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mentioned and above
Beyond the two basic tasks mentioned above, no attention was paid by statesman or scholar to an idea of state responsibility, either internally or externally.
And here again we hear the same refrain mentioned above: `` the paramount goal of the United States set long ago was to guard the rights of the individual, ensure his development, enlarge his opportunity ''.
William Coddington, who was running the colony, felt constrained to move seven miles south where, with others -- as mentioned above -- he founded Newport.
Foliage is the outstanding photo subject in many of the Southern locales mentioned above and some specific tips on how and where to shoot it are in order.
Gas injection through a porous anode ( transpiration cooling ) not only feeds back the energy transferred to the anode by the above mentioned processes, but also modifies the conditions in the arc itself.
As mentioned above, where families are concentrated in larger numbers, group controls seem strongest and most effective.
In some ( the Ewe type mentioned above ) interaction of tone and intonation is restricted to the ends of intonation spans.
With respect to this type of item, one might properly apply the language of the Committee Report, quoted above, which cautions against using section 381 as a basis for treating other tax attributes not mentioned therein.
And so the authors conclude: `` The conduct of the patient in his every-day life and in his work, even more than the foregoing facts ( mentioned above under 1 ), leave positively no room for doubt that the sense of touch, in the ordinary sense of the word, was unaffected ; ;
In the above mentioned report of the Notre Dame Chapter of the American Association of University Professors, the basic outlook of the new breed of lay faculty emerges very clearly in the very statement of the problem as the members see it: `` Even with the best of intentions he ( the President of the university ) is loath to delegate such authority and responsibility to a group the membership of which, considered ( as it must be by him ) in individual terms, is inhomogeneous, mortal and of extremely varying temperament, interests and capabilities.
Anthropology as it emerged amongst the Western colonial powers ( mentioned above ) has generally taken a different path than that in the countries of southern and central Europe ( Italy, Greece, and the successors to the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires ).
Interestingly, although alcohols and amines can be Brønsted-Lowry acids as mentioned above, they can also function as Lewis bases due to the lone pairs of electrons on their oxygen and nitrogen atoms.
Note that the scripts mentioned above are not considered proper alphabets, as they all lack characters representing vowels.
On the other hand, other foundational descriptions of category theory are considerably stronger, and an identical category-theoretic statement of choice may be stronger than the standard formulation, à la class theory, mentioned above.
As mentioned above, the Anglican Communion has no international juridical organisation.
Unlike the models mentioned above, Christie's Poirot was clearly the result of her early development of the detective in her first book, written in 1916 but not published until 1920.
A visit in December, 2002 showed that the three aqueducts mentioned above have been nearly completely destroyed.
Some parts at least of the figure above mentioned are solar symbols, and the Basilidian Abrasax is manifestly connected with the sun.
The 1899 act mentioned above was replaced in 1997 — until then the government had stated there were no ethnic minority groups.
* Love songs: Almost all Alcaeus ' amorous verses, mentioned with disapproval by Quintilian above, have vanished without trace.
Three separate sources were combined to form fr. 350, as mentioned above, including a prose paraphrase from Strabo that first needed to be restored to its original meter, a synthesis achieved by the united efforts of Otto Hoffmann, Karl Otfried Muller and Franz Heinrich Ludolf Ahrens.
In addition to the authorities cited above may be mentioned: G. A. Olivier, Voyage dans l ' empire othoman, etc., iii.
The above mentioned dishes have developed a distinctively Argentine nuance.
Many of the sweets produced in this region, such as quince, sweet potato, molasses and dulce de cayote jams, have given rise to a very well known and easily made dessert referred to as vigilante, or to so-called queso y dulce ( where a piece of fresh cheese is served with one of the sweets mentioned above ).
From the early Middle Ages until after the Second Vatican Council the sacrament was administered, within the Latin Church, only when death was approaching and, in practice, bodily recovery was not ordinarily looked for, giving rise, as mentioned above to the name " Extreme Unction " ( i. e. final anointing ).

