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result and these
and it is surely clear that the first of these is the result of the way in which the individual's command of language interacts with the other two.
Though far from completion, these studies indicated beyond a doubt that savings would result which would be of unprecedented benefit to the railroads concerned, their investors, their customers, their users, and to the public at large.
In total, these increases in operating costs outweigh the savings that result from declining programs and from economy measures, such as reduced numbers of units and installations, smaller inventories of major equipment, and improvements in the supply and distribution systems of the Armed Forces.
The Government of India agrees that it will take all possible measures to prevent the resale or transshipment to other countries or the use for other than domestic purposes ( except where such resale, transshipment or use is specifically approved by the Government of the United States of America ), of the surplus agricultural commodities purchased pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement, and to assure that the purchase of such commodities does not result in increased availability of these or like commodities for export from India.
This was later known to be the result of concentrating the minute amount of complete antibody found in these sera ; ;
Although we are still far from a complete understanding of these problems, as a first approximation, it is suggested that alterations in the hypothalamic balance with consequent changes in the hypothalamic-cortical discharges account for major changes in behavior seen in various moods and states of emotions in man and beast under physiological circumstances, in experimental and clinical neurosis, and as the result of psychopharmacological agents.
As a result of these changed conditions, the impact of the organizational effort on agricultural labor-management relations has been much greater than in the past.
The potato chip industry these days is growing, not only as a result of population increase and public acceptance of convenience foods, but also because of a combination of circumstances that has led to growth by merger.
As a result of the new outlook for turnpikes, investors who bought toll-road bonds when these securities ranked as outright speculations are now finding new hope for their investments.
Another result is that buyers are tending to bid up the prices of these tax-exempt bonds.
Nesting of these structures inside assignment-blocks result in complex diagrams ( cf Tausworthe 1977: 100, 114 ).
Kemeny and Kurtz observe that while " undisciplined " use of unconditional GOTOs and conditional IF-THEN GOTOs can result in " spaghetti code " a programmer can write structured programs using these instructions ; on the other hand " it is also possible, and not too hard, to write badly structured programs in a structured language ".
Some of these have explored and offered accounts of Christie's disappearance in 1926, including the 1979 film Agatha ( with Vanessa Redgrave, where she sneaks away to plan revenge against her husband ) and the Doctor Who episode " The Unicorn and the Wasp " ( with Fenella Woolgar, her disappearance being the result of her suffering a temporary breakdown due to a brief psychic link being formed between her and an alien ).
Whenever any result is sought by its aid, the question will then arise — By what course of calculation can these results be arrived at by the machine in the shortest time?
The male children who were the result of these visits were either killed, sent back to their fathers or exposed in the wilderness to fend for themselves ; the girls were kept and brought up by their mothers, and trained in agricultural pursuits, hunting, and the art of war.
( So prevalent are these isolated peaks and ridges that a specialised term has been adopted in Germany to describe this kind of country, thought to be in great part the result of wind action.
In an article he submitted for the medical journal The Lancet during World War I, Fleming described an ingenious experiment, which he was able to conduct as a result of his own glass blowing skills, in which he explained why antiseptics were killing more soldiers than infection itself during World War I. Antiseptics worked well on the surface, but deep wounds tended to shelter anaerobic bacteria from the antiseptic agent, and antiseptics seemed to remove beneficial agents produced that protected the patients in these cases at least as well as they removed bacteria, and did nothing to remove the bacteria that were out of reach.
Bourdieu examined how the elite in society define the aesthetic values like taste and how varying levels of exposure to these values can result in variations by class, cultural background, and education.
The result is a very balanced tone, comparable to the 00 but with greater volume and dynamic range and slightly more low-end response, without sacrificing the ergonomics of the classical style, making these body styles very popular.
Moreover, these combination analgesics can often result in significant adverse events, including accidental overdoses, most often due to confusion which arises from the multiple ( and often non-acting ) components of these combinations.
As a result, producers in these countries often receive 2-3x the world market price.
All these phenomena, molecular absorption and radiation scattering, can result in artificially high absorption and an improperly high ( erroneous ) calculation for the concentration or mass of the analyte in the sample.
In these ammeters, the amount of current is summed over time, giving as a result the product of current and time, which is proportional to the energy transferred with that current.
The voltage output from these anemometers is thus the result of some sort of circuit within the device trying to maintain the specific variable ( current, voltage or temperature ) constant.

result and Joseph
The Space Merchants, like such humanist documents as Joseph Wood Krutch's The Measure Of Man and C. S. Lewis's The Abolition Of Man, considers what may result from the scientific study of human nature.
