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programming and chief
In response, former Channel 4 chief executive Sir Jeremy Isaacs describing Loach's intervention as an act of censorship, he said: " They must not allow someone who has no real position, no rock to stand on, to interfere with their programming.
Wirth was the chief designer of the programming languages Euler, Algol W, Pascal, Modula, Modula-2, Oberon, Oberon-2, and Oberon-07.
is a Japanese computer scientist and software programmer best known as the chief designer of the Ruby programming language and its reference implementation, Matz's Ruby Interpreter ( MRI ).
As Fred Silverman, CBS's daytime programming chief, began to leave the office, an unprepared Bakshi pitched a superhero parody called The Mighty Heroes.
NBC programming chief Brandon Tartikoff named the series after a girl he had a crush on in his own childhood: an older tomboy named Peyton " Punky " Brewster.
Before ABC Sports even became a formal division of the network, Scherick and ABC programming chief Tom Moore pulled off many programming deals involving the most popular American sporting events.
In the late 1940s, CBS chairman William S. Paley, a fan of The Adventures of Philip Marlowe radio serial, asked his programming chief, Hubell Robinson, to develop a hardboiled Western series, a show about a " Philip Marlowe of the Old West.
In addition to the chief conductor, the orchestra had conductor positions titled " eerste dirigent " (" first conductor "), who assisted the chief conductor with programming, and " tweede dirigent " (" second conductor "), who did " what he was told.
It was during the Lexicon sessions that Horn first assembled the production team that would characterise and define the sound of a Horn production in the 1980s: Anne Dudley on keyboards and arrangements, Gary Langan ( later Stephen Lipson ) as chief engineer, J. J. Jeczalik on programming for the Fairlight CMI, backing vocalist Tessa Webb plus percussionist Luis Jardim.
Warner Bros. Entertainment appointed many former Fox network executives to run the network, including the network's original chief executive Jamie Kellner, who served as president of Fox from 1986 to 1993 ; and president of programming Garth Ancier, who was the programming chief of Fox from 1986 to 1989.
* Lighting Programmer: Works with the chief lighting technician to program the lights using electronic or digital light programming equipment.
Soon after NBC picked up Blossom as a regular series, Reo successfully convinced programming chief Brandon Tartikoff and his executives to allow the lead character to have the chic, divorced musician father he had originally envisioned for the project.
Buffy and her friends discover that chief amongst these experiments is the creation of a human-cyber-demonoid hybrid known as Adam ( George Hertzberg ), whose programming has gone terribly wrong, leading him to wreak havoc on the town.
After seeing Emmanuel Lewis in a Burger King Commercial, Lew Erlicht, who served as programming chief for ABC, wanted to feature the actor in his own series.
" At the 2003 Edinburgh International Television Festival, BSykB chief executive Tony Ball called for stricter restrictions on how the BBC spent licence payers ' money, suggesting that Holby City be sold to the channel's commercial rivals, with the proceeds used to develop more original programming.
Lack had worked in sales at CBS Radio ( in fact, it was he who suggested Schneider to Warner chief Ross ) and had an idea of cable programming as a series of special-interest ' channels.
Jean David Ichbiah ( 25 March 1940 – 26 January 2007 ) was a French-born computer scientist and the chief designer ( from 1977 – 1983 ) of Ada, a general-purpose, strongly typed programming language with certified validated compilers.
Instead of employing one chief of programming, Kosmorama employs the permanent services of three film curators, responsible for their own film program which together constitutes the main program.
NBC programming chief Brandon Tartikoff, unhappy with the feud, publically addressed that he would replace Harper with another actress if the fighting did not cease.