mentioned and first
When I mentioned that for my first long voyage I did not even have the money for the return fare, but had trusted to luck that I would earn a sufficient amount, the young people looked at me doubtingly.
* Rishaba — Rishi mentioned in Rig Veda and later in several Puranas, and believed by Jains to be the first official religious guru of Jainism, as accredited by later followers.
In 1256, the castrum of Abensprech was first mentioned, and on 12 June 1348, Ludwig, Margrave of Brandenburg, and his brother, Stephen, Duke of Bavaria, raised Abensberg to the status of a city, giving it the right to operate lower courts, enclose itself with a wall and hold markets.
Abydos was first mentioned in the catalogue of Trojan allies ( Iliad ii. 836 ).
The Alemanni were first mentioned by Cassius Dio describing the campaign of Caracalla in 213.
No larger settlements, however, have been found to have existed in this remote rural area, located at least 15 km from the nearest road even in Roman times, up to the early medieval period when the place is mentioned as a king's mansion for the first time, not long before Charlemagne became ruler of the Germanic Franks.
The Ark is first mentioned in the Book of Exodus, and then numerous times in Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, I Samuel, II Samuel, I Kings, I Chronicles, II Chronicles, Psalms and Jeremiah.
Possibly the first instance of the Angles in recorded history is in Tacitus ' Germania, chapter 40, in which the " Anglii " are mentioned in passing in a list of Germanic tribes.
Briefly, the first Aeolus was a son of Hellen and eponymous founder of the Aeolian race ; the second was a son of Poseidon, who led a colony to islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea ; and the third Aeolus was a son of Hippotes who is mentioned in Odyssey book 10 as Keeper of the Winds who gives Odysseus a tightly closed bag full of the captured winds so he could sail easily home to Ithaca on the gentle West Wind.
Atlantis ( in Greek,, " island of Atlas ") is a legendary island first mentioned in Plato's dialogues Timaeus and Critias, written about 360 BC.
Edgar Cayce first mentioned Atlantis in 1923 and later suggested that it was originally a continent-sized region extending from the Azores to the Bahamas, holding an ancient, highly evolved civilization which had ships and aircraft powered by a mysterious form of energy crystal.
After this his name is not mentioned until after Paul's first imprisonment, when he was engaged in the organization of the church in Crete, where Paul had left him for this purpose.
The surname of the Archbishop of Canterbury is not always used in formal documents ; often only the first name and see are mentioned.
Although anthems were written in the Elizabethan period by Tallis ( 1505 – 1585 ), Byrd ( 1539 – 1623 ), and others, they are not mentioned in the Book of Common Prayer until 1662, when the famous rubric " In quires and places where they sing here followeth the Anthem " first appears.
Aarau is first mentioned in 1248 as Arowe.
They are first mentioned in the papal bulls Extravagantes of Pope John XXII and of Pope Benedict XII.
* 1134 – The name Zagreb was mentioned for the first time in the Felician Charter relating to the establishment of the Zagreb Bishopric around 1094.
Spandau is first mentioned in 1197 and Köpenick in 1209, although these areas did not join Berlin until 1920.
Cölln on the Fischerinsel is first mentioned in a 1237 document, and Berlin, across the Spree in what is now called the Nikolaiviertel, is referenced in a document from 1244.
The Beowulf manuscript itself is mentioned in name for the first time in a letter in 1700 between George Hickes, Wanley ’ s assistant, and Wanley.
Although the various Baltic tribes were mentioned by ancient historians as early as 98 B. C., the first attestation of a Baltic language was in about 1350, with the creation of the Elbing Prussian Vocabulary, a German to Prussian translation dictionary.
It is first mentioned in the Tanakh and the Bible as the place where the matriarch Rachel died and was buried " by the wayside " ( Gen. 48: 7 ).
* The first of the historical passages recounting Jeremiah's prophecy in the Temple ( compare chapter 7 ), his arrest, his threatened death, and his rescue, in which connection the martyrdom of the prophet Uriah is briefly mentioned ( chapter 26 ).

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