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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 810
from Brown Corpus
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result and was
Russ visited two places without result and his blood pressure was down to zero.
The result was grace and modesty.
The enemy came looming around a bend in the trail and Matsuo took a hasty shot, then fled without knowing the result, ran until breath was a pain in his chest and his legs were rubbery.
I granted this might be so, but found the result to be even more attention to form than was the case previously.
The first result of Heidenstam's long sojourn abroad was a volume of poems, Pilgrimage And Wander-Years ( Vallfart och Vandringsar ), published in 1888.
The result was a collection of 280 songs, ballads, ditties, brought together from all regions of America, more than one hundred never before published: The American Songbag.
The result was the `` Gross Report '', prepared by Gross, as chairman, with the assistance of two U.N. Under Secretaries, Constantin Stavropoulos and Philippe De Seynes.
The result was fortunate.
The result was that I found myself in the ridiculous position of having made a formal engagement by letter for the next week, only two days before my departure from London.
This was accordingly done, and the plight of the grateful Mrs. Morris was much relieved as a result of the generous loan, the amount of which is not known.
Almost inevitably, the first result of this technological revolution was a reaction against the methods and in many cases the conclusions of the Oxford school of Stubbs, Freeman and ( particularly ) Green regarding the nature of the Anglo-Saxon conquest of Britain.
They, however much they were in disagreement with the late Victorians over the method by which Britain was Germanized, agreed with them that the end result was the complete extinction of the previous Celtic population and civilization.
The result was that by secret agreement draft machinery was actually ready long before the country knew that the device was to take the place of the volunteering method which Theodore Roosevelt favored.
The result was that the rate of venereal disease in the American Army was the lowest in our military history.
It was a dinner party, Lewis had been drinking during the afternoon, and long before the party really got under way, he was quite drunk, with the result that the party broke up even before dinner was over.
the result was his inevitable bedazzlement through, ignorance.
As a result, your criticism of Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and the Department of Justice was inaccurate, unwarranted and unfair.

result and sent
As a result, it was decided that a mail questionnaire sent to a large number of companies would be more effective in determining the general practices and opinions of small firms and in highlighting some of the fundamental and recurring problems of defense procurement that concern both industry and government.
The male children who were the result of these visits were either killed, sent back to their fathers or exposed in the wilderness to fend for themselves ; the girls were kept and brought up by their mothers, and trained in agricultural pursuits, hunting, and the art of war.
The client's response to the server was to send a block of PostScript code, while the server could respond with any diagnostic messages that might be generated as a result, after which another " send-more-data " request was sent.
As a result, Bedr and the Umayyad clients sent out feelers to their rivals, the Yemenite commanders.
As a result, Pasternak sent a second telegram to the Nobel Committee: " In view of the meaning given the award by the society in which I live, I must renounce this undeserved distinction which has been conferred on me.
Calling will result in undefined behavior ( typically, although not necessarily, a SIGSEGV being sent to the application ).
The column 1 value, the result for the polynomial, is sent to the attached printer mechanism.
On April 19, 2008, NHL director of hockey operations Colin Campbell sent a memo to the Detroit Red Wings organization that forbids Zamboni drivers from cleaning up any octopuses thrown onto the ice and that violating the mandate would result in a $ 10, 000 fine.
After being sent home for two-and-a-half years, he was readmitted to the Conservatoire at the end of 1885, but was unable to make a much more favourable impression on his teachers than he had before, and, as a result, resolved to take up military service a year later.
In 1973 – 1974 Hellas finished the season in 4th last place thus avoiding relegation, but were sent down to Serie B during the summer months as a result of a scandal involving team president Saverio Garonzi.
As a result, Mieszko was sent to the Imperial court in Merseburg as a hostage.
As a result, he sent Count Sicco, an imperial envoy of Otto II from Spoleto, to demand the pope ’ s release.
The PowerBook 140 and 170 were the original PowerBook designs, while the PowerBook 100 was the result of Apple having sent the schematics of the Mac Portable to Sony, who miniaturized the components.
The result is that the packets arrive in a different order than they were sent.
As a result Bacon sent the Pope his Opus Majus, which presented his views on how the philosophy of Aristotle and the new science could be incorporated into a new Theology.
The painful retreat caused a tempering quarrel within the group, with the result that Johansen and others were sent to explore King Edward VII Land.
He did not follow up on many of the sent packages, and as a result, scientists are unconvinced that there are merely " six degrees " of separation.
The answer of the last message sent is the result of the entire expression.
The State government sent a delegation to Westminster to request that this result be enacted into law, but the British Government refused to intervene on the grounds that this was a matter for the Commonwealth of Australia to be concerned with.
In electronics design, tape-out or tapeout is the final result of the design cycle for integrated circuits or printed circuit boards, the point at which the artwork for the photomask of a circuit is sent for manufacture.
As a result of these declarations, on 9 January 1991, the Soviet Union sent in troops.
In this system, a computer sends a result of a computation backwards through time and relies upon the self-consistency principle to force the sent result to be correct.
As a result, Providence and Warwick dispatched Roger Williams and Coddington's opponents on " Rhode Island " sent John Clarke to England to get Coddington's commission canceled.

