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incident and after
To Tilghman the incident was just one of a long list of hair-raising, smash-'em-down adventures on the side of the law which started in 1872 when he was only eighteen years old, and did not end till fifty years later when he was shot dead after warning a drunk to be quiet.
Even after the incident between Bang-Jensen and Shann in the Delegates' Lounge and this was not the way the Chicago Tribune presented it ''.
Shortly after the `` Vale '' incident, a rift began to develop between William Woodruff and Governor Pope.
If anyone asked us, after we made the remark that the suffering was a bad thing, whether we should think it relevant to what we said to learn that the incident had never occurred and no pain had been suffered at all, we should say that it made all the difference in the world, that what we were asserting to be bad was precisely the suffering we thought had occurred back there, that if this had not occurred, there was nothing left to be bad, and that our assertion was in that case mistaken.
The principal one gives a detailed statement that soon after the incident at Meribah, Aaron, with his son Eleazar and Moses, ascended Mount Hor.
They are often recovered from a plane after a crash to determine control settings and other parameters during the incident.
In 2004, she accorded three stars to chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten ’ s Spice Market restaurant after Vongerichten gave her book Cooking for Mr. Latte a positive blurb ; the Times spotlighted the incident with an Editor ’ s Note.
The leader of the Russians, Nevizimov was jailed after the whole incident was reported to Russian officials.
One of the incidents which led to the creation of the Basel Convention was the Khian Sea waste disposal incident, in which a ship carrying incinerator ash from the city of Philadelphia in the United States after having dumped half of its load on a beach in Haiti, was forced away where it sailed for many months, changing its name several times.
Because of this incident, authorities found it necessary, in the months following, to implement a policy against announcing victims ’ names until after families had first been informed.
During one such incident, at Dartmouth, several members of Baralongs crew were arrested after destroying a local saloon.
The Admiralty, upon receiving Herbert's report, immediately ordered its suppression, but the strict censorship imposed on the event failed when Americans who had witnessed the incident from Nicosians lifeboats spoke to newspaper reporters after their return to the United States.
Military occupation of the islands ended recently after an incident in which Serbian military opened fire and arrested the mayor of Vukovar Vladimir Štengel with 19 other Croatian civilians and 8 children who were going to visit Zvezdan Kisić the mayor of the Serbian town Bačka Palanka.
Following shortly after a sex scandal that had forced Prescott to resign his ministerial responsibilities while retaining his salary and privileges, the incident was portrayed as evidence that Prescott had little real responsibility for running the country during the absence of the Prime Minister.
Already a controversial figure in the clubhouse after his corked-bat incident, Sammy's actions alienated much of his once strong fan base as well as the few teammates still on good terms with him, ( many teammates had tired of Sosa's playing of loud salsa music in the locker room ) and possibly tarnished his place in Cubs ' lore for years to come.
The following day after the victims ' bodies were found, Bojangles ' manager Marty King, thinking there was a possible connection to the bloody man found in the bathroom, repeated the incident to police officers who then inspected the ladies room.
Jacques-Louis David's facial abnormalities were traditionally reported to be a consequence of a deep facial sword wound after a fencing incident.
His paintings Still Life ( The Murderess ) and The Death of Marat I, done in 1906-7, clearly reference the shooting incident and the emotional after effects.
Mimault became unnerved because of the decision, and after an incident where he shot at and wounded two students of the École Polytechnique ( charges for which were dropped ), he demanded a special act to prolong the duration of his patents, 100, 000 Francs, and election to the Légion d ' honneur.
Years later, after Orwell's death, Heppenstall wrote a dramatic account of the incident called " The Shooting Stick " and Mabel Fierz confirmed that Heppenstall came to her in a sorry state the following day.
* 1704 11 November – A notable incident during the siege: 500 Spanish volunteer grenadiers tried to surprise the garrison after being led up a concealed path to the top of The Rock by a Spanish goatherd from Gibraltar, Simón Susarte.
