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archbishop and was
This lofty disregard for others was not shared by such men as Pierre Flotte and his associates, that `` brilliant group of mediocre men '', as Powicke calls them, who provided the brains for the French embassy that came to Rome under the nominal leadership of the archbishop of Narbonne, the duke of Burgundy, and the count of St.-Pol.
The younger men, Vere, and Pembroke, who was also Edward's cousin and whose Lusignan blood gave him the swarthy complexion that caused Edward of Carnarvon's irreverent friend, Piers Gaveston, to nickname him `` Joseph the Jew '', were relatively new to the game of diplomacy, but Pontissara had been on missions to Rome before, and Hotham, a man of great learning, `` jocund in speech, agreeable to meet, of honest religion, and pleasing in the eyes of all '', and an archbishop to boot, was as reliable and experienced as Othon himself.
Aurelius Ambrosius, better known in English as Saint Ambrose ( c. 330 – 4 April 397 ), was an archbishop of Milan who became one of the most influential ecclesiastical figures of the 4th century.
Antonio Agliardi ( September 4, 1832 – March 19, 1915 ) was an Italian Roman Catholic Cardinal, archbishop, and papal diplomat.
After this, he was especially known for acting as a mediator between conflicting parties ( In Cologne he is not only known for being the founder of Germany's oldest university there, but also for " the big verdict " ( der Große Schied ) of 1258, which brought an end to the conflict between the citizens of Cologne and the archbishop.
Cynesige, the archbishop of York, died on 22 December 1060, and Ealdred was elected Archbishop of York on Christmas Day, 1060.
Because the position of Stigand, the archbishop of Canterbury, was irregular, Wulfstan sought and received consecration as a bishop from Ealdred.
Normally, Wulfstan would have gone to the archbishop of Canterbury, as the see of Worcester was within Canterbury's province.
Stigand's position as archbishop was canonically suspect, and as earl Harold had not allowed Stigand to consecrate one of the earl's churches, it is unlikely that Harold would have allowed Stigand to perform the much more important royal coronation.
Absalon or Axel ( – 21 March 1201 ) was a Danish archbishop and statesman, who was the Bishop of Roskilde from 1158 to 1192 and Archbishop of Lund from 1178 until his death.
He went to Rome in 1007 to receive his pallium — symbol of his status as an archbishopfrom Pope John XVIII, but was robbed during his journey.
Lanfranc, the first post-Conquest archbishop, was dubious about some of the saints venerated at Canterbury.
In 1066 or 1067 he was invited by archbishop Adalbert of Hamburg to join the Church of Bremen.
Then the archbishop of Hamburg-Bremen had a falling-out with the pope and in 1105 a separate archbishopric for the North was established in Lund.
The issue seems to have begun with the claim of archbishop Elipandus of Toledo thatin respect to his human nature – Christ was adoptive Son of God.
Possibly one of his teachers was St. Peter of Alexandria, the 17th archbishop of Alexandria who was martyred in 311 in the closing days of that persecution.
The university was created by the archbishop Pey Berland in 1441 and was abolished in 1793, during the French Revolution, before reappearing in 1808 with Napoleon I. Bordeaux accommodates approximately 70, 000 students on one of the largest campuses of Europe ( 235 ha ).
In 1602 he was made archbishop of Capua.
According to lexicographer William Smith, " She was accused of too much familiarity with Orestes, prefect of Alexandria, and the charge spread among the clergy, who took up the notion that she interrupted the friendship of Orestes with their archbishop, Cyril.
Cyril was a scholarly archbishop and a prolific writer.
From May 1243 to March 1244, the Cathar fortress of Montségur was besieged by the troops of the seneschal of Carcassonne and the archbishop of Narbonne.

archbishop and appointed
Grimbald and John the Saxon came from Francia ; Plegmund ( whom Alfred appointed archbishop of Canterbury in 890 ), Bishop Werferth of Worcester, Æthelstan, and the royal chaplains Werwulf, from Mercia ; and Asser, from St. David's in south-western Wales.
Hoping to gain complete control over the church inside the Empire, Henry V appointed Adalbert of Saarbrücken as the powerful archbishop of Mainz in 1111.
* 1964 – Karol Wojtyla, the future Pope John Paul II, is appointed archbishop of Kraków, Poland.
Pope Benedict XV appointed Pacelli as nuncio to Bavaria on 23 April 1917, consecrating him as titular Bishop of Sardis and immediately elevating him to archbishop in the Sistine Chapel on 13 May 1917.
In 1604 Clement VIII appointed him archbishop of Nazareth, although this was an honorary position as the Holy Land was under Turkish rule.
While Cranmer was following Charles through Italy, he received a royal letter dated 1 October 1532 informing him that he had been appointed the new Archbishop of Canterbury, following the death of archbishop William Warham.
There is some evidence of academic studies in Uppsala during the 16th century ; the Faculty of Theology is mentioned in a document from 1526, King Eric XIV appointed Laurentius Petri Gothus ( later archbishop ) rector of the university in 1566, and his successor and brother John III appointed a number of professors in the period 1569 – 1574.
On 17 December 954, he was appointed to the archbishopric of Mainz following the death of the rebellious former archbishop Frederick.
* Willibrordus is appointed archbishop of the Frisians.
In 1167 he was appointed archdeacon of the cathedral of Tyre by Frederick de la Roche, archbishop of Tyre, with the support of King Amalric I.
Also in May, Étienne Charles de Loménie de Brienne, the archbishop of Toulouse and one of the queen's political allies, was appointed by the king to replace Calonne as the Finance Minister.
In that case the person who is appointed to such a position is given the personal title of archbishop ( ad personam ).
To correct that, he centralized the ecclesiastical administration in the Archdiocese offices with all other bishops serving as auxiliaries, appointed to assist the archbishop, without dioceses and administrative rights of their own.
Cardinal Pandolf arrives from Rome bearing a formal accusation that John has disobeyed the pope and appointed an archbishop contrary to his desires.
The first archbishop appointed by the king of France was François Fénelon.
A church that is autonomous has its highest-ranking bishop, such as an archbishop or metropolitan, appointed by the patriarch of the mother church, but is self-governing in all other respects.
Around 1175 he was appointed archbishop of Athens.
The king appointed Lanfranc, a native of Italy and a scholar and abbot in Normandy, as the new archbishop.
He was a good friend and advisor to the king of England, Edward the Confessor, who appointed him Bishop of London in 1044, and then archbishop in 1051.
The archbishop opened the conference with an address: deliberation followed ; committees were appointed to report on special questions ; resolutions were adopted, and an encyclical letter was addressed to the faithful of the Anglican Communion.
A church that is autonomous has its highest-ranking bishop, such as an archbishop or metropolitan, appointed by the patriarch of the mother church from which it was granted its autonomy, but is self-governing in all other respects.
The intimacy was renewed when Anselm became archbishop of Canterbury in 1093 ; afterward Eadmer was not only Anselm's disciple, but also his friend and director, being formally appointed to this position by Pope Urban II.
Sixtus IV appointed his nephew, Girolamo Riario, as the new governor of Imola, and Francesco Salviati as archbishop of Pisa, a city that was a former commercial rival but now subject to Florence.

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