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musical and trends
Bartók's music reflects two trends that dramatically changed the sound of music in the 20th century: the breakdown of the diatonic system of harmony that had served composers for the previous two hundred years ( Griffiths 1978, 7 ); and the revival of nationalism as a source for musical inspiration, a trend that began with Mikhail Glinka and Antonín Dvořák in the last half of the 19th century ( Einstein 1947, 332 ).
As the hip hop scene matured in Bristol and musical trends evolved further toward acid jazz and house in the late ' 80s, the golden era of the soundsystem was ending.
The movement developed as a reaction against various musical and cultural trends in the late 1980s and early 1990s, particularly the grunge phenomenon from the United States.
The line-up of Copeland, Sting, and Summers was an unusual trio at a time when progressive rock, symphonic rock, and other sound trends lent themselves to musical ensembles with support players.
Once derivative and out-of-step with Anglo-American musical trends, contemporary Spanish pop is as risky and cutting-edge as any scene in the world, and encompasses everything from shiny electronica and Eurodisco, to homegrown blues, rock, punk, ska, reggae and hip-hop to name a few.
Prima rode the musical trends of his time, starting with his seven-piece New Orleans style jazz band in the 1920s, then successively leading a swing combo in the 1930s, a big band in the 1940s, a Vegas lounge act in the 1950s, and a pop-rock band in the 1960s.
A handful of critics disliked her singing as being " over-stylized ", reflecting the heated controversies of the time over the new musical trends of the late 40s.
Conversely, his 1980s musical repertoire presented an increased development of dance trends, such as disco and soul, as well as the previous incorporation of rock and punk.
As well as being the centre of political life, courts were usually the drivers of fashion, and often where literary, musical and artistic trends first developed.
In line with the prevailing musical trends, studios in this period were primarily designed for the live recording of symphony orchestras and other large instrumental ensembles.
So, on the one hand there is the homogenized Greek popular song, with all the idioms of traditional Greek folk music, and on the other, the peculiar musical trends of the urban rebetiko ( song of the cities ) known also in Greece as αστικό.
Today it is known as Jakarta Symphony Orchestra that has existed in the country's musical world for almost a century through its changing formats to suit prevailing trends and needs.
At the same time, the musical theatre was evolving its own set of scenic traditions, borrowing heavily from the burlesque and vaudeville style, with occasional nods to the trends of the ' straight ' theatre.
In this view, Sacred Harp should be treasured as a time-tested musical tradition, standing above current trends of fashion.
From 1615-28, Frescobaldi ’ s publications connect him with the Congregazione exactly when the group ’ s activities determined the Roman musical trends.
The attendance at, and numbers of folk clubs began to decrease, probably as new musical and social trends, including punk rock, new wave and electronic music began to dominate.
The number of clubs began to decline in the 1980s, in the face of changing musical and social trends.
Their commercial fortunes in the US declined sharply in the early 1970s due to changing musical trends.
The music of Angola has been shaped both by wider musical trends and by the political history of the country.
* Ulla Pirttijärvi mixes traditional joik with more modern musical trends.
El Salvador has participated in many Latin musical trends, such as cumbia, a genre more closely associated with Colombia but which has a unique sound in El Salvador.
The development of parallel musical trends such as the Paisley Underground in California and the resurgence of Jangle pop aided a growth in the popularity of the Dunedin Sound on college radio in the USA and Europe.
Borland's musical interests were at odds with the local music trends which leaned largely toward country music.
MPB can also be influenced by newer, non-traditional musical trends.
Because of this, campus radio has come to be associated with emerging musical trends, including genres such as punk and New Wave, alternative rock, indie rock and hip hop, long before those genres become part of the musical mainstream.

musical and changed
Hardly had Grant established herself as the " Queen of Christian Pop " when she changed directions to widen her fan base ( and hence her musical message ).
Often dialogue was changed, and the show became less " Serious " in tone compared to the Japanese version, instead featuring more jokes and added dialogue, along with a completely different musical score ( usually orchestral music ) and completely different sound effects, due to licensing issues.
Rush's musical style has changed substantially over the years.
Years later, Knef's first husband, an American named Kurt Hirsch, encouraged her to try again for success in the U. S. She changed her name from Knef to Neff and achieved a measure of stardom on Broadway as “ Ninotchka ” in the Cole Porter musical,
The rock musical Fire Angel was based on the story of the play, with the scene changed to the Little Italy district of New York.
For example, the characters in Lerner and Loewe's musical My Fair Lady, which is based on George Bernard Shaw's 1914 play Pygmalion, are essentially unchanged from those in Shaw's stage work, because the musical version is quite faithful to the original ( except for the changed ending, which is pessimistic in the play ), even to the point of retaining most of Shaw's dialogue.
In 2005, Lightstone Studios released a direct-to-DVD movie musical titled " One Smooth Stone ", which was later changed to " David and Goliath ".
Bandleader Bill Haley had previously been a country music performer ; after recording a country and western-styled version of " Rocket 88 ", a rhythm and blues song, he changed musical direction to a new sound which came to be called rock and roll.
As well, Rapper-Singer-Actress Queen Latifah also did something similar when she released The Dana Owens Album under her own given name, Dana Owens, when she changed her musical direction from Hip Hop to Vocal Jazz.
Regarding its name, many refer to the fact that Lord Shorty initially referred to his musical hybrid as " solka ", representing the true " soul of calypso ", and the name was later changed to " soca " by a music journalist.
He was cursed by Agamemnon and subsequently punished by Apollo, who beat him in a musical contest ( similar to that between Apollo and Marsyas, to see who was a better musician with a lyre ) and killed him, whereupon Cinyras ' fifty daughters threw themselves into the sea and were changed into sea birds.
Cui's musical direction changed in 1856, when he met Mily Balakirev and began to be more seriously involved with music.
She was born Marcelle Taillefesse at Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, Val-de-Marne, France, but as a young woman she changed her last name to " Tailleferre " to spite her father, who had refused to support her musical studies.
However, through the course of their career, their musical approach changed to a more dance and R & B sound which is heard mostly in their final album, Seeing Double.
After Birdsong departed from the group to join The Supremes in 1967, under the advice of Vicki Wickham, the group changed its look, musical direction and style and reformed as Labelle, in 1971.
As the musical went into rehearsal, the working title for it became It Came from Denton High, but it was changed just before previews at the suggestion of Sharman to The Rocky Horror Show.
To reflect the change in musical direction and avoid having to start anew after future lineup changes, Glenn, on Rubin's advice, changed the name of Samhain to his surname, Danzig.
James's musical style changed during the course of her career.
Between the early and the mid 1990s, many EBM artists split up, or changed their musical style, borrowing more distorted industrial elements or elements of rock or metal.
Brown signed with Aladdin Records and his 1945 recording of, " Driftin ' Blues ", with a small combo on that record label went on the U. S. Billboard R & B chart for six months, putting Brown at the forefront of a musical evolution that changed American musical performance.
While other notable dancehall stars like Capleton and Buju Banton became devout Rastas and changed their musical direction as a result.
In 1997, he left Warner Bros. Records for DreamWorks Records and changed his musical focus to gospel music.

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