Textual scholars believe that this is the result of the genealogical passage, in which his children are named, being from a much later source than the Jahwist and Elohist narratives, which make up most of the Joseph narrative, and which consistently describe Benjamin as a child.
The Church of Christ ( Temple Lot ) contends that the thousands of changes made to the original revelations as published in the Book of Commandments ( including the change of the church's name ) are not doctrinal and result from Joseph Smith's fall from his original calling.
The population was further altered by Joseph Stalin's mass deportations and executions while many people simply left as a result of World War II.
As a result, on February 24, 1966, a small number of army officers and senior police officials, led by Colonel Emmanuel Kotoka, commander of the Second Army Brigade at Kumasi, Major Akwasi Afrifa, staff officer in charge of army training and operations, Lieutenant General ( retired ) Joseph Ankrah, and J. W. K.
As a result of a severe drought in Canaan, Jacob moved to Egypt at the time when his son Joseph was viceroy.
* Joseph Evan, born on April 18, 1859 ; died at five years old as the result of an accidental fall on April 30, 1864.
His conclusions were seen as a criticism of Joseph Stalin's intentions for the Soviet economy: as a result he was sentenced to the Soviet Gulag and later received the death penalty in 1938.
According to Joseph Stalin writing in 1913 in Marxism and the National Question: " a nation is not a racial or tribal, but a historically constituted community of people ;" " a nation is not a casual or ephemeral conglomeration, but a stable community of people "; " a common language is one of the characteristic features of a nation "; " a nation is formed only as a result of lengthy and systematic intercourse, as a result of people living together generation after generation "; " a common territory is one of the characteristic features of a nation "; " a common economic life, economic cohesion, is one of the characteristic features of a nation "; " a common psychological make-up, which manifests itself in a common culture, is one of the characteristic features of a nation "; " A nation is a historically constituted, stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, and psychological make-up manifested in a common culture.
The signatories were General Secretary Joseph Stalin, President Harry S. Truman, and Prime Minister Clement Attlee, who, as a result of the British general election of 1945, had replaced Winston Churchill as the UK ’ s Conference representative.
The Palm House ( 1844 – 1848 ) was the result of cooperation between architect Decimus Burton and iron-founder Richard Turner, and continues upon the glass house design principles developed by John Claudius Loudon and Joseph Paxton.
As a result of the efforts of historian Joseph Wulf, the Wannsee House, where the conference was held, is now a Holocaust Memorial.
In an attempt to explain peculiarities of Mercury's orbit, in the 19th-century French mathematician Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier hypothesized that they were the result of another planet, which he named Vulcan.
It was claimed by Joseph Campbell and Robert Morton Robinson, authors of A Skeleton Key to Finnegan's Wake, that much of the play was the result of unacknowledged borrowing from James Joyce's last work.
Joseph realized that continuous education is key, and as a result developed a love for educating and sharing his passion.
" During the making of All About Eve, ( 1950 ) Joseph L. Mankiewicz told her of the perception in Hollywood that she was difficult, and she explained that when the audience saw her on screen, they did not consider that her appearance was the result of numerous people working behind the scenes.
This was largely a result of their mutual support for Ernest Mandel and Joseph Hansen's resolution Dynamics of World Revolution Today and for the Cuban Revolution.
Alan's own grandfather, Joseph Garner, " could read, but didn't and so was virtually unlettered ", but instead taught his grandson the various folk tales about The Edge, with Alan later remarking that as a result he was " aware of Edge's magic " as a child, when he would often play there with his friends.
It was the result of Joseph Stalin's nationality policy, which provided the Jewish population of the Soviet Union with a large territory in which to pursue Yiddish cultural heritage.
In 1785, as a result of a " fit of illness " in the family the young Turner was sent to stay with his maternal uncle, Joseph Mallord William Marshall, in Brentford, which was then a small town west of London on the banks of the River Thames.
Child development and consciousness author Joseph Chilton Pearce remarked that revelation typically appears in symbolic form and “ in a single flash of insight .” He used the metaphor of lightning striking and suggests that the revelation is “ a result of a buildup of resonant potential .” Pearce compared it to the earth asking a question and the sky answering it.
During this time the court was rife with malicious rumors that Franz Joseph was having a liaison with an actress named Frau Roll, leading to speculation today, that Elisabeth's symptoms could have been anything from psychosomatic to a result of venereal disease.
As a result of the report, Joseph Rowntree's conviction that it must be possible to provide better housing for people on low incomes led him to acquire 150 acres of land near the village of Earswick, two and a half miles to the north of the centre of York.

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