result and hospital
As a result, those presenting to a hospital with coma are typically assessed for this risk (" airway management ").
: A finding of insanity may well result in indefinite confinement in a hospital, whereas a conviction for murder may well result in a determinate sentence of between ten and fifteen years ; faced with this choice, it may be that most defendants would prefer the certainty of the latter option.
# that the group practice of these techniques by a critical mass of the population, can result in overall improvements in society, including reduced crime, accidents and hospital admissions, and increased prosperity, national security and over all quality of life.
He apparently spent some time in a mental hospital in Kislovodsk in July 1933, ostensibly a result of depression born of his final acceptance that he would never be allowed to edit the Mexican footage, turned over by Sinclair to Hollywood editors, who would irreparably alter the negatives.
* August 28 – The death toll of the previous day's IRA bombing reaches 5 when Doreen Knatchbull, Baroness Brabourne, 83, dies in a hospital as a result of her injuries.
Chinese hospital experts have warned that use of contaminated toilet paper can result in skin and gynecological infections.
During World War II, Slough experienced a series of air raids, mostly in October 1940 ( the largest number of people, five, dying as a result of one on the 13th ), and an emergency hospital treating casualties from London was set up in Slough.
However, the only result of that interest was Linux as the operating system on a limited number of custom NetBook Pro's designed for a hospital setting.
The hospital was founded by the United States Congress in 1852, largely as the result of the efforts of Dorothea Dix, a pioneering advocate for people living with mental illnesses.
In some extreme cases, people suffering from Münchausen's syndrome are highly knowledgeable about the practice of medicine and are able to produce symptoms that result in lengthy and costly medical analysis, prolonged hospital stay and unnecessary operations.
In the United States, 135, 000 hospital admissions occur annually as a result of DKA, at an estimated cost of $ 2. 4 billion or a quarter to a half the total cost of caring for people with type 1 diabetes.
Due to the large number of refugees in Ganzhou as a result from the ongoing war, thousands of orphans lived on the street ; in June 1942, Chiang Ching-kuo formally established the Chinese Children's Village ( 中華兒童新村 ) in the outskirts of Ganzhou, with facilities such as a nursery, kindergarten, primary school, hospital and gymnasium.
Newnan was largely untouched by the American Civil War due to its status as a hospital city ( for Confederate troops ), and as a result still features much antebellum architecture.
* Proctor High School was used as a hospital in the fall of 1918 as a result of the Spanish Influenza and the Fire of 1918, for 7 weeks.
The hospital provides rehabilitative services for patients with functional deficits as a result of debilitating illnesses, or injuries.
She's a professional dancer and she's in the hospital as a result of overwork and nervous fatigue.
Survived the crash, but suffered multiple injuries and died in hospital three weeks later as a result of brain damage.
Additionally, NHS ancillary workers formed picket lines to blockade hospital entrances with the result that many hospitals were reduced to taking emergency patients only.
As a result, he was taken to the military hospital at Cannes where his burgeoning career came to an end with his death.
Only a very small minority of sufferers require hospital admission, mainly as a result of uncommon neurological complications ( encephalitis, meningitis, or acute flaccid paralysis ) or pulmonary edema / pulmonary hemorrhage.
Smith spent some time in hospital with double pneumonia, the symptoms of which he had assumed was only the result of being exhausted from such a long operational tour.
While in the hospital after being hit by a car, Earl learns about karma from watching an episode of Last Call with Carson Daly where Daly claims that his success is a direct result of doing good things for other people.
The hospital features a rooftop landing pad for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service which was utilised on September 20, 2006 when the Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond was treated at the hospital after suffering critical injuries as a result of a jet power car crash whilst filming at the airfield at ex-RAF Elvington near York.

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