuril islands and southern Sakhalin.
As a result, Alexios and Constantine, Maria's son, were now adoptive brothers and both Isaac and Alexios took an oath that they would safeguard his rights as emperor.
In March 1789, riots took place as a result of a crisis in wheat production.
As a result, on 13 Adar, five hundred attackers and Haman's ten sons are killed in Shushan, followed by a Jewish slaughter of seventy-five thousand Persians, although they took no plunder.
Retrieved at < http :// books. google. com / books? id = NztlWQeXf2IC & printsec = frontcover & dq = zhou + enlai & hl = en & ei = wBkuTdKyB4H_8AaJucigAQ & sa = X & oi = book_result & ct = result & resnum = 2 & ved = 0CCsQ6AEwAQ # v = onepage & q & f = false > on March 12, 2011. p. 38 </ ref > More liberal estimates regarding the White Terror in China, estimate it took millions of lives, most of them in the rural areas.
For example, the view that numbers are Platonic objects was revived by Kurt Gödel as a result of certain puzzles that he took to arise from the phenomenological accounts.
The craters of the moon have been well preserved through time and were once thought to have been the result of extreme volcanic activity, but instead were formed by meteorites, nearly all of which took place in the first few hundred million years after the Moon formed.
Furthermore, because of the nature of the statistical tests used by experimenters, a very small proportion of all experiments conducted will yield an overall statistically significant result ( suggesting that clairvoyance took place at above-chance levels ), again simply because of chance.
When Sholes took over pop production in 1957 — a result of his success with Elvis Presley — he put Atkins in charge of RCA Victor's Nashville division.
From 1100 to 1500 AD, significant deforestation took place in Western Europe as a result of the expanding human population.
After Köppen, others took over the trading monopoly, though the economy suffered as a result of the war between Denmark and Sweden.
As a result the baron took the lad into his protection, which meant that he paid his tuition.
The decisive battle probably took place near Thebes and the result was a clear defeat of Aemilianus.
As a result of this, Ebbinghaus left to join the University of Breslau ( now Wrocław, Poland ), in a chair left open by Theodor Lipps ( who took over Stumpf's position when he moved to Berlin ).
Albert consulted widely, took enormous pains, and spent some £ 8, 000 on the operation, which reduced the weight of the stone by a huge 42 percent — but nevertheless Albert was dissatisfied with the result.
Karađorđe's paternal ancestors migrated during the Second Great Serb Migration in 1737-1739 under the leadership of Patriarch Šakabenta, as a result of the Austrian-Turkish War in which Serbs took part.
Therefore, the Manichaean worldview explained the existence of evil with a flawed creation God took no role in forming and was the result of Satan striking out against God.
At the same time, with the underground network of Montoneros militants largely uprooted in the capital of Tucumán province, several hundred ERP militants took the streets in the Argentine city of Córdoba in the last week of August 1975, in an effort to divert attention from the military operations being waged in the jungles and mountains of Tucumán and five policemen were killed as a result, after the police headquarters was attacked with gunfire and the police radio communications center bombed.
Following the evacuation of U. S. Marines in 1925, another violent conflict between liberals and conservatives known as the Constitutionalist War took place in 1926, when Liberal soldiers in the Caribbean port of Puerto Cabezas revolted against Conservative President Adolfo Díaz, recently installed as a result of United States pressure following a coup.
The bank is the result of the successive mergers and acquisitions of the Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian banks of Nordbanken, Merita Bank, Unibank and Kreditkassen ( Christiania Bank ) that took place between 1997 and 2000.
Nordea is the result of the successive mergers and acquisitions of the Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian banks of Nordbanken, Merita Bank, Unibank and Kreditkassen ( Christiania Bank ) that took place between 1997 and 2000.
In an interview in 2000, Mikhail Gorbachev, in response to the comment " In the 1980s, you warned about the unprecedented dangers of nuclear weapons and took very daring steps to reverse the arms race ," said " Models made by Russian and American scientists showed that a nuclear war would result in a nuclear winter that would be extremely destructive to all life on Earth ; the knowledge of that was a great stimulus to us, to people of honor and morality, to act in that situation.

result and control
Developed as a result of the multi-purpose resources control program of the government, vast, man-made bodies of water represent a kind of glorious fringe benefit, providing boating and fishing havens all over the country.
