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result and operates
However, a lobster's brain operates from not one but several ganglia and disabling only the frontal ganglion does not usually result in death or unconsciousness.
As a result of deregulation, France Télécom operates phone booth in Wellington, New Zealand.
Such power could result in serious interference if wave lengths were not strictly maintained, but the equipment with which X. E. R. F, operates assures its signal to stay " right on the beam.
This result suggests that the Westermarck effect operates during the period from birth to the age of six.
As a result of deregulation, France Télécom operates phone booths in Wellington, New Zealand.
A special case of unary negation occurs when it operates on a positive number, in which case the result is a negative number ( as in ).
This result provides evidence not only that the Westermarck effect is demonstrable but that it operates during the period from birth to the age of six.
Much of the Simulationist aesthetic revolves around promoting the daydream of a self-contained bubble universe that operates independently of player volition, with the result that many Simulationist techniques are both deterministic and relatively hands-off: events unfold on the basis of internal rules, not because the player decides it.
By relying on the result of one cell from the multi-cell embryo, PGD operates under the assumption that this cell is representative of the remainder of the embryo.
She claims that " the structural adjustment plans that IMF imposes on countries where it operates, systematically result in privatization of public utilities, dismantling of the state, drop in salaries and pensions, and removal of protections at boundaries ".
Because the algorithm operates on the digits in a right-to-left manner and zero digits affect the result only if they cause shift in position, zero-padding the beginning of a string of numbers does not affect the calculation.
As a result, POSCO became the first foreign firm operating an integrated stainless steel mill in China, handling the entire production process from smelting iron ore to finished products, including the cold rolled stainless plant it already operates.
The simplest evolution strategy operates on a population of size two: the current point ( parent ) and the result of its mutation.
All specifications for the XGMII Extender are written assuming conversion from XGMII to XAUI and back to XGMII, but other techniques may be employed provided that the result is that the XGMII Extender operates as if all specified conversions had been made.
As a result of this sale, Charter no longer operates in Arkansas and Ohio.
As a result of the change to Academy status there are ongoing changes to the way the school is organised and operates.
The term operant emphasizes this point: the organism operates in its environment to produce some type of desirable result.
Grätzel ’ s cell operates as a photoanode ( n-DSC ), where photocurrent result from electron injection by the sensitized dye.
As of 25 March 2012, as a result of the Anti-monopoly committee of Ukraine's decision to allow the consolidation of the Ukrainian Aviation Group's physical and operational assets, Dniproavia no longer operates flights with its own code, but rather on behalf of its parent company Aerosvit.
As of 25 March 2012, as a result of the Anti-monopoly committee of Ukraine's decision to allow the consolidation of the Ukrainian Aviation Group's physical and operational assets, Donbassaero no longer operates flights with its own code, but rather on behalf of its parent company Aerosvit.
As a result of the Act, each state operates an Unclaimed Property fund in which the proceeds from abandoned bank accounts, unpresented checks, etc.
* John Doe, Brian Gunn, Lauren Cohn, among others as Eight: Believed to be the result of a CIA experiment, this hero simultaneously operates eight separate human bodies ; allowing him to be in several places at once and receive mixed sensory input.
However, the result will cause a cataclysmic explosion that will kill whoever operates the node.
:" It is the result of a brand review undertaken by our parent company, which operates a large number of radio stations and other media interests.

result and fully
Erikson has noted that, unless this trust developed early, the time ambivalence experienced, in varying degree and temporarily, by all adolescents ( as a result of their remembering the more immediate gratification of wants during childhood, while not yet having fully accepted the long-range planning required by adulthood ) may develop into a more permanent sense of time diffusion.
With LAFTA in place existing productive capacity could be used more fully to supply regional needs, industries could reduce costs as a result of potential economies through expanded output and regional specialization, and attraction to new investment occurred as a result of the regional market area.
However infection at an intermediate stage, before the fetal immune system is fully developed, may result in a chronic infection that lingers until the first months after birth of the lamb.
The result was not actually a democracy or a real civic state, but he enabled the development of a fully democratic government, which would emerge in the next generation as the demos realized its power.
An overly complex computer system can result in an equally complex and non-friendly user interface, thus not allowing the system to work as fully intended.
The LDS teaches that there is a pre-mortal stage of human existence, known as pre-existence, during which pre-mortal human spirits, called spirit children, are able to make choices that influence their upcoming fully mortal existence as a direct result of the individual spirit's choices regarding truth, love and faith.
As a result of the work of Étienne-Jules Marey and Eadweard Muybridge, many researchers in the late 19th century realized that films as they are known today were a practical possibility, but the first to design a fully successful apparatus was W. K. L. Dickson, working under the direction of Thomas Alva Edison.
When fully chilled, the most common ratios of gelatin to liquid ( as instructed on commercial packaging ) usually result in a custard-like texture which can retain detailed shapes when cold but melts back to a viscous liquid when warm.
" Humans are unable to fully comprehend why God performs any particular action, but whatever good or evil people may practise, their efforts always result in the execution of God's will and judgments.
As a result of wars of their wanderings, royal power developed such that the king became the representative of the people ; but the influence of the people upon the government did not fully disappear.
The publication of their result in 1887, the null result, was the first clear demonstration that something was seriously wrong with the aether concept of that time ( after Michelson's first experiment in 1881 that wasn't fully conclusive ).
This statement was probably the result of the complete ignorance of the chronicler, since 1018 Mieszko II was 28 years old and was already fully able to exercise the power by himself.
In January 1959, Senegal and the French Sudan merged to form the Mali Federation, which became fully independent on 20 June 1960, as a result of the independence and the transfer of power agreement signed with France on 4 April 1960.
And yet is fully recoverable as the real part of The product of with function shifts the < u > one-sided </ u > Fourier transform by amount No negative-frequency components are created, so the result is an analytic representation of the single sideband signal:
The Goths now settled within the Empire had, as a result of the treaties, military obligations to fight for the Romans as a national contingent, as opposed to being fully integrated into the Roman forces.
The U. S. reiterated its objections to German submarine warfare whenever U. S. civilians died as a result of German attacks, which prompted the Germans to fully re-apply prize rules.
As a result of SPARC International, the SPARC architecture is fully open and non-proprietary.
Furthermore, the fully human-powered flights were deemed to be a result of the pilot's significant strength and endurance ; and ultimately not attainable by a typical human.
The corresponding equilibrium equations together with the relation and the charge neutrality condition result in six equations for the six unknowns,,,, and, showing that the composition of the solution is fully determined by.
The first area to be fully drained was near the head of the stream and was named Causeway as a result.
As a result, since 1917, Trotskyism as a political theory is fully committed to a Leninist style of democratic centralist party organisation, which Trotskyists argue must not be confused with the party organisation as it later developed under Stalin.
Clear Spots production credit of Ted Templeman made Allmusic consider " why in the world wasn't more of a commercial success than it was ," and that while fans " of the fully all-out side of Beefheart might find the end result not fully up to snuff as a result, but those less concerned with pushing back all borders all the time will enjoy his unexpected blend of everything tempered with a new accessibility.

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