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historian and John
After 1890 came philosopher Josiah Royce ( 1855 – 1916 ), botanist Liberty Hyde Bailey ( 1858 – 1954 ), the Southern Agrarians of the 1920s and 1930s, novelist John Steinbeck ( 1902 – 1968 ), historian A. Whitney Griswold ( 1906 – 1963 ), environmentalist Aldo Leopold ( 1887 – 1948 ), Ralph Borsodi ( 1886 – 1977 ), and present-day authors Wendell Berry ( b. 1934 ), Gene Logsdon ( b. 1932 ), Paul Thompson, and Allan C. Carlson ( b. 1949 ).
His father, Dr. John Aikin, was a medical doctor, historian, and author.
15 years his death, he was anointed as the father of the game ," writes baseball historian John Thorn.
While the British military historian Sir John Keegan suggested an ideal definition of battle as " something which happens between two armies leading to the moral then physical disintegration of one or the other of them ", the origins and outcomes of battles can rarely be summarized so neatly.
Sir Herbert Baker's rebuilding of the Bank of England, demolishing most of Sir John Soane's earlier building was described by architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner as " the greatest architectural crime, in the City of London, of the twentieth century ".
In 1994, Yale University Church historian John Boswell argued that adelphopoiesis, a rite bonding two men, was akin to a religiously sanctioned same-sex union.
Art historian John Rewald called Pissarro the “ dean of the Impressionist painters ", not only because he was the oldest of the group, but also " by virtue of his wisdom and his balanced, kind, and warmhearted personality ”.
But Pissarro eventually found their teaching methods “ stifling ,” states art historian John Rewald.
Indeed John Morris, the English historian who specialized in the study of the institutions of the Roman Empire and the history of Sub-Roman Britain, suggested in his book The Age of Arthur that as the descendants of Romanized Britons looked back to a golden age of peace and prosperity under Rome, the name " Camelot " of Arthurian legend may have referred to the capital of Britannia ( Camulodunum, modern Colchester ) in Roman times.
* John Lothrop Motley, historian, Minister to Great Britain, Minister to the Austrian Empire
According to the church historian Eusebius, the Quartodeciman Polycarp ( bishop of Smyrna, by tradition a disciple of John the Evangelist ) debated the question with Anicetus ( bishop of Rome ).
Other names connected to the city include Max Born, physicist and Nobel laureate ; Charles Darwin, the biologist who discovered natural selection ; David Hume, a philosopher, economist and historian ; James Hutton, regarded as the " Father of Geology "; John Napier inventor of logarithms ; chemist and one of the founders of thermodynamics Joseph Black ; pioneering medical researchers Joseph Lister and James Young Simpson ; chemist and discoverer of the element nitrogen, Daniel Rutherford ; mathematician and developer of the Maclaurin series, Colin Maclaurin and Ian Wilmut, the geneticist involved in the cloning of Dolly the sheep just outside Edinburgh.
Some, like theologian and ecclesiastical historian John Henry Newman, understand Eusebius ' statement that he had heard Dorotheus of Tyre " expound the Scriptures wisely in the Church " to indicate that Eusebius was Dorotheus ' pupil while the priest was resident in Antioch ; others, like the scholar D. S. Wallace-Hadrill, deem the phrase too ambiguous to support the contention.
In 1969 Earl Mountbatten participated in a 12-part autobiographical television series Lord Mountbatten: A Man for the Century, also known as The Life and Times of Lord Mountbatten, produced by Associated-Rediffusion and scripted by historian John Terraine.
* 1912 – John Edward Christopher Hill, English historian ( d. 2003 )
As historian John McManners argues, " In eighteenth-century France throne and altar were commonly spoken of as in close alliance ; their simultaneous collapse ... would one day provide the final proof of their interdependence.
French film historian John Raeburn, editor of Cahiers du cinéma, notes that that Capra's films were unknown in France, but there too his films underwent a fresh discovery by the public.
Whether and how far the council was confirmed by Pope John VIII is also a matter of dispute: The council was held in the presence of papal legates, who approved of the proceedings, Roman Catholic historian Fr.
It was not, in the words of naval historian John Pryor, a " ship-killer " comparable to the naval ram, which by then had fallen out of use.
John Lienhard, technology historian, says " Most of Gutenberg's early life is a mystery.
* 2012 – John T. Cunningham, American journalist, historian, and writer ( b. 1915 )
John the Baptist is also mentioned by Jewish historian Josephus, in Aramaic Matthew, in the Pseudo-Clementine literature, and in the Qur ' an.
According to the Christian historian Sozomen, Libanius was supposed to have said on his deathbed that John would have been his successor " if the Christians had not taken him from us ".
