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result and she
Unfortunately she returned later, just as I had taken advantage of the friendlier atmosphere in the room by stating that perhaps an unexpected result of the Cultural Exchange Program would be the re-emergence of Abstract Art in Russia, with Social Realism regaining dominance in the U.S..
For several days, she was ill as a result of Lee's treatment.
As a result, she consulted medical authorities and learned that the devices her quack `` doctor '' was using were phony.
After all, the average American as he lies and waits for the enemy in Korea or as she scans the newspaper in some vain hope of personal contact with the front is unconcerned that his or her plight is the result of a complex of personal, economic and governmental actions far beyond the normal citizen's comprehension and control.
Some of these have explored and offered accounts of Christie's disappearance in 1926, including the 1979 film Agatha ( with Vanessa Redgrave, where she sneaks away to plan revenge against her husband ) and the Doctor Who episode " The Unicorn and the Wasp " ( with Fenella Woolgar, her disappearance being the result of her suffering a temporary breakdown due to a brief psychic link being formed between her and an alien ).
As a result of this encounter she conceived a son, Arcas.
Andersson was engaged to Christina Grönvall after she became pregnant by him as a result of a sexual encounter that they had when Andersson was 16 years old.
Her experiences result in her having a breakdown, but eventually she achieves independence and fulfilment in running her own school.
This is a result of his personality theory, which states that everyone exists in a constantly changing world of experience in which he or she is the center.
As a result, she slipped from the list of top box office stars, last appearing in the top ten in 1966 with the hit film The Glass Bottom Boat.
The trap was sprung, but Squire Cobtree's daughter Charlotte, who had fallen in love with Syn and also learned his secret identities as both Clegg and the Scarecrow, was the tragic victim when she dressed in the Scarecrow's disguise and was fatally wounded as a result.
In the Season One episode, " The Road Not Taken ", Olivia described the experience of déjà vu to Walter after she briefly experienced an alternate reality as the result of being a Cortexiphan subject.
Whichever axis she uses, she has a 50 % probability of obtaining "+" and 50 % probability of obtaining "−", completely at random ; according to quantum mechanics, it is fundamentally impossible for her to influence what result she gets.
His mother died in 1962 as a result of a fire she accidentally set while smoking.
The Michigan Mental Health Code provides that a person " whose judgment is so impaired that he or she is unable to understand his or her need for treatment and whose continued behavior as the result of this mental illness can reasonably be expected, on the basis of competent clinical opinion, to result in significant physical harm to himself or herself or others " may be subjected to involuntary commitment, a provision paralleled in the laws of many other jurisdictions.
Then Medea killed the two boys that she bore to Jason, fearing that they would be murdered or enslaved as a result of their mother's actions.
After four games she had two points, which was a fair result considering she was rated third from last in the very strong event.
Her result was considered exceptional considering the strength of the tournament, average 2701, and she was praised for her tactical skills in her game against Ivanchuk.
She coordinated this as a result of her many trips abroad where she witnessed how literacy benefited children in poorer nations.
He had believed that his biological father was Ulf Trier ( 1907 — 1978 ), until his mother revealed to him on her deathbed that he had been conceived as a result of an affair she had with her employer, Fritz Michael Hartmann.
She said her real father was Indian and that she was the result of an " unregistered alliance " between her parents.

result and was
Russ visited two places without result and his blood pressure was down to zero.
The result was grace and modesty.
The enemy came looming around a bend in the trail and Matsuo took a hasty shot, then fled without knowing the result, ran until breath was a pain in his chest and his legs were rubbery.
I granted this might be so, but found the result to be even more attention to form than was the case previously.
The first result of Heidenstam's long sojourn abroad was a volume of poems, Pilgrimage And Wander-Years ( Vallfart och Vandringsar ), published in 1888.
The result was a collection of 280 songs, ballads, ditties, brought together from all regions of America, more than one hundred never before published: The American Songbag.
The result was the `` Gross Report '', prepared by Gross, as chairman, with the assistance of two U.N. Under Secretaries, Constantin Stavropoulos and Philippe De Seynes.
As a result, he was sent to a hospital in Arizona until his health improved enough for him to come back to Washington to work in the Government service.
The result was fortunate.
The result was that I found myself in the ridiculous position of having made a formal engagement by letter for the next week, only two days before my departure from London.
This was accordingly done, and the plight of the grateful Mrs. Morris was much relieved as a result of the generous loan, the amount of which is not known.
Almost inevitably, the first result of this technological revolution was a reaction against the methods and in many cases the conclusions of the Oxford school of Stubbs, Freeman and ( particularly ) Green regarding the nature of the Anglo-Saxon conquest of Britain.
They, however much they were in disagreement with the late Victorians over the method by which Britain was Germanized, agreed with them that the end result was the complete extinction of the previous Celtic population and civilization.
The result was that by secret agreement draft machinery was actually ready long before the country knew that the device was to take the place of the volunteering method which Theodore Roosevelt favored.
The result was that the rate of venereal disease in the American Army was the lowest in our military history.
It was a dinner party, Lewis had been drinking during the afternoon, and long before the party really got under way, he was quite drunk, with the result that the party broke up even before dinner was over.
the result was his inevitable bedazzlement through, ignorance.
As a result, your criticism of Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and the Department of Justice was inaccurate, unwarranted and unfair.

