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senior and information
The first step in information classification is to identify a member of senior management as the owner of the particular information to be classified.
" In July 2002, DIA assessed " It is plausible al-Qa ' ida attempted to obtain CB assistance from Iraq and Ibn al-Shaykh is sufficiently senior to have access to such sensitive information.
The Inspector General of the CIA conducted an internal review of the CIA's performance prior to 9 / 11, and was harshly critical of senior CIA officials for not doing everything possible to confront terrorism, including failing to stop two of the 9 / 11 hijackers, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, as they entered the United States and failing to share information on the two men with the FBI.
When the French intelligence found information about someone giving the German embassy military secrets, anti-semitism seems to have caused senior officers to suspect Dreyfus, though there was no direct evidence of any wrongdoing.
It is primarily responsible for providing entertainment, welfare and information services to students and also representing students interests to organisations including the University itself, which includes senior members being entitled to seats on the University Court.
Dave Shull, senior vice president for programming for Dish Network said Weather Channel fees are harder for Dish Network to stomach as more people get weather information online.
Laird paid special attention to two important interdepartmental bodies: the Washington Special Action Group ( WSAG ), composed of senior Defense, State, and CIA officials, which gathered information necessary for presidential decisions on the crisis use of U. S. military forces ; and the Defense Program Review Committee ( DPRC ), which brought together representatives from many agencies, including DoD, State, the Council of Economic Advisers, and the Office of Management and Budget, to analyze defense budget issues as a basis for advising the president, placing, as Laird commented, " national security needs in proper relationship to non-defense requirements.
The damage from security service informers started in 1983 with " supergrass " Joseph Bennett's information which led to the arrest of fourteen senior figures.
SNCF also assisted in selecting and inspecting high-speed rolling stock and trained 400 senior manager, engineers, and executives in a broad range of skills, including signalling, catenaries, track, rolling stock maintenance, HSR operation, safety management, marketing, and passenger information systems.
Tri-Central's other notable information / achievements are: High Ability / honors instruction at all grade levels, 2012 Tri-Central High School seniors received in excess of $ 750, 000 in awards and scholar-ships, senior trip to Washington D. C. and New York City, musical productions by the school's elite choir, and instrumental performances by the schools state recognized gold rating marching band, and concert band, 8 AP classes with many students scoring 3 and above on AP exams — 10 % more than last year — ranked 13th in the state, state recognition for percentage of students enrolled in AP classes — only 35 schools recognized, state recognized academic team, Dual Credit courses as well as access to many on-line courses, 11 school-wide computer labs and 4 student computers in each elementary classroom, elementary athletic opportunities in youth soccer, cheerleading, football, basketball, and wrestling, Elementary music, art, computer technology and physical education classes each week, Accelerated reading K-12 and operation Drop Everything And Read in the secondary, and this reading program is year-round for the middle and high school.
Chief information officer ( CIO ), or information technology ( IT ) director, is a job title commonly given to the most senior executive in an enterprise responsible for the information technology and computer systems that support enterprise goals.
Again the justification for de Valera nominating one of his senior ministers for the Presidency, were rumours that someone in cabinet was, either deliberately or accidentally, letting information slip to the Catholic Church through the Knights of Columbanus.
Gem is calculated by tracking “ the share of seats in parliament held by women ; of female legislators, senior officials and managers ; and of female profession and technical workers ; and the gender disparity in earned income, reflecting economic independence .” It then ranks countries given this information.
The investigative report cited an NSA memo which advised senior agency officials that it was "' mounting a surge ' aimed at gleaning information not only on how delegations on the Security Council will vote on any second resolution on Iraq, but also ' policies ', ' negotiating positions ', ' alliances ' and ' dependencies ' - the ' whole gamut of information that could give US policymakers an edge in obtaining results favourable to US goals or to head off surprises '.
Gair discovered that the AWU had gained its information about the scandal from a senior public official, Vivian Creighton.
His agents had contacts with senior politicians and through that, to information of Japan's foreign policy.
Further, certain senior Loyal Opposition shadow cabinet members are also made Privy Counsellors, so that sensitive information may be shared with them " on Privy Council terms ".
