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evident and by
Mankind, as a result, attains previously undreamed of levels of civilization and culture, a golden age which the Overlords, a very evident symbol of science, have helped produce by introducing reason and the scientific method into human activities.
The evident contradiction between the rosy picture of Russia's progress painted by the Communist party's program and the enormous dangers for all humanity posed by Premier Khrushchev's Berlin policy has already led to speculation abroad that the program may be severely altered.
It is evident that the requirements imposed by these effects upon any one detergent constituent acting alone are severe.
The huge backlog of demand which was evident in the first decade and a half after the War was fed by liquid assets accumulated by the public during the War, and even more so by the easier and easier credit in the consumer loan and home loan fields.
In general, friendly contact with a member followed by contact with a clergyman will account for a major share of recruitment by the churches, making it quite evident that the extension of economic integration through co-optation is the principal form of mission in the contemporary church ; ;
The reciprocal influence between the French school and Polish historiography was particularly evident in studies on the Middle Ages and the early modern era studied by Braudel.
The Johnnycake was a poor substitute to some for wheaten bread, but acceptance by both the northern and southern colonies seems evident.
Another passage from Proclus ' commentary on the Timaeus gives a description of the geography of Atlantis: That an island of such nature and size once existed is evident from what is said by certain authors who investigated the things around the outer sea.
The " Deuteronomic " perspective ( that of the book of Deuteronomy ) is particularly evident in prayers and speeches spoken by key figures at major transition points: Solomon's speech at the dedication of the Temple is a key example.
Since the Earth could be expected to have roughly the same cratering rate as the Moon, it became clear that the Earth had suffered far more impacts than could be seen by counting evident craters.
Two paintings ( both dated 1565 ) by Pieter Bruegel the Elder depict Dutch peasants curling — Scotland and the Low Countries had strong trading and cultural links during this period, which is also evident in the history of golf.
It is quite evident in the words of this statement, which was adopted by the attendees of the 2001 youth conference held at the Unitarian Church of Montreal: " We the youth of Canada are deeply concerned about the direction the CUC seems to be taking.
An infection that does not and will not produce clinically evident impairment of normal functioning, such as the presence of the normal bacteria and yeasts in the gut, is not considered a disease ; by contrast, an infection that is asymptomatic during its incubation period, but expected to produce symptoms later, is usually considered a disease.
As the 1954 congressional elections approached, and it became evident that the Republicans were in danger of losing their thin majority in both houses, Eisenhower was among those blaming the Old Guard for the losses, and took up the charge to stop suspected efforts by the right wing to take control of the GOP.
Although the worship of images would eventually fall out of favour ( and be replaced by the iconoclastic fire temples ), the lasting legacy of the Achaemenids was a vast, complex hierarchy of Yazatas ( modern Zoroastrianism's Angels ) that were now not just evident in the religion, but firmly established, not least because the divinities received dedications in the Zoroastrian calendar, thus ensuring that they were frequently invoked.
Eventually, he supported paperback editions of The Lord of the Rings and several of his other texts, but it is difficult to say whether he was persuaded to do so by the manifest economic wisdom evident in sales of the Ace editions.
His keen analytical abilities, which were so evident in his detective stories, allowed him to see that the general public was largely ignorant of the methods by which a simple substitution cryptogram can be solved, and he used this to his advantage.
Sophocles was appreciative enough of the younger poet to be influenced by him, as is evident in his later plays Philoctetes and Oedipus at Colonus.
The trend is similarly evident in industries such as soft drink and bottled water manufacturing, as well as global cocoa, chocolate, and sugar confectionery manufacturing, forecast to grow by 5. 7 % and 10. 0 % respectively during 2008 in response to soaring demand in Chinese and Southeast Asian markets.
: here is an evident absurdity in pretending to demonstrate a matter of fact, or to prove it by any arguments a priori.
A slight compression is evident: pixel colors defined initially by 15 bytes are exactly represented by 12 code bytes including control codes.

