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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 968
from Brown Corpus
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always and ranks
Bishops are almost always chosen from the monastic ranks and must remain unmarried.
Since 1997 the college has always come at least eighth in the Tompkins Table, which ranks the 29 Cambridge colleges according to the academic performance of their undergraduates, and on five occasions it has been in first place.
Currently, the final placement of the finalists is determined by a ranked vote, where each judge ranks each of the final three / five candidates, with the contestant posting the lowest cumulative score ( thus often, but not necessarily always, the contestant with the most number one votes ) becoming the winner.
The ranks have always been dominated by four ethnic groups: the Gurungs and Magars from central Nepal ; and the Rais and Limbus from the east, who live in hill villages of hill farmers.
The Bundesgrenzschutz and the GSG 9 were historically combatants and they had military ranks, but have always been under the control of the Ministry of the Interior.
These ranks, staff sergeant through sergeant major, are always referred to by their full rank and never merely as " sergeant ".
Since the Air Force was established 1947, all of the various ranks of " Airman " have always included females, and in this context, the word " man " means " human being " or human resource.
For this same reason, Bishops are almost always chosen from the ranks of monks.
The love is always viewed as something that will complete a human being, and if attained will lift him or her into the ranks of the wise, or will bring satisfaction to the soul of the poet.
Mutations usually sound at pitches in the harmonic series of the fundamental and, except where they are derived from unit ranks, are always tuned pure.
The university ’ s annual amount of financial aid received from the National Natural Science Foundation always ranks top among China ’ s engineering institutions of higher learning.
These powerful men were set up as the Elector Counts, a hereditary position second only to the Emperor in power and from whose ranks the Emperor ( or on rare occasions Empress ) is almost always chosen.
This division was not absolute however and there were always a certain number of French volunteers in the ranks.
If this is the highest rank a wrestler reaches, even if it is only for one tournament, he will always be referred to as " former sekiwake ( ring name )" after his retirement, an indicator of a successful sumo career, even if not achieving the exceptional standards of the two highest ranks.
During the 18th century the increasing sophistication of military life lead to separate housing for different ranks ( officers had always had larger rooms ) and married quarters, and the provision of specialized buildings such as dining rooms and cook houses, bath houses, mess rooms, schools, hospitals, armouries, gymnasia, riding schools and stables.
A favourite device with him ( often employed with picturesque effect ) was to bring into contact persons representing widely severed social ranks ; in this book the " effect " depends too often on " incidences of the boldest artificiality ," as nearly always we end by neglecting the story as a story, and surrendering ourselves to the charm of certain parts, the fascination of certain characters.
By longstanding tradition, he or she is always commissioned from the ranks ( and is usually a former Regimental Sergeant Major ) and holds the rank of captain or major.
While oppression by older conscripts has probably always taken place in the army, after that date, with the introduction of the four-class system it became systematic and developed its own rules and ranks.
However, he always awarded ranks through the Aikikai out of respect for the Ueshiba family.
This keeps the rank consistent throughout the years despite fluctuating Year 10 drop-out rates as the rank was always measured relative to a Year 10 cohort, with the ranks of the drop-outs being estimated.
In modern navies that use it, rear ( counter ) admiral is generally, although not always, the lowest flag officer rank ( in the German Navy, for instance, Flottillenadmiral ranks below Konteradmiral ; in the Royal Canadian Navy, contre-amiral / Rear Admiral ranks above commodore ).
The Shed boys had a number of Black Skinheads in their ranks including the infamous ' One armed Babs ', however despite this it was always a predominantly white Hooligan Firm.
When talking about classical music, an educated person always mentions the name of Valery Gergiev, who currently ranks in the top ten of modern conductors of classical music, and can compete for the number one spot.

always and worked
He had worked in the newspaper business since he was nineteen years old, always for the Hearst service.
" He then had sets constructed and worked with his stock company to improvise gags and " business " around them, almost always working the ideas out on film.
While Smith was always an artist who worked in several very different media, it is possible to identify three distinct periods in which one form of art had precedence over the others.
All ancient doors were hung by pivots at the top and bottom of the hanging stile which worked in sockets in the lintel and sill, the latter being always in some hard stone such as basalt or granite.
She therefore always worked with parliament and advisers she could trust to tell her the truth — a style of government that her Stuart successors failed to follow.
On anarchism, Orwell wrote in The Road to Wigan Pier: " I worked out an anarchistic theory that all government is evil, that the punishment always does more harm than the crime and the people can be trusted to behave decently if you will only let them alone.
The divisive tendencies of the various groups within Mauritanian society have always worked against the development of Mauritanian unity.
I was always afraid of things that worked the first time.
But this was not always the case ; in the early 20th century, once it became apparent that the " sport " was worked, pro wrestling was looked down on as a cheap entertainment for the uneducated working class — an attitude that still exists to varying degrees today.
While this may be one of the best-known shows Sondheim ever worked on, he has expressed dissatisfaction with his lyrics, stating they do not always fit the characters and are sometimes too consciously poetic.
Because they were always " the band " to various frontmen, Helm said the name " The Band " worked well when the group came into its own.
The lack of design guidelines in X has resulted in several vastly different interfaces, and in applications that have not always worked well together.
He was always careful to ensure that the writing for each family of instruments worked in isolation as well as in the complete ensemble.
Instead it was claimed Raeder was opposed to war with the United States and had always worked to protect neurtal shipping during the war with the committee having Raeder say: " We had to consider neutrals to avoid any possible unfortunate incidents " at sea.
He probably worked on the Geography for many years and revised it steadily, not always consistently.
" In 2006, Dean Hargrove, who worked on Perry Mason Returns, said: " I had always assumed that Raymond was gay, because he had a relationship with Robert Benevides for a very long time.
Basie is remembered by many who worked for him as being considerate of musicians and their opinions, modest, relaxed, fun-loving, dryly witty, and always enthusiastic about his music.
Curtiz was always extremely active: he worked very long days, took part in several sports in his spare time, and was often found to sleep under a cold shower.
In his defense, CEO Bill Gates argued that Microsoft always worked on behalf of the consumer and that splitting the company would diminish efficiency and slow the pace of software development.
Colbert also worked to ensure that the French East India Company had access to foreign markets, so that they could always obtain coffee, cotton, dyewoods, fur, pepper, and sugar.
Shortly thereafter she retired to Rome, where she befriended, among others, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who said she worked harder and accomplished more than any artist he knew ; yet, always restive, she wanted to do more and lived for 25 years with much of her old prestige.
Royce had always worked hard and was renowned for never eating proper meals which resulted in his being taken ill first in 1902 and again in 1911.
The planning for the actions was always a series of mini retreats in which those who finally acted worked to further their political and personal commitment to non-violence.
... Paradoxically enough, and thanks to the perfect identity of our conceptions, we almost always worked separately.

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