On 29 May 2003, BBC defence correspondent Andrew Gilligan filed a report for BBC Radio 4's Today programme in which he stated that an unnamed source-a senior British official-had told him that the September Dossier had been " sexed up ", and that the intelligence agencies were concerned about some " dubious " information contained within it-specifically the claim that Saddam Hussein could deploy weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes of an order to use them.
Bob Woodward, a reporter working for the Washington Post was told by a source ( Deep Throat ) who was employed by the government that senior aides of President Richard Nixon had paid the burglars to obtain information about his political opponents.
The film is loaded with all information needed by a tourist before planning a visit to the park along with tips from senior park officials, nature guides and naturalists.
Novak reported the information was provided to him by two " senior administration officials ".

senior and officer
I tried to do so by calling to their attention some of the problems that a senior departmental policy officer faces.
The senior policy officer may be moved to think hard about a problem by any of an infinite variety of stimuli: an idea in his own head, the suggestions of a colleague, a question from the Secretary or the President, a proposal by another department, a communication from a foreign government or an American ambassador abroad, the filing of an item for the agenda of the United Nations or of any other of dozens of international bodies, a news item read at the breakfast table, a question to the President or the Secretary at a news conference, a speech by a Senator or Congressman, an article in a periodical, a resolution from a national organization, a request for assistance from some private American interests abroad, et cetera, ad infinitum.
* Air marshal, a senior air officer rank used in Commonwealth countries
* Adrian Johns ( born 1951 ), English governor of Gibraltar and former senior officer in the Royal Navy
Mark Antony had been the most important and most successful senior officer in Julius Caesar's army ( magister equitum ) and, thanks to his military record, could claim a substantial share of the political support of Caesar's soldiers and veterans.
The Trustees elect a President to serve as the chief executive officer of the Institute and administer the affairs on the Institute on behalf of the board, a Provost who serves as the chief academic officer of the Institute below the President, and ten other vice presidential and other senior positions.
In many navies, the rank of commodore was merely viewed as a senior captain position, whereas other naval services bestowed upon the rank of commodore the prestige of flag officer status ; commodore is the highest rank in the Irish Naval Service, for example, and is held by only one person.
Although not flag officers, modern day commodores in the U. S. Navy rate a blue and white command pennant that is normally flown at their headquarters facilities ashore or from ships that they are embarked aboard when they are the senior officer afloat.
Commodore is also a title held by the senior captain within a shipping company and by the senior officer of many yacht clubs and boating associations.
In the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, the senior elected officer of the organization is the National Commodore, also there are commodores elected for the individual district commands of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.
The Chief of Naval Operations ( CNO ) is a statutory office () held by a four-star admiral in the United States Navy, and is the most senior naval officer assigned to serve in the Department of the Navy.
He appointed fellow officer Maximian Augustus his senior co-emperor in 285.
The posting did not appeal to his mother, who wrote to Lord Charles Beresford, then a senior naval officer, member of parliament and personal friend, to use his influence to obtain something better.
The international naval brigade force of naval marines placed itself under the senior officer present, which was Seymour.
* 1945 – Sivakant Tiwari, senior legal officer of the Singapore Legal Service ( d. 2010 )
The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, the senior uniformed officer, is General Abdul Fatah Khalil a-Sisi and the Chief of Staff is Lieutenant General Sedki Sobhi.
Capra was assigned to work directly under Chief of Staff George C. Marshall, the most senior officer in command of the Army, who would later create the Marshall Plan and be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.
A further attempt in daylight succeeded in breaking into the position but intense fire from three sides resulted in control being lost as the commanding officer was killed, and four of his senior officers were wounded or went missing.
Washington quickly became a senior officer in the colonial forces during the first stages of the French and Indian War.
He reluctantly accepted, and served as the senior officer of the United States Army between July 13, 1798, and December 14, 1799.
As a result, on February 24, 1966, a small number of army officers and senior police officials, led by Colonel Emmanuel Kotoka, commander of the Second Army Brigade at Kumasi, Major Akwasi Afrifa, staff officer in charge of army training and operations, Lieutenant General ( retired ) Joseph Ankrah, and J. W. K.
The senior officer corps lived on meagre rations and saw its privileges and family allowances curtailed over time.
Hardy handing over command of the Kenya Army to Brigadier Joseph Ndolo on 1 December 1966, British influence was underlined with the appointment of Major General Robert Penfold as Chief of General Staff, a new position as senior officer of the entire armed forces.

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