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watches and creatures
As the crew watches the reunion of the alien creatures, Q reluctantly tells Picard that they have succeeded in their test, but hints that they will meet again.

watches and try
As Benjy watches out for Swann ( or at least tries to keep up with him ), they learn a lot about each other, including the fact that they both have family they try to hide from the rest of the world.
March 2011: Due to significant decrease of sales from 18 million lighters a year in the mid-1990s to about 12 million lighters this year, combined with increasing pressure on people not to smoke, Zippo Manufacturing Co. decided to try offering a wider variety of products using Zippo brands, such as watches, leisure clothing and eau de cologne.
In April 1975, Keane introduced an invisible gremlin named " Not Me ," who watches while the children try to shift blame for a misdeed by saying, " Not me.
At first, she watches other skaters at the local ice rink, but decides to try to improve her own skating by applying the physics and what she has discovered from watching other skaters.

watches and leap
Minute hands did not come into widespread use until the pendulum enabled a large leap in the accuracy of clocks ; for watches, a similar leap in accuracy was not made possible before the invention of the balance spring.

watches and out
* July 19 – Great fire of Rome: A fire begins in the merchant area of Rome and soon burns completely out of control, while emperor Nero allegedly plays his lyre and sings as he watches the blaze from a safe distance.
Digital LED watches were very expensive and out of reach to the common consumer until 1975, when Texas Instruments started to mass produce LED watches inside a plastic case.
As he floats away, Blake watches Cole sneak up behind Nobody, but he is too weak to cry out and can only watch as the two shoot and kill each other.
He climbs out on the ledge, where Aloysius locks out Norville and watches as he slips and falls off the building at the stroke of midnight.
After mating the male will build nest out of gathered sticks in a suitable crevice, while the female watches and makes changes.
As he watches him with pride, he also sees Tulasi and finds out that the boy is indeed, Tulasi's son.
Taking out McAllister's driver, Murtaugh watches as the car crashes on Hollywood Boulevard and is destroyed ( along with the heroin shipment ) by a live hand grenade.
As Callahan watches the dead body float on the surface, he takes out his inspector's badge ; after contemplating what will happen to him as a result of his actions, he hurls it into the water, before walking away.
Part of the memorial includes items recovered from the burned out buildings: watches stopped at the time their owners were burned alive ; glasses-melted from the intense heat ; and various personal items and money.
As he watches his previous actions play out on screen, Trent bursts into hysterical laughter / crying, leaving the exact nature of reality uncertain.
Basically omnipresent in Citadel Station, SHODAN watches from security cameras, stares out of screens and monitors, sends threats and snide messages over the station's PA system or via email to the player's data reader, and sometimes cuts off communications from friendly sources.
He will sell anything from watches to bedpans ( out of his coat ).
He hits Graham and locks him out of the house, then watches Ann's tape.
In Tom's final speech, as he watches his mother comforting Laura long ago, he bids farewell, telling her to blow out the candles in her room, which she does as the play ends.
The team watches for new Tomorrow People " breaking out " to help them through the process and sometimes deal with attention from extraterrestrial species as well as facing more earthbound dangers.
Outside the recently resurrected Cypher watches the exchange showing his powers to have evolved as now he can read body language and figures out what people are really saying.
This does not stop an enthusiastic band of unofficial timers with synchronised watches working out how fast their first round opposition might be.
Waterbury Watch started out very successfully in its early days, employing hundreds of women for their " slender fingers " and " delicate manipulation ," having become the largest volume producer of watches in the world by 1888.
Realising that Sir Stanley is only going to be staying one night at Wyvern, they work out that any theft of the formula is going to be attempted that night and Jimmy and Bill agree to keep two separate watches, changing over at 3. 00 am, both using a pistol that Jimmy has brought with him.
Especially when you add in the calls from people whose watches stopped the day before, people whose watches didn't stop but whose grandfather clocks did, people who died of heart attacks and their bereaved relatives phoned in to say that their ' ticker ' gave out, and so on.

watches and tells
The head officer tells Malla to keep Lumpy busy while they search his room, so Lumpy ( and the viewing audience ) watches a cartoon on a viewscreen of one of his father's many adventures.
The group, minus Nick, watches the game on TV while Sarah tells Karen about her brief affair with Alex and how it affected their friendship negatively.
Beatrice tells him to go away ( not only because she dislikes De Flores but also because De Flores disrupts her meeting with Alsemero ), he backs off but still watches her.
She takes part in the battle on the Golden Gate Bridge and when Bastion destroys the bridge, she watches with concern as Hope manifests the Phoenix Force energy signature, though Wolverine tells her there is nothing she can do now.
After pondering for a moment, as he watches his partner fade, Maury apologizes to Harry and tells him that the wish should be used for something a whole lot more.
An Anatolian Shepherd Dog named Butch ( voiced by Alec Baldwin ) watches from a window, then goes to his doghouse, presses a blue button, hidden behind a wooden plank, which grants him access to a large techno-network, and tells an agent of Buddy's kidnap.
During the credits, Jack watches hidden baby-cam footage of the Fockers giving attention to Little Jack over Jack's previous objections: Roz gives Little Jack chocolate, Bernie advises him to use his crying to disagree with everything Jack says, and Greg drunkenly tells Little Jack that Pam is not really pregnant and only said it so that maybe Jack would let them sleep together.
Tony tells Jack to not do it and Jack backs off as Mason escorts him back into CTU as Tony watches Nina being arrested.
He tells them " I am with you always " as the scene shifts to a modern city to show that Jesus still watches over His followers.
As Jubei watches them go, he tells his servant to send a spy to watch the castle in Kishu and that he, Jubei, would be gone for five days.
In the final segment of the game, Pac-Man watches a news segment in which the ghosts are stealing gum from children all over the city, when the Ghost Witch of Netor takes over the broadcast and tells Pac-Man that her Gum Monster is nearly complete.
After the President tells Book II he has access to all of the U. S .' s resources to keep Schofield alive, Book II watches the tape and learn that M-12, the twelve richest men in the world and the ones behind the bounty, plan to start a new Cold War.
Excavolt watches Glitch from his shuttle and tells him he will have his revenge.
In addition to exhibiting clocks and watches it tells the history of clockmaking in London.
Set in Haiti under the rule of François " Papa Doc " Duvalier and his secret police, the Tonton Macoute, The Comedians tells the story of a tired hotel owner, Brown, and his increasing fatalism as he watches Haiti descend into barbarism.
In Doctor Strange's dialogue with the Ancient One, Doctor Strange tells him that the Masters of Evil have threatened the world and asks that the Ancient One watches over the superhero alliance and aid them in whatever way he can.
She watches him die and tells Andrew, who tries blackmailing her for his trust fund.
Dot, with music by Randy Rogel, tells the story of the Animaniacs character Dot as she watches buses go by with her name.
He thanks Roland for being his father and tells Jake to make sure that Roland watches for Dandelo.
Randor watches in amazement as Adam transforms into He-Man before his eyes, and tells his son he is very proud of him.

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