John Stevens Cabot Abbott ( September 19, 1805 – June 17, 1877 ), an American historian, pastor, and pedagogical writer, was born in Brunswick, Maine to Jacob and Betsey Abbott.
* John Henry Brown ( 1820 – 1895 ), Texas politician, historian, chaired Texas articles of Secession

historian and wrote
Harris dates studies of both to Classical Greece and Classical Rome, specifically, to Herodotus, often called the " father of history " and the Roman historian, Tacitus, who wrote many of our only surviving contemporary accounts of several ancient Celtic and Germanic peoples.
The chief authorities on the career of Alaric are: the historian Orosius and the poet Claudian, both contemporary, neither disinterested ; Zosimus, a historian who lived probably about half a century after Alaric's death ; and Jordanes, a Goth who wrote the history of his nation in 551, basing his work on The Trojan War.
And a solemn diploma from Christ Church, Canterbury dated 873 is so poorly constructed and written that historian Nicholas Brooks posited a scribe who was either so blind he could not read what he wrote or who knew little or no Latin.
Plato's account of Atlantis may have also inspired parodic imitation: writing only a few decades after the Timaeus and Critias, the historian Theopompus of Chios wrote of a land beyond the ocean known as Meropis.
* Claudius Aelianus, Roman teacher and historian of the 3rd century, who wrote in Greek
The technique — as invigorating as it was unorthodox — was later adopted by cartoonists like Walt Kelly and Garry Trudeau ," wrote comic strip historian Rick Marschall.
The Greek historian Herodotus wrote that Xerxes sought his harem after being defeated in the Greco-Persian Wars.
He is specifically mentioned by Ben Sirah ( a writer of the Hellenistic period who listed the " great sages " of Israel ) and 4 Maccabees ( 1st century CE ), and by the 1st century CE historian Josephus, says that the prophet wrote two books.
" Although the plane came down only five miles northwest of the airport, no one saw or heard the crash ", wrote rock performer, archivist and music historian, Harry Hepcat, in his article about Buddy Holly.
The great historian of the Crusades, Sir Steven Runciman, wrote that the sack of Constantinople is “ unparalleled in history ”.
Fernando de Alva Cortés Ixtlilxóchitl, a Mestizo historian and descendant of Coanacoch, wrote an account of the executions in the 17th century partly based on Texcocan oral tradition.
A priest and historian from Dithmarschen, Neocorus, wrote in 1598 that the banner captured in 1500, was brought to the church in Wöhrden and hung there for the next 59 years, until it was returned to the Danes as part of the peace settlement in 1559.
A historian from Slesvig, Ulrik Petersen ( 1656 – 1735 ), wrote in the late 17th century that the flag hung in Slesvig cathedral till about 1660 until it simply crumbled away, thus ending its more than 400-year-old story.
Munro-Hay cites the Muslim historian Abu Ja ' far al-Khwarazmi / Kharazmi ( who wrote before 833 ) as stating that the capital of " the kingdom of Habash " was Jarma.
A fellow left-wing historian, she wrote studies on women in the Chartist movement, and of Queen Victoria ( subtitled ' Gender and Power '); she was Professor of History at the University of Birmingham.
The Israeli historian Omer Bartov wrote that German films of the 1950s showed the average German soldier as a heroic victim: noble, tough, brave, honourable, and patriotic while fighting hard in a senseless war for a regime that he did not care for.
* Business historian Robert Sobel wrote For Want of a Nail, a fictional history of an alternate North America which included hundreds of fictional footnotes and a bibliography listing over a hundred fictional histories and biographies.
The foremost Roman historian, he wrote an extremely influential account on Rome in the first century, the Annals.
Often called " the first modern historian ", the English scholar Edward Gibbon wrote his magnum opus, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ( 1776 – 1788 ).
American historian and author Ruth Edna Kelley of Massachusetts wrote the first book length history of the holiday in the U. S ; The Book of Hallowe ' en ( 1919 ), and references souling in the chapter " Hallowe ' en in America ";
In 55 BC the Greek historian Diodorus Siculus wrote that there was an island called Hyperborea ( which means " far to the north ") where a round temple stood from which the moon appeared only a little distance above the earth every 19 years.
" Lillian Hoddeson, a University of Illinois historian who wrote a book on Bardeen, said that because he " differed radically from the popular stereotype of genius and was uninterested in appearing other than ordinary, the public and the media often overlooked him.
The historian E. Mary Smallwood wrote:
The British historian Victor Rothwell wrote that the newspapers that Ribbentrop used to provide his press summaries for Hitler, such as the Daily Express and the Daily Mail, were out of touch not only with British public opinion, but also with British government policy in regard to Poland.

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