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soon and infantry
Gen. John Buford, and soon reinforced with two corps of Union infantry.
At the beginning of the Crimean War, such helmets were common amongst infantry and grenadiers, but soon fell out of place in favour of the fatigue cap.
By 14: 30, General Steinmetz, the commander of the First Army, unilaterally launched his VIII Corps across the Mance Ravine in which the Prussian infantry were soon pinned down by murderous rifle and mitrailleuse fire from the French positions.
On 4 September the 719th infantry division began to dig in along the Albert Canal and was soon joined by forces under the command of Lieutenant General Kurt Chill.
The infantry then crawled out into no man's land early so they could rush the front German trench as soon as the barrage lifted.
They led 3, 000 pedites ( infantry ), mainly from Samnium, who with their families formed the bulk of the settlers and were soon supplemented by native Veneti.
At first in a high position in the gendarmerie, he was soon transferred to Mehmed Ali Pasha ’ s staff, and thence took over the command of a division of infantry.
But the Swedish advance soon faltered, partly because the infantry had been ordered to withdraw and reorganize.
The Russian line was longer than the Swedish line, and the Russian right flank, led by Menshikov, soon flanked the Swedish infantry.
The French impetuously moved into Aderklaa and then tried to launch a pursuit beyond this position, but, as soon as they moved out of the village, they were met with sustained fire from Bellegarde's second infantry line.
Manstein was again his chief of staff and Blumentritt his chief of operations, although Manstein soon departed to command an infantry corps and was replaced by General Georg von Sodenstern.
Ṭāriq's cavalry, the mujaffafa, forming as much as a third of the total force and armored in coats of light mail and identifiable by a turban over a metal cap, exploited the opening and charged into the Visigothic infantry, soon followed by the infantry.
This was an infantry unit that penetrated deep behind enemy lines and soon enjoyed a reputation on both sides of the front for its combat effectiveness.
The infantry also soon joined the battle, the result being in doubt for some time.
Men were impressed from Parliamentarian-held areas in the South and East to provide the necessary drafts, but many of these soon deserted and the Army was still 4, 000 men short of its paper infantry establishment in May 1645.
He joined the Bombay infantry in 1836, but, owing to his talent for languages, was soon given a political post.
Once they had retraced their steps, Robinson's brigade, led by eight companies of light infantry soon drove the defenders back, and the British had crossed the ford and were preparing to advance, when the orders arrived from Prévost to call off the attack.
All three armies would soon be reinforced: the British Secretary of State for War and the Colonies, the Duke of Newcastle, promised Raglan that the 3rd, 62nd, and 90th Regiments, would be despatched to the Crimea with a third battery train ; Canrobert, meanwhile, was promised an additional three divisions of infantry from France.
Despite ample warning and thorough defensive preparations, the battle soon degenerated into a bitter, close-quarters infantry affair, with artillery restricted by the need to avoid friendly troops and tanks unable to reach the scene.
As soon as Brown retired, British light infantry and militia under Major General Riall advanced to Lundy's Lane north of the Chippawa to allow light troops to maintain contact with the American main force.
They soon overran smaller Bavarian garrisons and surprised a column of French infantry that was passing through the area.
An Army Camp was established at Bathurst in early 1940 and was intended for the 1st Armoured Division of the AIF, soon converting to an infantry training centre due to the unsuitability of the closely settled area to armoury training.

soon and crossed
He soon crossed to Gaul with an army and was defeated by Honorius ; it is unclear how many troops remained or ever returned, or whether a commander-in-chief in Britain was ever reappointed.
John crossed over into Normandy and his forces soon captured Arthur, and in 1203, the young man disappeared, with most people believing that John had Arthur murdered.
Envoys soon crossed the channel to offer Harthacnut the throne.
In 1676 the Tatars began a counter-offensive and crossed the Dneper, but could not retake the strategic town of Żórawno, and the peace treaty was signed soon afterwards.
Necho soon captured Kadesh on the Orontes and moved forward, joining forces with Ashur-uballit and together they crossed the Euphrates and laid siege to Harran.
As the flavour of interactivity crossed the Atlantic, the massive Cite des Sciences et de l ' Industrie opened in Paris in 1986, and smaller but no less influential national centres soon followed in Spain, Finland and Denmark.
With the advent of the automobile and the truck, Shelby County was soon crossed from north to south by U. S. Highway 31, the major one that followed the same route as the Louisville and Nashville Railroad did.
The war erupted soon after Black Hawk and a group of Sauks, Meskwakis, and Kickapoos known as the " British Band " crossed the Mississippi River into the U. S. state of Illinois in April 1832.
The Missouri Pacific Railroad crossed into what would soon become Kiowa County, Colorado from Kansas in 1887.
However, soon the Holy Roman Empire, led by Bavaria, gathered enough forces and crossed the border with Bohemia, heading towards Pilsen and Prague.
For unknown reasons at an uncertain date, he crossed the Alps, soon taking up the role of teacher in France and eventually in Normandy.
The authorities declared the Gamtoos River as the eastern frontier of the colony, but the trekkers soon crossed it.
The Boers could not escape these bloodthirsty warriors and soon came into collision with Mzilikazi's raiding parties who attacked Boer hunters who crossed the Vaal without seeking permission from that chieftain.
The declaration, however ( actually several letters, addressed to Monck, the Houses of Parliament, and the City of London ), was despatched as soon as Charles had crossed the Dutch border, and was dated 4 April ( OS )/ 14 April ( NS ).
He soon gathered all of the British-based troops he could and crossed the channel.
Despite being drawn on the outside, Woolf led by over a length after just 20 seconds and soon crossed over to the rail position.
De Chaumont attempted to attack, first with cavalry and then with Swiss pikemen, but the French, forced to march up a hillside crossed with irrigation ditches, which were soon filled with mud from the pouring rain, were unable to breach the Venetian lines.
In 1849 he crossed the St. Croix River to settle in St. Paul, soon home of his fledgling hardware business.
* Safety clutch: The built in safety mechanism operates as soon as the set torque limit is crossed to save the tap from breakage.
In the biblical account, Gad's presence on the east of the Jordan is explained as a matter of the tribe desiring the land as soon as they saw it, before they had even crossed the Jordan under Joshua, and conquered Canaan.
The song seems to have crossed the Atlantic in the 1850s where US newspapers soon afterwards call it " the latest English dance ", and the phrase " Pop!
After entering Jutland from the south, a Swedish army of 7, 000 veterans undertook the March across the Belts ; on 9 February 1658, the Little Belt was crossed and the island Funen ( Fyn ) captured within a few days, and soon thereafter Langeland, Lolland and Falster.
:" In 1811, the overland party of Mr. Astor's expedition, under the command of Mr. Wilson P. Hunt, of Trenton, New Jersey, although numbering sixty well armed men, found the Indians so very troublesome in the country of the Yellowstone River, that the party of seven persons who left Astoria toward the end of June, 1812, considering it dangerous to pass again by the route of 1811, turned toward the southeast as soon as they had crossed the main chain of the Rocky Mountains, and, after several days ' journey, came through the celebrated ' South Pass ' in the month of November, 1812.

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