result and used
It stipulates, in addition, that all amounts remaining as a result of imposing the `` ceiling '', and not used for insuring the `` floor '', be redistributed to those States still below their maximums.
( Multiply the result obtained in item 3 above by the amount used for each State in item 1 above.
The result will be the same regardless of the order used.
Extreme caution should be used, however, to avoid the conflicting usage of an index word or electronic switch which may result from the assignment of more than one name or function to the same address.
He also used as an example the manufacturer who introduced an all-automatic camera in Germany, with the result that it became the best selling camera in the German market.
This method was used until the Los Angeles Times announced the winners before the ceremony began ; as a result, the Academy has used a sealed envelope to reveal the name of the winners since 1941.
Because and can be very similar numbers, the precision of the result can be much less than the inherent precision of the floating-point arithmetic used to perform the computation.
In a perfect anagram, every letter must be used, with exactly the same number of occurrences as in the anagrammed word or phrase ; any result that falls short is called an imperfect anagram.
For many years there was confusion amongst botanists over the generic names Amaryllis and Hippeastrum, one result of which is that the common name " amaryllis " is mainly used for cultivars of the genus Hippeastrum, widely sold in the winter months for their ability to bloom indoors.
Lavoisier used a calorimeter to measure heat production as a result of respiration in a guinea pig.
Changing the allophone used by native speakers for a given phoneme in a specific context usually will not change the meaning of a word but the result may sound non-native or unintelligible.
As a result of the tokenizing process, programmers could not use any variable name that had the name of one of the BASIC commands ( e. g. a person could not use the name " SCORE " because the " OR " would invoke a disjunction operator, and " BACKGROUND " could similarly not be used because " GR " would invoke the low-resolution graphics system ; both would create syntax errors ).
With LAFTA in place existing productive capacity could be used more fully to supply regional needs, industries could reduce costs as a result of potential economies through expanded output and regional specialization, and attraction to new investment occurred as a result of the regional market area.
No other atypical studied ( risperidone, quetiapine, and ziprasidone ) did better than the typical perphenazine on the measures used, nor did they produce fewer adverse effects than the typical antipsychotic perphenazine ( a result supported by a meta-analysis by Dr. Leucht published in Lancet ), although more patients discontinued perphenazine owing to extrapyramidal effects compared to the atypical agents ( 8 % vs. 2 % to 4 %, P = 0. 002 ).
* The ANS key on some graphing calculators, used as a shortcut for inputting the result ( answer ) of the previous calculation
The 8051 microcontroller has two, a primary accumulator and a secondary accumulator, where the second is used by instructions only when multiplying ( MUL AB ) or dividing ( DIV AB ); the former splits the 16-bit result between the two 8-bit accumulators, whereas the latter stores the quotient on the primary accumulator A and the remainder in the secondary accumulator B.
especially in England English is tautologous ," and it shares " all the ambiguities and tensions in the word British, and as a result can be used and interpreted in two ways, more broadly or more narrowly, within a range of blurring and ambiguity.
" Addressing the faster rate at which defenders could reinforce an area than attackers could penetrate it during the First World War, Guderian wrote that " since reserve forces will now be motorized, the building up of new defensive fronts is easier than it used to be ; the chances of an offensive based on the timetable of artillery and infantry co-operation are, as a result, even slighter today than they were in the last war.
His " madness " may have been the result of exposure to mercury, an element commonly used in hat manufacturing.
The direct result of the battle of Schwetz / Świecino was that the city of Danzig and Pomerania were freed from Teutonic Order danger so that the royal and municipal armed forces could be used elsewhere in the war, mainly to protect the Vistula waterway and to capture the Teutonic held strongholds.
However, if the document does not specify the encoding either, this may result in the equally bad situation where the user agent displays mojibake because it cannot find out which character encoding was used.
Unlike other metals, cadmium is resistant to corrosion and as a result it is used as a protective layer when deposited on other metals.
Crystals of BPO < sub > 4 </ sub > can also precipitate from the flowing glass on cooling ; these crystals are not readily etched in the standard reactive plasmas used to pattern oxides, and will result in circuit defects in integrated circuit manufacturing.

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