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soon and I
`` I guess I'll find out soon enough.
`` Just as soon as I go to the bank, and '' --
Suddenly and not a second too soon I thought of the coins in my pocket.
I had seen two of them and we would soon be in another city-wide, joyous celebration with romance in the air ; ;
The debate needed no additional controversy and soon I could ask each individually what he expected from life, what his hopes were and what his fears.
I left the party as soon as possible and got into a taxi.
`` I care not how soon we reach Calcutta, and are placed in a still room, with a bowl of milk and a loaf of Indian bread.
I was in charge of the arrangements -- which were soon enough disarranged.
`` I soon came back to my senses '', he said, aloud, to the young blizzard, proudly, drawing himself up, as if making a report to some important superior.
Somebody, got to be somebody If I don't put my two cents in soon, somebody else will I know they're waitin only for one thing: for the bastards what done it to be nailed.
My first thought was how had it happened so soon, but I counted back on my fingers and sure enough we'd been living together six weeks.
`` Please come down as soon as you conveniently can '', the upright letters stalked from the broad-nibbed pen, `` I have an important matter to discuss with you ''.
As soon as they are large enough to move, I put mine 9 inches apart where they are to bloom.
`` I expect to be tough as a knott as soon as I get over the Georgia Shitts ''.
Many years later ( on August 3, 1915 ), Lucy Upton wrote Winslow's daughter soon to be graduated from Smith College: `` While I love botany which, after dabbling in for years, I studied according to the methods of that day exactly forty years ago in a summer school, it must be fascinating to take up zoology in the way you are doing.
I am told the time will soon come when women will find it necessary to do most of their own work, and even now it is important to have conveniences for the use of servants.
I knew that I'd soon be back working as an orderly at the hospital or as a counterman at Union News or Schraffts while waiting for another acting job to open.
It suddenly occurred to me that I did not particularly like acting, that I was at some sort of crossroads and would have to decide soon what I was going to do with my life.
I turned left too soon and got a signal showing that I was still behind him but he was to the right.

soon and heard
Her eyes opened as soon as she heard me, though, and once again, I felt an inward shiver.
Like many regular army officers from the South he was opposed to secession, but resigned his commission soon after he heard of the secession of his adopted state Texas.
As soon as the Committee of Public Safety heard of the victory Napoleon became a Brigadier General, the start of his meteoric rise to power.
As soon as he heard of the murder, the Pope ordered the legates to preach a crusade against the Cathars and wrote a letter to Phillip Augustus, King of France, appealing for his intervention — or an intervention led by his son, Louis.
Turkish intelligence took them to a border crossing into Georgia but soon afterwards shots were heard.
More specifically, Huxley had first heard of peyote use in ceremonies of the Native American Church in New Mexico soon after coming to the USA in 1937.
An old man playing at see-saw, I took up the first volume once and looked it over, but I soon found it would not do ; indeed I guessed what sort of stuff it must be before I saw it: as soon as I heard she had married an emigrant, I was sure I should never be able to get through it.
In he was secretly a disciple of Jesus: as soon as he heard the news of Jesus ' death, he " went in boldly unto Pilate, and craved the body of Jesus.
Unfortunately as soon as Anderson's boss Lew Grade heard Unwin's character speaking gobbledegook he cancelled the show on the grounds that people would not understand it-despite the fact that they were not meant to.
His act was soon heard on radio, making his debut in early December 1946 on the BBC's Variety Bandbox programme with a number of other ex-servicemen.
All too soon he heard her fury and the sound of her pursuit.
Imogen Holst introduced early choral music, and soon works by European composers rarely heard at that time in England were in the repertoire, such as Berg, Mahler, Schoenberg, Poulenc, Boulez, and Webern.
In 1883, commercial and residential lots were created and sold for $ 375 a piece ; and soon the sawing of lumber and clacking of hammers could be heard throughout the area.
Reporters heard soon after of the coincidental blackout of Concrete, and sent the story out over the international newswire and soon the town of Concrete was known ( if only for a moment ) worldwide.
Even though Bill was deemed as still too young to receive lessons, he soon began to play what he had heard during his brother's class.
Verities & Balderdash ( 1974, # 4 ), released soon after, was much more successful, bolstered by the chart-topping hit single " Cat's in the Cradle ", based upon a poem by his wife ; Sandra Chapin had written the poem inspired by her first husband's relationship with his father and a country song she heard on the radio.
In 1961 / 62 he built his own radio transmitter and briefly ran a private radio station playing ska and rhythm and blues which he soon shut down when he heard that the police were looking for the perpetrators.
On this contraption young Tony was able to reproduce hymns he heard in church ; news of this accomplishment soon spread around the neighborhood and he was offered use of neighbors ' pianos and reed organs to practice on.
The broadcasts of WOR reporter Gabriel Heatter from the Lindbergh kidnapping " trial of the century " in 1935, heard over Mutual, were highly regarded ; Heatter soon had his own regularly scheduled newscast, aired nationally five nights a week.
With perfect pitch and excellent recall he was soon able to pick out on the piano tunes that he had heard.
As soon as he heard the news of his brother ’ s arrest, Szpilman went to the labour bureau building, determined to secure Henryk ’ s release.
The Prussian guns, strict orders having been given to avoid all engagement that day, soon withdrew and were about to return to camp, when renewed artillery fire was heard from the south, and presently also from the north.

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