evident and its
Because of the means of publication -- science-fiction magazines and cheap paperbacks -- and because dystopian science fiction is still appearing in quantity the full range and extent of this phenomenon can hardly be known, though one fact is evident: the science-fiction imagination has been immensely fertile in its extrapolations.
The Old Turkic script evident in epigraphy from the 8th century likely also has its origins in the Aramaic script.
There the threat to its integrity was the most pronounced, and the need for reforms was most evident.
The wealth of Chicago's religious heritage is evident in its many noted examples of sacred architecture and institutions.
" Some however consider unpredictable behaviour to be realistic in tragedy: " everywhere in Euripides a preoccupation with individual psychology and its irrational aspects is evident .... In his hands tragedy for the first time probed the inner recesses of the human soul and let passions spin the plot.
The polls revealed the substantial usage share of Galeon, though its popularity was regarded as owing to lack of stability evident in Mozilla's browsers.
The family association with Cyme might explain his familiarity with eastern myths, evident in his poems, though the Greek world might have already developed its own versions of them.
Its African pedigree is evident in its use of blue notes, improvisation, polyrhythms, syncopation and the swung note.
His ideas stress the perniciousness of the temporal rule of the clergy and its incompatibility with the teaching of Christ and the apostles, and make note of the tendencies evident in the measures of the " Good Parliament " of 1376-77.
The band's identity with its " hometown " of Burlington, Vermont is evident in their actions.
This is evident from the biblical name " The Feast of Ingathering ," from the ceremonies accompanying it, from the season " The festival of the seventh month " and occasion of its celebration: " At the end of the year when you gather in your labors out of the field " ( Ex.
He argued that in the same way a watch's complexity implies the existence of its maker, so too one may infer the Creator of the universe exists, given the evident complexity of Nature.
The influence of the Sturm und Drang (" Storm and Stress ") period in music, with its brief foreshadowing of the Romantic era, is evident in the music of both composers at that time.
A rotating wall cloud with rear flank downdraft clear slot evident to its left rear
The most serious objection to regarding the Demoiselles as the origin of Cubism, with its evident influence of primitive art, is that " such deductions are unhistorical ", writes the art historian Daniel Robbins.
Its strategic position has been evident throughout its history: archaeological finds have revealed that the area has always been a focus for peoples entering and leaving Britain.
Genji follows the traditional format of monogatari — telling a tale — particularly evident in its use of a narrator, but Keene claims Murasaki developed the genre far beyond its bounds, and by doing so created a form that is utterly modern.
The river Mazarus, which at that time appears to have formed the boundary between the two states, was only about 25 km west of Selinunte ; and it is certain that at a somewhat later period the territory of Selinunte extended to its banks, and that that city had a fort and emporium at its mouth On the other side its territory certainly extended as far as the Halycus ( modern Platani ), at the mouth of which it founded the colony of Minoa, or Heracleia, as it was afterward termed It is evident, therefore, that Selinunte had early attained to great power and prosperity ; but we have very little information as to its history.
In prose, the work of the modernist generation was only now coming into its own, but the different stylistic waves that affected their prose are also evident in the work of the new generation — naturalism ( A. M Tilšchová ); impressionism ( Šrámek, Gellner, Jiří Mahen, Jan Opolský, Rudolf Těsnohlídek ); the Vienna Secession ( Růžena Svobodová, Jan Karásek ).

evident and name
In the early 1950's, Smith, together with his distinguished colleague, George Trager ( so austerely academic he sometimes fights his own evident charm ), and a third man with the engaging name of Birdwhistell ( Ray ), agreed on some basic premises about the three-part process that makes communication: ( 1 ) words or language ( 2 ) paralanguage, a set of phenomena including laughing, weeping, voice breaks, and `` tone '' of voice, and ( 3 ) kinesics, the technical name for gestures, facial expressions, and body shifts -- nodding or shaking the head, `` talking '' with one's hands, et cetera.
