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result and chamber
A collapse is triggered by the emptying of the magma chamber beneath the volcano, usually as the result of a large volcanic eruption.
As a result, the magma is much less viscous than the magma of a rhyolitic volcano, and the magma chamber is drained by large lava flows rather than by explosive events.
This oil can contaminate surfaces inside the chamber or upon contact with hot filaments or electrical discharges may result in carbonaceous or siliceous deposits.
For ultimate accuracy and performance, the handloader also has the option of using a wildcat cartridge ; wildcats are the result of shaping the cartridge and chamber themselves to a specific end, and the results push the envelope of velocity, energy, and accuracy.
The result of using this type of chamber is that fired rounds don't require any resizing whatsoever once the case is fired.
The inlet valve opens as a result of the cam lobe pressing down on the valve stem, and the vaporized fuel mixture enters the combustion chamber.
The theoretical shape of the rotor between the fixed corners is the result of a minimization of the volume of the geometric combustion chamber and a maximization of the compression ratio, respectively.
As a result of these musings, Joseph set about building a box-like chamber 1 × 1 × 1. 3 m ( 3 ft by by 4 ft ) out of very thin wood and covering the sides and top with lightweight taffeta cloth.
The new chamber did not result in a clear majority for any side.
Some engine tuners believe that this will maximize the exposure of the fuel-air mixture to the spark, also ensuring that every combustion chamber is an even in layout and therefore result in better ignition ; others, however, believe that this is useful only to keep the ground electrode out of the way of the piston in ultra-high-compression engines if clearance is insufficient.
The Imhoff tank is in effect a two-story septic tank and retains the septic tank's simplicity while eliminating many of its drawbacks, which largely result from the mixing of fresh sewage and septic sludge in the same chamber.
Stevens became the Senate's President Pro Tempore when Republicans regained control of the chamber as a result of the 2002 mid-term elections, during which the previous most senior Republican senator and former President Pro Tempore Strom Thurmond retired.
As a result, the only recently rebuilt House of Commons chamber, though one of Dublin's finest locations, was broken up to form a number of small offices ; but primarily replaced by a magnificent cash office added by the architect employed to oversee the conversion, Francis Johnston, then the most prominent architect working in Ireland.
As a result, vicepresident Julio Cobos, president of the chamber of senators, was required to cast a decisive vote.
Such an axial displacement causes the beam to diverge or converge slightly, the end result of which is an axially displaced position of the beam waist in the sample chamber.
Those watching then vote by exiting the chamber through one of three doors: " Ayes ", " Noes " or " Abstentions ", with the result announced moments later in the bar.
If the expansion results in further relief of pressure, for example, by blowing crust material off the top of the chamber, the result is a very large gas explosion.
Whenever an electron simply " appears " in such a chamber as a new free particle suddenly moving with kinetic energy, and moves in the direction of the neutrinos as the apparent result of a new impulse, and this behavior happens more often when the neutrino beam is present, it is inferred to be a result of a neutrino interacting directly with the electron.
Thus, stratification of a magma chamber may result in an increase in the amount of gas within the magma near the top of the chamber, and also make this magma more viscous ; potentially leading to a more explosive eruption than would be the case had the chamber not become stratified.
If a large amount of magma is erupted, causing the chamber to reduce considerably in volume, then this can result in a depression at the surface called a caldera.
An anomaly that has arisen, as a result of the new parliament building having only one debating chamber, is that the Senate and House of Representatives use the same chamber at different times.

result and pressure
Russ visited two places without result and his blood pressure was down to zero.
Too much pressure will force the tool beyond its cutting capacity and result in rough cuts and jammed or broken tools.
At the same time, there was increased reason for a quick meeting lest the Soviet leader, as a result of those episodes, come to a dangerously erroneous conclusion about the West's ability and determination to resist Communist pressure.
As a result, the West is in a poor bargaining position at the current Geneva negotiations on Laos, and South Vietnam and other nations in Southeast Asia are under increased pressure.
As a result of having an actuator controlled precisely with air pressure via a servosystem, the movement is very fluid and there is very little noise.
* In April 2012 Conservative Party MP and culture secretary came under pressure to resign as a result of his closeness to Rupert Murdoch's media empire and alleged corruption in dealing with Murdoch's bid for News Corporation's takeover of BSkyB.
This equilibrium between carbonate, bicarbonate, carbon dioxide and carbonic acid in water can, under changing temperature or pressure conditions, and in the presence of metal ions with insoluble carbonates, result in formation of insoluble compounds.
As a result, the impactor is compressed, its density rises, and the pressure within it increases dramatically.
The absolute cylinder pressure is the result of an exponent of the dynamic compression ratio.
The imbalance of this effect between the warmer black side and the cooler silver side means the net pressure on the vane is equivalent to a push on the black side, and as a result the vanes spin round with the black side trailing.
Bronze has several characteristics that made it preferable as a construction material: although it is relatively expensive, does not always alloy well, and can result in a final product that is " spongy about the bore ", bronze is more flexible than iron and therefore less prone to bursting when exposed to high pressure ; cast iron cannon are less expensive and more durable generally than bronze and withstand being fired more times without deteriorating.
As a result, gases tend to become trapped at high pressure within the magma.
A stiff neck can occur as the result of increased pressure within the skull and irritation of the meninges.
In 2000 the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization ( FAO ) found that " the role of population dynamics in a local setting may vary from decisive to negligible ," and that deforestation can result from " a combination of population pressure and stagnating economic, social and technological conditions.
Substantial weather changes frequently occur at three to four day intervals as a result of mid-latitude storm tracks, which is where low and high pressure extratropical disturbances occur.
The recovered wreck revealed that the water brake had deployed after the accident as a result of stored accumulator pressure ; Campbell would not have had time to deploy the relatively slow-moving brake as the boat flipped out of control.
The archaic form Alpdruck means " elf pressure "; it was believed that nightmares are a result of an elf sitting on the dreamer's chest ( incubi ).
For example, a drug may influence a secondary clinical endpoint, such as a test result ( blood pressure, glucose or cholesterol levels ), without having the power to show that it decreases overall mortality or morbidity in a population.
Specifically, El Niño conditions result in high pressure anomalies over the Amundsen and Bellingshausen seas, causing reduced sea ice and increased poleward heat fluxes in these sectors as well as the Ross Sea.
All fluids are compressible to some extent, that is, changes in pressure or temperature will result in changes in density.
Eiffel established that the lift produced by an airfoil was the result of a reduction of air pressure above the wing rather than an increase of pressure acting on the under surface.
On 17 January 2002 a spokesman for the project stated that, as a result of U. S. pressure and economic difficulties, " Galileo is almost dead.
This may sometimes result in a nail coming too close to the sensitive part of the hoof ( putting pressure on it ), or a nail that is driven slightly into the sensitive hoof, called " quicking " or nail pricking.
Inconsistent neck thickness and neck tension will result in variations in pressure during ignition.

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