After all, the average American as he lies and waits for the enemy in Korea or as she scans the newspaper in some vain hope of personal contact with the front is unconcerned that his or her plight is the result of a complex of personal, economic and governmental actions far beyond the normal citizen's comprehension and control.
# The hijacking or control takeover of an aircraft must be a result of unlawful use of violence or an attempt to use violence ;
As a result they are not intended for heavy fighting ; their normal use is for reconnaissance, command, control, and communications, or for use against lightly armed insurgents or rioters.
As a result, it is not uncommon for current industry players to gain control of the " watchdog " and use it against competitors.
It brought to an end the first phase of the power struggle between the Papacy and the Holy Roman Emperors and has been interpreted as containing within itself the germ of nation-based sovereignty that would one day be confirmed in the Treaty of Westphalia ( 1648 ); in part this was an unforeseen result of strategic maneuvering between the Church and the European sovereigns over political control within their domains.
The usual objective of a control theory is to calculate solutions for the proper corrective action from the controller that result in system stability, that is, the system will hold the set point and not oscillate around it.
Its name comes from the information path in the system: process inputs ( e. g., voltage applied to an electric motor ) have an effect on the process outputs ( e. g., speed or torque of the motor ), which is measured with sensors and processed by the controller ; the result ( the control signal ) is " fed back " as input to the process, closing the loop.
The authors of the study interpreted this as being the result of the ease by which primary commodities may be extorted or captured compared to other forms of wealth, for example, it is easy to capture and control the output of a gold mine or oil field compared to a sector of garment manufacturing or hospitality services.
In 1955, Bob Casey, a well-known " sock hop " DJ, brought the two-turntable system to the U. S. Throughout the 1950s, payola continued to be a problem and one result of the payola scandal was tighter control of the music by station management.
The recovered wreck revealed that the water brake had deployed after the accident as a result of stored accumulator pressure ; Campbell would not have had time to deploy the relatively slow-moving brake as the boat flipped out of control.
In Loizidou v Turkey, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that jurisdiction of member states to the convention extended to areas under that state's effective control as a result of military action.
The most common surgeries are the resection of lesions like tumors or arteriovenous malformations, which, in the process of treating the underlying lesion, often result in control of epileptic seizures caused by these lesions.
This shows that, after suppressing the revolt of Macriani, Egypt had returned to Gallienus ' control ; however, in spring of 262, the city is reported to be rent by civil tumult, as a result of a new usurpation.
By 1433, as a result of the defeat of the last countess of Holland in the Hook and Cod Wars, the Duke of Burgundy had assumed control over most of the Dutch-speaking territories and the concept of a nation of Dutch-speaking people was conceived.
Relations with Nicaragua were somewhat more strained as a result of the continuing border dispute, but Carías and Somoza managed to keep this dispute under control throughout the 1930s and 1940s.
Thus as a result of the three Carnatic Wars, the British East India Company gained exclusive control over the entire Carnatic region of India.
The acceptance of artificial methods of birth control is then claimed to result in several negative consequences, among them a " general lowering of moral standards " resulting from sex without consequences, and the danger that men may reduce women " to being a mere instrument for the satisfaction of own desires "; finally, abuse of power by public authorities, and a false sense of autonomy.
* Irish martingale: Unlike the previous designs, this very simple " martingale " does not control the height of the horse's head, but merely keeps the reins from going over the horse's head in the result of a fall.
When control of insulin levels fails, diabetes mellitus can result.
Not a maritime power, and not a nation-state, as it became one, Germany's participation in Western imperialism was negligible until the late 19th century and the participation of Austria was primarily as a result of Habsburg control of the First Empire, the Spanish throne, and other royal houses.
Taking advantage of this internal conflict, the Persians seized the city of Kandahar and as a result of this loss, the Mughals lost control over the trade routes to Afghanistan, Persian and Central Asia and also exposed India to invasions from the north-west.
Although Abul Khayr's intent had been to form a temporary alliance against the stronger Kalmyks, the Russians gained permanent control of the Lesser Horde as a result of his decision.
As a result, GDP growth was modest, but positive, in 2010 and 2011, and inflation was under control.

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