It is evident from these particulars that Abrasax was the name of the first of the 365 Archons, and accordingly stood below Sophia and Dynamis and their progenitors ; but his position is not expressly stated, so that the writer of the supplement to Tertullian had some excuse for confusing him with " the Supreme God.
" The distinction was evident during the Nuremberg trials, when Dieter Wisliceny ( a deputy to Adolf Eichmann ) was asked to name the extermination camps, and he identified Auschwitz and Majdanek as such.
Shortly before the trial Eiffel had announced his intention to resign from the Board of Directors of the Compagnie des Establissments Eiffel, and did so at a General Meeting held on 14 February, saying " I have absolutely decided to abstain from any participation in any manufacturing business from now on, and so that no one can be misled and to make it most evident that I intend to remain absolutely uninvolved with the management of the establishments which bear my name, I wish to that my name should disappear from the name of the company.
The influence of this period of Scandinavian settlement can still be seen in the North of England and the East Midlands, and is particularly evident in place-names: name endings such as-howe ,-by ( meaning " village ") or-thorp (" hamlet ") having Norse origins.
As it became evident that it would be a hit, CompuServe dropped the MicroNET name in favor of their own, and by 1987, CompuServe Information Service would be 50 % of CompuServe revenues.
The Scottish heritage is the most evident, as indicated by the name of the county seat, which is named for Glasgow, Scotland, and is celebrated annually with the Glasgow Highland Games, one of three highland games held each year in Kentucky.
Interest in Mucha's distinctive style experienced a strong revival during the 1960s ( with a general interest in Art Nouveau ) and is particularly evident in the psychedelic posters of Hapshash and the Coloured Coat, the collective name for British artists Michael English and Nigel Waymouth, and Bob Masse.
Several of Sebring's streets are named after automobile manufacturers or their models, as is evident in Peugeot Street, Ferrari Drive, Porsche Avenue, Vantage Terrace, Corvette Avenue, and Thunderbird Road, to name a few.
The most evident shortcoming of this situation ( for their use in biodiversity informatics ) is that the same generic name can be used for animals and plants at the same time.
This is evident for an island outside of the Laconic coast with the present name Monemvasia, and for the small island outside of the harbour of Megara in Greece.
The English people, as is evident from contemporary broadsheet ballads and alehouse talk, were generally disaffected to the men who ruled in the name of their king.
" His disdain for the artistic direction of the group when he was not in control of it was even more evident in other articles he penned, including the liner notes of the 1986 compilation album Daft ( under the name Otto Flake ) and a September 2002 article for The Observer.
" In mid-13th-century Western Europe the prayer consisted only of these words with the single addition of the name " Mary " after the word " Hail ," as is evident from the commentary of Saint Thomas Aquinas on the prayer.
Basque influence is evident in words such as ' ma ' ( mother ), ' coscorria ' ( useless, inept ) and ' tap ' ( tap ), to name only a few cases .. Basque also influenced the pronunciation of the letter's ' apico-alveolar, so in the Antioquia, and the letter " ll " ( double L ) pronounced as a fricative, not to overlook the inclusion of the letter " a " before certain initial Rs: arrecostarse instead of recostarse, arrecoger instead of recojer and arrecordarse instead of recordarse.
Although the name of the school is not given in the play, it is clearly Harrow School ( which Terence Rattigan attended ), something evident from the idiosyncrasies of the timetable that Crocker-Harris is in charge of writing.
Though some of Blaug's more drastic assertions may be ill-founded or overly polemical, it appears evident that Speenhamland was by no means a household name, and that since the practice was by January 1795 ( the famous meeting was in May ) being used in various villages, usually in collusion with other means of relieving the poor.
Then in 1788 ( a year prior to the French Revolution ) she appeared as an author under her own name ( Sophie had been already published, but anonymously ) with some Lettres sur J. J. Rousseau, a fervid panegyric which demonstrated evident talent but little in the way of critical discernment.
However there is evident usage of the name Eleanor predating Eleanor of Aquitaine: while there are no evident sources contemporary with the personage later referred to as Eleanor of Normandy ( b. 1011 ?/ 1013?

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