programming and Robert
Euphoria is a programming language originally created by Robert Craig of Rapid Deployment Software in Toronto.
Developed as a personal project to invent a programming language from scratch, Euphoria was created by Robert Craig on an Atari Mega-ST.
At that visit Nygaard presented the ideas of Simula to Robert Bemer, the director of systems programming at Univac.
Arc is a dialect of the Lisp programming language now under development by Paul Graham and Robert Morris.
A few of the personalities and hosts that were featured on TechTV and G4techTV programming included Leo Laporte, Kate Botello, Patrick Norton, Chris Pirillo, John C. Dvorak, Adam Sessler, Kevin Rose, Martin Sargent, Morgan Webb, Sarah Lane, James Kim, Sumi Das, Alex Albrecht, Stephanie Siemiller, Erica Hill, Victoria Recano, Robert Heron, Cat Schwartz, and Jim Louderback.
Some US televangelists such as Robert Tilton and Peter Popoff buy television time from infomercial brokers representing TV stations around the US and even some mass-distributed cable networks that are not averse to carrying religious programming.
Each division's product line grew from a different Robert ( Bob ) Barton concept for how to optimize a computer's instruction set for particular programming languages.
Outgoing New Jersey governor Robert B. Meyner, addressing state lawmakers ' concerns over continued programming specific to New Jersey, and fearing the FCC would move the channel 13 allocation to New York City, petitioned the United States Court of Appeals on September 6, 1961, to block the sale of WNTA-TV.
* Robert P. Futrelle ৳, programming methods, later Professor of Computer and Information Science at North Eastern University.
Robert Dilts ( born March 21, 1955 ) has been a developer, author, trainer and consultant in the field of Neuro-linguistic programming ( NLP ) since its creation in 1975 by John Grinder and Richard Bandler.
As of 2008, Dragon * Con is a 4-day event comprising approximately 3500 hours of panels, seminars, demonstrations, and workshops, with over 30 specialized programming tracks that include writing, alternate history, art, anime, gaming, Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, comic books, costuming, space science, online media, independent film, podcasting, Asian cinema and culture, robotics, filk, scientific skepticism, Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, X-Files, Joss Whedon creations, apocalyptic themes, Anne McCaffrey's Pern, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, J. R. R.
Robert Farnon's " Derby Day " was extensively used as RTP's fanfare to open the programming since the very first day, and over the decades it has become RTP's official anthem.
* Robert Flux – rhythm guitar, bass guitar, programming ( 1989 – present )
More recently, he has developed Context-oriented programming, with Robert Hirschfeld.
* Keyboard programming: Ricky Keller, Greg Robert
The CPLEX Optimizer was named for the simplex method as implemented in the C programming language, although today it provides additional methods for mathematical programming and offers interfaces other than just C. It was originally developed by Robert E. Bixby and was offered commercially starting in 1988 by CPLEX Optimization Inc., which was acquired by ILOG in 1997 ; ILOG was subsequently acquired by IBM in January 2009.
Other founders and key contributors to creation of the network included project manager and training coordinator Brian Wright-McLeod, Christopher Spence and Andre Morriseau ( production and programming ), John Matthews and Mark MacLeod ( licencing ), Robert Templeton and J. Robert Wood ( corporate funding ), Elaine Bomberry, David Deleary, Sherman Maness, Nicole Robertson, Minnie Two Shoes and Doug Bingley ( strategic advice ).
* Robert Conley – programming
At the beginning of the second half of the program, Robert Hess returns with two ( usually new ) guests for Enter the Programmer, which begins demonstrations on code programming for the technology discussed in Techno-Babble.
Robert Fenichel developed a system called FAMOUS in the 1970s using the LISP programming language pursuing the same aim.
The Robert Bateman Centre aims to be an education centre with a range of accessible and relevant programming.

programming and W
In late 1953, John W. Backus submitted a proposal to his superiors at IBM to develop a more practical alternative to assembly language for programming their IBM 704 mainframe computer.
Edsger W. Dijkstra took the position that the use of a formal language is essential to prevent the introduction of meaningless constructs, and dismissed natural language programming as " foolish ".
The problem of mutual exclusion was first identified and solved by Edsger W. Dijkstra in his seminal 1965 paper titled: Solution of a problem in concurrent programming control.
Teletype operator W. S. Eberhardt " played the wrong tape " during a test of the system and as a result, an EBS activation message authenticated with the codeword " hatefulness " was sent through the entire system, ordering stations to cease regular programming and broadcast the alert of a national emergency.
It uses one LNB to obtain signals from the 119 ° W orbital location, and was commonly used as a second Dish to receive additional high-definition or ethnic programming from either the 148 ° W or 61. 5 ° W orbital locations.
It gained popularity with the publication of The UNIX Programming Environment by Brian W. Kernighan and Rob Pike — the first commercially published book that presented the shell as a programming language in a tutorial form.
( Even creating " do it yourself " benchmarks to get at least some appreciation of the relative performance of different programming languages, using a variety of user specified criteria, is quite simple to produce as this " Nine language Performance roundup " by Christopher W. Cowell-Shah demonstrates by example )
ALGOL W is a programming language.
* ALGOL W @ Everything2, an informal but detailed description of the language by a former user, with sidebars extolling ALGOL W over Pascal as an educational programming language
It broadcasts on K < sub > u </ sub > band from two communications satellites, Anik F1R at 107. 3 ° W and Anik F2 at 111. 1 ° W ; these satellites are owned by Telesat Canada and otherwise are used primarily to distribute programming to various Canadian cable TV companies.
Aubrey, however, fought constantly with Fred W. Friendly of CBS News, and Paley did not like Aubrey's taste in low-brow programming.
UGA's Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication awards the prestigious George Foster Peabody Awards, which are presented annually for excellence in television and radio news, entertainment and children ’ s programming.
BLISS is a system programming language developed at Carnegie Mellon University by W. A. Wulf, D. B. Russell, and A. N. Habermann around 1970.
Since the late 1990s, Bubbles has only very rarely appeared on television as Test Card F has been discontinued, and Test Cards J and W are very seldom shown due to the advent of digital television and 24-hour programming.
W Network broadcasts lifestyle and entertainment programming aimed at women.
CNBC ended transmissions but press reports followed that GBLN, The Voice of Slough, would transmit from a ship with sponsored programming already booked and advertised by Herbert W. Armstrong.
With syndicated news and tabloid programming becoming more the norm in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Live on 4, like Evening Magazine, was starting to become of lesser importance to Group W. In 1991, after a 12-year-run, Live on 4 bid farewell in favor the station acquiring A Current Affair for the 5: 30 time slot ( having moved the program from WFXT ).
As an NBC affiliate, the station was known to preempt several hours of network programming a day — a common practice among Group W stations.
At Bell Labs, Weinberger contributed to the design of the pioneering AWK programming language ( he is the " W " in AWK ).

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