Although native to Ghent, he punished the city after the 1539 Revolt of Ghent and obliged the city's nobles to walk in front of the emperor barefoot with a noose ( Dutch: strop ) around the neck ; since this incident, the people of Ghent have been called " Stroppendragers " ( noose bearers ).
The club, which was founded in 1986, was named in his honour after an incident in that summer's World Cup match between England and Paraguay.
This is a dead interval after the ionisation of the gas when any further incident radiation will not result in a count.
Greece was diplomatically isolated and vulnerable, as the Corfu incident of 1923 showed, and the economical foundations of the state were in ruins, after a decade of war and the sudden increase of the country's population by a quarter.

incident and team
) and determines ways to meet those needs through team members or citizen volunteers on the scene ; collects and writes reports on the operation and victims ; and communicates and coordinates with the incident commander, local authorities, and other CERT team leaders.
He had intended the comments to be private, and ill feeling grew in the Australian camp as speculation about who leaked the incident to the press grew and many of the team privately pointed the finger at Bradman.
In one notable incident, when an away team was trapped on a radioactive planet, the Doctor was able to infiltrate the people and almost single-handedly rescue the team because, as he pointed out, being a hologram renders him immune to the radiation, stating that " being a hologram does have its advantages.
A Soviet team investigating the incident was not able to determine the cause of the crash, but hypothesized that the plane was flying low to evade radar and misjudged the plane's altitude.
This incident forged a strong bond between Häkkinen and team principal Ron Dennis, and also sent forth a new movement for extra safety in the sport.
The incident caused the team to suspend Avery for the season ; he was later waived by the Stars.
In 2006 he said that at the time of the incident " Williams were already 100 % certain that Michael was guilty of foul play " but did not protest Schumacher's title because the team was still dealing with the death of Ayrton Senna.
They also mentioned how SWAT team advisors for the film related a similar true incident in Toronto in which a man ( Henry Masuka ) took an ER hostage after it wouldn't provide immediate service to his infant son on New Year's Eve, 1999.
The magazine Takarajima investigated the incident and reported that the Giants front office had likely ordered the team not to allow Bass an opportunity to tie or break Oh's record.
At a stadium or arena, sports fans will voice their pleasure with a particular incident, player, or team by cheering, which consists of clapping, fist-pumping, or shouting positive exclamations toward the field of play and ultimately, the favorable object.
Likewise, displeasure toward a particular incident, player, or team may be met by fans with booing, shouting of expletives, and sometimes throwing of objects onto the field.
In 1973, Uhle remembered the incident, but could not be sure whether Speaker was making the changes because he was new to the team at the time.
The most memorable incident of the 2002 Games was when the entire 2002 U. S. Olympic freestyle snowboarding team showed up to compete in the Winter X snowboard superpipe event, just weeks before to the Salt Lake City Olympics.
*** The Toronto Maple Leafs have a policy of not retiring numbers unless the player honoured either died or suffered a career-ending incident while a member of the team.
In that incident, members of the Duke University men's lacrosse team hired a female stripper for a team party.
The magazine Takarajima investigated the incident and reported that the Giants front office had likely ordered the team not to allow Bass an opportunity to tie or break Oh's record.
Riot police and tear gas were used to restore order and the incident allowed the West Indies team to recover their poise against the now unsettled tourists.
There was wide speculation in the media that the incident was an intentional effort to keep Kariya from playing for Canada at the Olympics ; Suter and teammate Chris Chelios were both members of the United States ' national team.
One incident took place during a game as Doby was sliding into second base when the shortstop from the opposing team spat tobacco juice on him.
On January 9, 1943, his surveillance team witnessed an incident in which a speeding car attempted to run Tresca over.
After the incident the regional director for Victory ROC tried to fire Heydenreycher, but the team threatened to resign if he did.
Two amateur members of the team, Percy Fender and Rockley Wilson, wrote scathingly about the incident in their dual role as journalists covering the Tests.

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